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The completed painting of La Jungla captivated his friends. Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York. Wifredo Lam died in his home in Paris aged 80, just after completing his latest series of engravings. "Wifredo Lam: A Retrospective of Works on Paper.".

And lastly, he had many friends among the foreign artists who were living in exile such as Robert Altmann. Eskil Lam in the archive of his father, Wifredo Lam, in Paris. The Jungle, which is considered Lam's masterpiece, is exemplary of the artist's mature style. He often sought out the company of the Cuban poet and writer Virgilio Pinera, director of the review Poeta in 1942, the Cuban poet José Lezema Lima, founder of the review Nadie Parecía in 1941 and the soon to be review Orígenes (1944 – 1954) with José Rodríguez Feo. He held the belief that society focused too much on the individual and sought to show humanity as a whole in his artwork. Members Hours: The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam Every Saturday – Sunday  22 October – 11 December 2016 Members Hours allow Tate Members entry to The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam an hour before it opens to the general public.

Cuba recalls on Friday the plastic artist Wifredo Lam, deemed the most universal of the country’s painters, on his death anniversary, which occurred in 1982. Ordrupgaard, Charlottenlund (Denmark), September 14–October 15, 1978; Sonja Henie, Niels Onstad Foundation, Høvikkoden (Norway). [5] Picasso and Lam also exhibited their work together at the Perls Galleries in New York in the same year. ), exhibition catalogue, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Tate Modern, Londres, Editions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2015. New Latin American Film Festival to be held in Cuba in December, Tokyo film festival taps 'power of the arts' to give courage amid pandemic, Between achievements and challenges, Cuban science aiming for more, Havana Club is thriving despite Trump administration's new measures, U.S. pays a high price to finance its mercenary opposition in Cuba, Gente de Zona in the Dependence Day to Miami, Diaz-Canel: Reinforcement of U.S. blockade seeks social explosion in Cuba, Embedded video for United States: Protests over police brutality.

And his close friends, José Luis Gomez Wangüermet, Jorge Manach, Gaston Baquero, José Hernandez Meneses, Roberto Juan Diago Querol and Manuel Moreno Fraginals. Mabille steered Lam to hermetic texts which, according to his new theory, had a link to the practices of voodoo (Paracelse; Martínez de Pasqually; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin).

In 1960, Lam established a studio in Albissola Marina on Italy's northwest coast and settled there with his wife Lou Laurin, a Swedish painter, and their three sons. In 1980, he was invited by the Cuban Government, with which he had maintained ties, to a May Day demonstration in Havana, where, he made one of his last public appearances. Wifredo Óscar de la Concepción Lam y Castilla (Chinese: 林飛龍; Jyutping: lam4 fei1lung4; December 8, 1902 – September 11, 1982), better known as Wifredo Lam, was a Cuban artist who sought to portray and revive the enduring Afro-Cuban spirit and culture. These experiences and their guidance inspired Lam to use Nanigo symbols in his paintings. Lam was born to a Chinese immigrant father and a mother of African and Spanish descent. In February, 1942, Lam and Helena moved into a large house surrounded by the luxuriant vegetation of its garden, giving him an ideal space to paint. [5] In 1944, he married Helana Holzer, whom he divorced in 1950. Parque Central, Havana.

His art earned him a place among the pantheon of twentieth century intellectuals and artists, and he counted men like André Breton and Pablo Picasso among his … In September 2016, Tate Modern will present a retrospective of the Cuban modernist painter, Wifredo Lam (1902–1982), the first museum exhibition in London since 1952.

[1] Though his dislike for academic conservatism persisted, his time in Spain marked his technical development, in which he began to merge a primitive aesthetic and the traditions of Western composition. This rich entourage filled Lam with inspiration as he continued to paint with fervor. London, Tate Modern Gallery (September 14, 2016–January 8, 2017). He set about painting with great fervor, in lieu of the exhibition being planned in New York. "Wifredo Lam: The Changing Image, Centennial Exhibition." [1] He painted generic figures, creating the universal. [6] While Diego Rivera and Joaquín Torres García drew inspiration from Pre-Columbian art, Lam was influenced by the Afro-Cubans of that time.

Wifredo Óscar de la Concepción Lam y Castilla, Richards, Paulette. "Wifredo Lam 1902–1982: Voyages entre caraïbes et avant-gardes," Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, France, May 6–August 29, 2010. "Wifredo Lam."

Lam, like many of the most renowned artists of the 20th century, combined radical modern styles with the "primitive" arts of the Americas. The influence of Surrealism was discernible in his work, as well as that of Henri Matisse. Lam's work went from showing the influence of Matisse, seen in his still lifes, landscapes and simplified portraits, to being influenced by Cubism. We should undoubtedly add the dramatic loss of his young wife and son, both of whom died in 1931 from consumption.

Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) was one of the giants of modern art. Press Release Wifredo Lam was born and raised in Sagua La Grande, a village in the sugar farming province of Villa Clara, Cuba. In this way I could act as a Trojan horse that would spew forth hallucinating figures with the power to surprise, to disturb the dreams of the exploiters."[4]. Additionally, the iridescent quality of the forms enhances the painting's tropical feeling.

", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Wifredo Lam." He left for Madrid, Spain in the autumn of 1923 to further his art studies. Catherine David (ed. He studied in Havana and in the mid-20's left Cuba for Spain. [1] In Sagua La Grande, Lam was surrounded by many people of African descent; his family, like many others, practiced Catholicism alongside their African traditions. Manolo gave Lam the letter of introduction that sparked his friendship with Picasso, whose artwork had impressed and inspired Lam a year before when he saw an exhibition in Madrid. Wifredo Lam travelled extensively, living on both sides of the Atlantic during periods of great political change. Later that year it was shown in an exhibition at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York, where it created controversy. There was also a linear quality in his figures and his plant and tree forms. Simultaneously he also began studying tropical plants at the Botanical Gardens.

On 14 November Katy Wan will host an hour-long tour of the exhibition.BSL Tour: The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam 7 October 2016 at 19.00–20.00 (Free) Tate Modern, in the exhibition This tour will explore Lam’s relationships with artists and writers such as Pablo Picasso and André Breton. His first name was often given as Wifredo, without the ''l.'' At the Prado, he discovered and was awed by the work of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel I. RELATED EVENTSCurators’ Talk / Tour: The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam 19 September 2016 with Matthew Gale and 14 November with Katy Wan at 18.30–20.30, (tickets £20, concessions available) 19 September in the Starr Cinema, Tate Modern : / 14 November in the exhibition, Tate Modern on 19 September, curators Matthew Gale will touch  upon Lam’s relationships with artists and writers such as Pablo Picasso and André Breton.

Wifredo Lam was born in Sagua la Grande, Cuba, on December 8, 1902. For high-resolution images visit He was particularly close to Asger Jorn, who introduced Lam to Albissola, a town on the Italian coast where he would create works until the end of his life. Los campos obligatorios están marcados con *. "Wifredo Lam, gravuras," Caixa Cultural de Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, October 22–January 3, 2010; Pinacoteca de Estado, São Paulo, February 27–May 2, 2010. Following the tragic death of his wife and son from tuberculosis, Lam enlisted into the Republican cause during the Spanish Civil War. [1] Mainly working with gouache, Lam began producing stylized figures that appear to be influenced by Picasso. [8][9], In 2015 a retrospective exhibition of his works opened at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, set to travel to the Reina Sofia Museum in Spain and the Tate Museum in London afterwards.[10]. 1000 works, and research and study of contemporary visual arts in developing countries. The exhibition is organised by the Centre Pompidou, Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris, in collaboration with the Tate Modern and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid.

He hardly recognized his own country. Pierre Mabille, who was enjoying a brief stay on the island, compared the importance of Lam’s work to Paolo Uccello's discovery of perspective. [4] In 1950, he worked with René Portocarrero and others; in the village of Santiago de Las Vegas, the group of painters worked on ceramic. Galerie Pierre, Paris. His paintings have been exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. [2] From 1918 to 1923, Lam studied painting at the Escuela de Bellas Artes. African poetry, on the other hand, was said to have had a broadening effect on his paintings. "Review: Multiculturalism in the Americas. During this period of re-acquainting himself with the past, Lam also showed great interest for the new cultural developments. Including over 200 paintings, drawings, photographs and prints, the exhibition traces his six decade career from the 1920s to the 1970s, confirming his place at the centre of a cosmopolitan modernism.

Forced to flee again to Marseille following Paris’s occupation in 1940, Lam joined André Breton and other surrealists, participating in collaborative artistic projects such as Collective Drawing 1940, designs for a surrealist pack of Tarot cards, and his own sketch series Carnets de Marseille 1941. He left the small town of Sagua la Grande for Havana … Eskil Lam in the archive of his father, Wifredo Lam, in Paris. In 1929, he married Eva Piriz, but both she and their young son died in 1931 of tuberculosis; it is likely that this personal tragedy contributed to the dark nature of his work. And there was a kind of monochromatic quality; his paintings were not bright in color.

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