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Vert stabs, rammer, vents. Prototypes successfully underwent trials in 1946 and 1947. To log in, select the region where your account is registered, Or use Microsoft Login to enter WoT XBOX ecosystem, 1.2) Game installation and system requirements, 1.8) Crew, player Statistics and module stats, World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. Effect before upgrading: −10% to loading time. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Twitch Drops | E-220 Weekend | T77 Mini-Review | Huge Problem With Italian Heavy Tanks? 50% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Also vents are overall much more useful than gld. Maximum possible: 0.352 m, With 50% Crew: 3.592 s amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true";

Some links on WoT Guru are affiliate links. Unavailable for: Nominal DPM: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. WipWapJaws, on 16 March 2017 - 10:58 AM, said: "There are two types of problems, math problem, and real-life ones. Rammer: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Which American Tank Line is Right for You?

With respect to demounting equipment, two types of equipment need to be distinguished: Regarding removable equipment as a general rule, most players keep at least two binoculars and camo nets for new tanks, with many keeping two toolboxes or a third camo net and binoculars as well. To log in, select the region where your account is registered, Or use Microsoft Login to enter WoT XBOX ecosystem. So I need ideas on what equipment should IS7 have other than rammer and vent. Just unlocked the tank, currently have rammer, vertical stab and was unsure of the 3rd equipment slot. 50% Crew: 16.97 s With BiA and Vents: 0.367 m Everything You Need to Know About Update 1.10, WoT’s New? Which are the best Equipment For Is7 Wot available today on the market. IS-7: 3rd equipment slot? Using Shell Type 3 (640 Damage): With 50% Crew: 0.496 m Which Italian Tank Line is Right for You? Note: Not available for vehicles with an open deck, Bat.-Châtillon 155 55 and Bat.-Châtillon 155 58. With GLD: 2.528 s The suspension used internal shock absorbers in the wheels patterned after those on the German Tiger II. Limitation : All Tier V and higher vehicles.

This in turn makes your lower plate incredibly easy to penetrate as it is just as thin as the upper plate but with far worse sloping. Sustainability of said damage is difficult, though, due to the aforementioned long reload and aim times. The IS-7 rewards players who can cover up its flaws since itis only held back by a few issues that can be looked over with a bit of planning. Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus.

With 100% Crew: 0.384 m Rammer, vents, v-stab. I’m a premium tank specialist. In the immediate post-war years, while development of the IS-6 was attempted, reputed Head Engineer Nikolai Shashmurin's team had begun work on a completely new tank design, the IS-7, which bore no immediate connection to any previous Soviet heavy tank. EBR 75 & Progetto 46 BUFFS | Wargaming’s Worst Mistake? Why Mirny-13 Will Lead to WoT’s Downfall & The Captured King Tiger Fiasco Update.

1.10.1 Patch Recap – Halloween & Ranked Battle Info – And Supertest News! This is compatible for every vehicle that can apply improved ventilation of any class, this cannot be combined with improved ventilation or applied on open-topped vehicles, but the effect can be increased further through the use of the Vent Purge directive, and using the food/drink for the respective nation of vehicle. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! With 100% Crew: 720 m Effect : 13.5% reduction in gun-loading time. Using Shell Type 1 (490 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute This is a balancing factor since without it the IS-7 would be as fast or faster than many mediums, have fantastic armor, and a hard hitting gun. We have selected this product as being #8 in Best Equipment For Is7 Wot of 2020 View Product #9 . The Soviet Army's armoured vehicle directorate was very unhappy about the vehicle's weight for two reasons. Vents: 12.85 s The IS-7 marks the end of its Soviet heavy line. With its well angled "pike-nose" frontal armor layout and a rounded, highly sloped turret front, the IS-7 is one of the toughest nuts to crack when engaged from the front. You have to complete 5 battle in order to participate this poll. – the Bat.-Châtillon 155 55 © 2011–2020 Should Matchmaking & Balancing Be Revamped?

Standard Gun Effect before upgrading: −20% to dispersion during movement and turret rotation. For a full weak spot guide for the IS-7 you can follow the link below that will give you effective armor values and break downs of the entire tank. This cannot be combined with coated optics, but the effect can be increased further through the use of the Optical Calibration directive.

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