The Film: Funders

Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation

This project was made possible with support from Cal Humanities, in partnership with the NEH.

Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund at the Marin Community Foundation

Mulago Foundation

Seligmann Foundation

$30,000 and under
LEF Foundation
Marin Community Foundation (includes donations from multiple family and donor-directed funds)
The Fred Gellert Family Foundation

$10,000 and under
Susie Tompkins Buell Fund
Chris Desser and Kirk Marckwald
Drexler Estate Fund at Marin Community Foundation
Loveland Fund
Marin Community Services Program
Michael Sullivan in memory of Catherine Coffey
Nu Lambda Trust
Whale Tail Grants – California Coastal Commission
San Francisco Foundation (includes donations from donor-directed funds)
Silicon Valley Community Foundation (includes donations from donor-directed funds)
Audubon Canyon Ranch
Business donors

$5000 and under
Flow Fund Circle (donation from donor-directed fund)
Crankstart Foundation
Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman
Henry and Glenda Corning
Pokahu Fund
RMIC Assets
Marion Weber
Springcreek Foundation
Winifred and Henry Allen Foundation
Starseed Foundation
Kalvin and Janne Platt
The David and Carla Crane Philanthropic Fund
Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund (donation from donor-directed fund)
June and Alex Kleider
Joan and Bob McGrath
Faye D’Opal and Wanden Treanor

$1000 and under
Marin Conservation League
Jean Schulz
Nancy Hult Ganis and Sid Ganis
Jacqueline Shuirman in memory of Mike Gilbert
J. Moore Partners
Melinda Estey
Tracy Gary
George and Suzanne Bull
David Lahar and Julie Westcott

$500 and under
Loyal Martin Griffin, Jr.
Nancy Praetzel
Aaron and Lisa Ferguson
Elizabeth (Betty Ann) Carlin
Arianne Dar
Charleen Harvey
Yves Behar
Amanda Walter
Joshua Ferguson
Robert B. Praetzel
Ronald Lovitt
Annette Steiner
Nancy Zacher
Patricia Raven
Warren T. Weber
Bill and Pat Barton
Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
Amy Meyer
Remick and Kathie Hart
Michael R. Light
Frank Dean
Zara and Dennis Muren
Lynn Milliman
Thomas J. Wredberg
Elizabeth Stone
Gwendolyn B. Clancy
James and Pam Day
Baifang and Orville Schell
Doug Smith and Lorna Stevens

$100 and under
Jeff Greenwald
C. Armstrong
J. Tippet
L. Cooke
L. Hunt
P and A Morgan
P. Duignan
Philip Ginsburg
D. Damas Harris
Michael and Marjorie Goodman
Michael McCone
Richard Kirschman
Stacey Lawwon
Barbara A. Bell
Phyllis Faber
Roger A. Stoll
Lucienne O’Keefe
Morzhgan Mizban
Patrick Marshment
N. Gorman
Gretchen Scharfenberg
D & W Mehling
L. Peterson
Elise Becker
Ruth Kneass
Peter and Elizabeth Evans
Richard and Cynthia Jordan
B.E. Wells
L. Stratton
Gerry Pacitti
Jacoba M. Charles