News: white resin pigment

Our Epoxy Resin 100% VOC free, Virtually odorless,  durable against scratches, self-leveling, thick, formulated to protect against yellowing fading and cracking. Basically we can sort pigment into 3 collection according to their physical properties: Liquid Pigments, Solid Powdered Pigments, Solid-Liquid Mixture Pigments. It usually appears in a pure & solid color ↓, (PIC1: Concentration & transparency of special effects pigment), Particular Effect Pigment: can simplely dye the resin color and bring some extra sparkles/shimmering/colorshifting. It must be stable in solid form at ambient temperatures.

Liquid pigment can be applied in any vehicle and mixed to create any shade or colour. In addition to Email/Phone Support, our Help and FAQ page contains hundreds of commonly answered questions.

In this section we will distinguish our pigment from the effects they can bring to resin art, so that everyone can better know which effect you prefer to have. It's some sort of resin pigment colorant which existed in the form of liquid. Subscribe to our Newsletter for Discounts and GIveaway Access! Your payment information is processed securely.

Let's go with a simple way, we just sort it into 3 way: (P IC2:Concentration & transparency of regular effects pigment), Regular Effect Pigment can simply dye the resin color. Pigments are usually applied in coloring paint, inks, epoxy resin, fabric, cosmetics, food, and other materials to create a paint or coloring agent as coloring agents,in the meantime, as corrosion protection and water barriers. Drops 5-7 layers of alcohol inks evenly and then you can get a rainbow color resin ↓. The more white inks you use, the deeper colored inks will sink. It widely used by resin artist s for colour dyeing. There also has 2 kinds of alcohol inks in the epoxy resin market, with/without white alcohol inks.

More pigments will increase opaqueness and mixture viscosity. Owned by Small Family Business & Hardworking Team Members, Owned by Small Family Business & Hardworking Team Members. However, make sure that you choose color pigments with high light resistance for the casting resin coloring.

There is so much great, useful information here. Access our Hot Deals, Contests & Expert Tips. White Polyester/Epoxy Pigment Pigment is available in three sizes: One 1/2 pint (#41-B) One quart (#41-C) One gallon (#41-D). This is how we use our Macaron alcohol inks without white inks ↓, Some alcohol inks needs to be further processed by white inks.

Mica powdered mixes well with varnish and bring a sparkly outcome with shiny flakes for your vehicle. Pigments are added to resin and gel coat prior to adding catalyst. The effects are different when used in epox resin due to their different property, rather than distinguishing the physical properties, most of people want to know the effects that these resin dyes can turn out to be. It will not only dye the color, can also add glitter or color shifting effects, if you are a big fan of gorgeous final work, don't miss it ↓.

It can be used alone or blended with other pigments to customize preferred color for parts, or color match repairs. Learn More, 385 Carr DriveBrookville, OH 45309Phone: 800-838-8984Fax: 937-833-6555, Join our email list and get exclusive sales,

All pigments come as an opaque paste and are meant to deliver an opaque color for resin. Fibre Glast also offers Black (#43), Red (#45), Yellow (#47), and Blue (#52) in category. 51 2 ounce bottle included.

This powder is added to a vehicle, a relatively neutral or colorless material that suspends the pigment and gives the paint its adhesion.

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