The People: Rebels


FrancesMcDormandbyRichardPhibbsFrances McDormand:

Frances McDormand (Narrator) has been nominated for an Academy Award four times – for MISSISSIPPI BURNING   (1988), FARGO (1996) (for which she won the Best Actress Award), ALMOST FAMOUS (2000) and NORTH COUNTRY (2005). Her skilled and versatile acting has been recognized by both the critics and the Academy and, in addition to many critics’ awards. Keenly intelligent and possessed of a sharp wit, McDormand is the antithesis of the Hollywood starlet – rather than making every role about Frances McDormand, Frances McDormand dissolves into the characters she plays (bio excerpted from IMDB).

Ms McDormand earned her B.A. in Theater from Bethany College and her MFA from Yale. Her career after graduation began onstage, and she has retained her association with the theater throughout her career.


Huey JohnsonHuey Johnson: co-founder Trust for Public Land and founder Resource Renewal Institute

Huey has received numerous awards for his environmental work, including the United Nations Sasakawa Environment Prize in 2001.

Bob Praetzel RebelsWithACause_SethAffoumado22Bob Praetzel: attorney

Bob Praetzel practiced law in Marin 1954 thru 2006, most recently with McDonald, Praetzel, Mitchell, Hedin and Breiner.  In the 1960s, he put over 1000 pro bono hours in to successfully defeat the proposed city of Marincello in the Marin Headlands.

Former Secretary of the Interior Stewart UdallStewart Udall: Secretary of the Interior 1961 – 1969

Highlights from Stewart Udall’s career are The Wilderness Bill; The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act; the expansion of the National Park System to include four new national parks, six new national monuments, eight seashores and lakeshores, nine recreation areas, twenty historic sites, and fifty-six wildlife refuges; and the creation of The Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Amy MeyerAmy Meyer: Co-Chair, People for a Golden Gate National Recreation Area (PFGGNRA)

Amy Meyer shared the chair of PFGGNRA with Dr. Edgar Wayburn. She is now Chair of that organization and the author of New Guardians of the Golden Gate: How America Got a Great National Park.

Giacomini_Gary_002_238x296Gary Giacomini: Marin County Supervisor 1972 – 1996

Upon his retirement, Gary Giacomini was the longest serving county supervisor in the history of California. He is a member of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, the board of the Marconi Conference Center, the board of trustees of the Marin Community Foundation and the board of directors of the North Bay Council. The Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve, which was slated for development, is named in Gary’s honor.

Bill DuddlesonBill Duddleson: Legislative Aide to Congressman Clem Miller

After serving as Congressman Miller’s aide, Bill Duddleson worked at the Conservation Foundation, the organization that helped organize and found Earth Day.

Joe Mendoza, Dairy RancherJoe Mendoza, Sr.:  Dairy Rancher

Joe Mendoza was dairy rancher and lifelong resident of the Point Reyes Peninsula.  He passed away in 2008.

Katy Miller JohnsonKaty Miller Johnson: Save Our Seashore campaign

Katy Miller Johnson helped lead the Save Our Seashore campaign.  She was married to Congressman Clem Miller.  She is the mother of six daughters and passed away in 1991.

PeterBehrPeter Behr: California State Senator

Peter Behr helped lead the Save Our Seashore campaign.  He served as a member of the Marin County, California Board of Supervisors from 1961–1970 and in the California State Senate from 1970-1978. After leaving the Senate he remained active as an environmental conservation activist in California.  He died in 1997.

Martin GriffinMartin Griffin, M.D.: Founder, Audubon Canyon Ranch

Martin Griffin, a lifelong environmentalist, owned the Hop Kiln Winery and wrote the book Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast.

marty_rosen_1993_susan_ivesMartin Rosen: former president of The Trust for Public Land

Martin Rosen was president of the Trust for Public Land from 1978-1997. He was a founding member of TPL’s Board of Directors in 1972 and has served as chairman of the board.

Doug FergusonDoug Ferguson: lawyer and environmental activist

Douglas Ferguson is an attorney active in business, real estate, and entertainment law matters. He has served on the TPL board since its inception in 1973. He attended Harvard College and received an LLB from Stanford School of Law.

WilliamBennettbyPeterBreinigWilliam Bennett: attorney

William Bennett opposed Marincello, the city of 30,000 Gulf Oil and one of America’s most prominent developers planned to build just 5 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  He also opposed a PG&E plan to build a nuclear reactor at Bodega Bay and was a dogged opponent of utility rate increases.  He died in 2010.

WayburnEdgar Wayburn, M.D.: Co-chair, People for a Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Edgar Wayburn, a San Francisco physician and leader in the conservation movement was five time President of the Sierra Club and helped save over 100 million acres of land.  He passed away in 2010 at age 104. President Bill Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999.

Jolynn Mendoza-McClellandJolynn Mendoza-McClelland: Dairy Rancher

Jolynn Mendoza-McClelland is the granddaughter of Joe Mendoza, Sr. She and her brother Jarrod converted the Mendoza Dairy on the Point Reyes peninsula to an organic dairy in 2008.

Legacy: Portraits of 50 Bay Area Environmental EldersEllen Straus: Co-Founder Marin Agricultural Land Trust

Ellen Straus co-founded the Marin Agricultural Land Trust with Phyllis Faber. The matriarch of Marin County’s Straus Family Creamery and an active participant in dozens of environmental endeavors, Straus died in 2002.

Phyllis FaberPhyllis Faber: Co-Founder Marin Agricultural Land Trust

Phyllis Faber was a member of the California Coastal Commission and a founding member of the Marin Environmental Forum.

Albert Straus 1Albert Straus: President, Straus Family Creamery

Albert Straus has managed the family dairy since returning home from college in the 1970s. When he converted the dairy to organic in 1994, it became the first certified organic dairy farm in California and west of the Mississippi River and became the first certified organic creamery in the US making 100% organic products.