News: why did darcy leave offspring

Season five finale: The show 's storylines were tied up neatly in August 2014 with Asher's character Nina Proudman finding love with Patrick's character Leo Taylor, What's next? “Back in the first season Nina didn’t know where she fitted in the world. And Billie looks like she's actually going to make things work with her new boyfriend, Dan. Social media has been abuzz with Channel Ten viewers pleading for producers to bring Asher Keddie's character, Nina Proudman's on-screen love interest 'back from the dead somehow'.

“One of the big questions for them is ‘who are the Proudmans without Darcy’?

Why did John Waters leave offspring?

Offspring stars Asher Keddie and John Waters.Source:Supplied. No one would mind if it doesn't make sense'.

Bringing back almost the whole cast in its entirety and pushing the Proudman family drama back into overdrive once more. It felt like the Offspring door had firmly closed, but with the knowledge that your favourite characters standing on the other side of it were exactly where they needed to be. TJ Power will appear in season six as lawyer Will Bowen, though it is unclear whether he will be playing one of Nina's on-screen lovers, Earlier on: Season one centred around Nina's chemistry with Dr Chris Havel, played by Don Hany. There have always been two main loves of Nina’s life, that have received equal billing and airtime over the past seven seasons.

- then you throw in another sibling (Will).”, Patrick Brammall’s Leo Taylor and Asher Keddie’s Nina Proudman have split.Source:Channel 10.

This was when, just like that iconic ending of the fifth season, we were given the assurance that our favourite TV family was going to be ok. Zara and Jimmy had worked through their differences and had a tentative plan going about how their new life was going to work together. All the pieces were there, but the magic was gone. What were your thoughts?

And Nina's face gave the illusion that she was looking into the camera for a second time and saying goodbye.

The trauma didn’t end there.

Nina's original love interest - before Dr Patrick arrived on the scene - was fellow medical practitioner, Dr Chris Havel, played by Don Hany. But as the sixth and seventh seasons of the dramedy unfolded on our screens, true-blue Offspring fans began to feel a little tingle of doubt worming its way through their heads, because these new “rebooted” seasons just never felt quite… right.

Did you watch the Offspring season seven finale? After the loss of her true love Patrick, giving birth to her daughter Zoe, navigating life as a single mother and living through more Proudman family disasters than the Offspring wardrobe department has printed scarves, we were treated to our last glimpse of Nina.

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