News: who does youhei sunohara end up with

What Makes You “Survive” Survivor: I am physically strong, I mean I do all these extreme sports of course I’m strong so I’m hoping people will see that early game and keep me around despite my shy and timid nature. ~ Takeshi Kuranari, I meant Tomoyo, but voted Tomoya... (Jeez, get away Yaoi obsessed fangirls). Youhei doesn't go to school for a while, and Nagisa, Tomoya and Mei go to the Soccer Club to beg to the members so they let Youhei rejoin, wanting him to have a goal in life. Unlike Tomoya, he is extroverted and dimwitted. 3 Words To Describe You: Loyal, Wary, and Emotional Three Things On The Island and Why? I don’t know how and when they got, I was lucky I was able to dodge out of the way of most of it but it hit the side of my face and left a scar that’s easily visible. Support I truly don’t know but whatever the case I hope I have fun and I hope I win. XD, I think maybe he will get another girl becoz he will become famous guy someday =3, I'm deffinitly against yaoi, but i must say that i cannot find anyone better for him other than tomoya. Youhei is mostly a comic relief character. They sounded different in our heads... is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. He also has a younger sister named Mei which he often gives the cold shoulder to unless she gets hurt, in which case he becomes protective. Secondary characters Youhei Sunohara (春原 陽平, Sunohara Yōhei) Voiced by: … Later in Clannad ~After Story~, he no longer has bleached hair. He is left-handed when it comes to sports and fighting (this is only mentioned in the anime), but he writes with his right hand, hinting that he is ambidextrous. Tomoya spends a lot of time with him in his room. If we're not, then in the visual novel, only YOU can be a homosexual and force Tomoya to go end up with Youhei (either for laughs or that's how you swing, I dunno :P)

Sunohara have the closest relationship with Tomoyo and Kyou but it doesn't seem to be the "Slap Slap Kiss" kind. This is the thread where we get to talk about this silly character known as Sunohara Youhei. Survivor Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Even after being forced to do tedious tasks, they refuse to let Youhei come back and start bullying Mei. Although he appears uncaring for her at the start, he cares for her deeply as shown in a flashback where he pushes off some bullies that were picking on Mei. Youhei Sunohara has a strange community. Just look at kanon 06. The Clannad visual novel has twelve routes in total. Tomoya - If we're talking about the anime, then Tomoya is straight all the way! Unless Key intended for Sunohara to be loveless... 0.0.

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