News: what to do with yorkie while at work

I also took him to toy puppy obedience classes when he was 4 months old to teach him to socialize and play with other dogs. I could potentially get someone to come in once a day when I am gone, but that is too expensive. Leaving a puppy in a crate while at work is something that many new puppy owners consider doing If you are out at work for several hours, you can’t leave your puppy in a crate because of the whole bed wetting issue. Can you let me know how that went? Some people feel that this is wrong or cruel. Dog ownership is not something to be taken lightly of course and the love you will feel for your dog is a double edged sword. But going out isn’t the only way that you can start to help get your dog calmer.

Both of these techniques work really well with her. Worked well for pup but not husband because pup would howl every time he’d step out of his office. All puppies are different. His litter box and water is in the laundry room. To break the week up he goes to a dog sitters all day on a Wed where he’s socialised with other dogs, has plenty of attention and comes home exhausted. The truth, however, is that with a little TLC, you can start to make them feel right at home. Depression is a serious occurrence in Yorkies. PrincessDiana- I appreciate your honestly. Remember, you’ll want to space this loving out throughout the day so that your dog feels taken care of. It may take some more time for her to get on a routine too especially if you both are now working, she isn’t used to that.

According to some dog psychology specialists, it might provide your dog a certain sense of security and safety.

I want a walking companion in the mornings and we plan to camp and backpack with him. Could anyone give me any advice on what I could do to get her more settled? People cannot buy a dog (especially a puppy) for their own entertainment and expect it to be perfect immediately. I will take it a day at a time and see how I get on. Or, the scariest thought, what your dog is chewing up!

Like most dogs Lochie responds very well to routine and because this has been introduced to him at such a young age he seems content and happy with our setup.

I work full time and he has a morning poo, I call home at lunchtime and he has another poo, and again after work at 5pm. 530 – Wake up followed by breakfast While my husband and I are getting ready for work the pups will be given lots of attention (belly rubs, conversations, squeaking of toys, etc.)

We will have about 3 weeks to make it before I am home for spring break, but then back to work for a full 8 weeks before summer, so I am looking for the best plan to help our puppy adjust as she gets crate trained. i dont know what to do. DO NOT CRATE YOUR PUPPY ALL DAY WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK!

Some puppies will last not much more than twenty minutes at certain times of the day during the first week or so. Can Yorkies Drink Anything Other Than Water? There will be other days I can bring her to work once she’s more house broken, because I have a pet friendly office but it cant be every day. I thought I could get a bigger cage so that I could put some newspaper on one side because I still be potty training him but ill still be in school, if you get what I’m saying. Bauman AE, et al 2001 The epidemiology of dog walking: an unmet need for human and canine health. My question is could you recommend a pet dog for us. My family and had a Labrador MIX 19 years ago for 10 years. I am going on maternity leave in a few months and I can’t wait to spend more time with her. By following this guide, you can learn practical methods to help your dog calm down when it’s hyper—as well as prevent it from getting too riled up. A puppy is not easy work. And you won’t know what your puppy’s temperament will be until you get to know them. This toy may need a small amount of training to use. Here are a few things you could keep an eye out for: Despite these signs, I would advise you to visit the vet and get it checked before trying any treatment. What can I do?

We have thought it through considerably, and we’ve come up with a routine for him. At this age, they are used to being alone and learned to sleep when you are not around. I go to school every weekday from 6:30am – 3pm so my puppy will he locked in a kennel from that time every day in my room. Here’s the deal—it’s not as bad as you think. I like to drop a couple dollops of peanut butter into the broth too. 100% agree. Firstly you need to slowly introduce her into short periods of time of being separated from you. Not every time will it work out like this but stay determined and stay calm.

It is normal for Yorkies to pass time by sleeping because they are bored. 1200 – a home schooled 13 year old will come hang out with the pups for 30+ minutes. As you can imagine, being left alone for that long will cause your dog to get bored and you do not know what they will get up to whilst you are away. Another option is also to look for a trustworthy dog walker in your area. Southpaw was the best dog I ever had. he had 4 days off with the puppy tjen went back to work. What was the point of having one in the first place? Journal of Veterinary Behavior. Make sure that they are in a secluded room or there is a top on their play pen because they will jump out or crawl over a doggy gate… hope this helps!!!

In the beginning, don’t give your dog free access to the entire house. I’d have to wake him up every 2-3 hours in the middle of the night to potty. Run Off That Energy!

will my yorkie puppy be depressed if at home that long alone?

Love, play, exercise and give lots attention when you are home!! We adopted two lab puppies I would love some inputs as to how effective our puppy plan maybe…for the first couple weeks someone is able to be home with them most of the day, but once our son returns to college we will need a new plan. i would also be leaving the radio on so that he could hear some background noise. I know it’s not the ideal situation but we don’t have any other options. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. He was 13 weeks when we bought him which I understand is quite old for a pup but we were very lucky and he settled without any issues at night and during the day but he did come to us directly from the breeders and hadn’t been separated from his mother or 3 of his brothers at that point. And if they’re not getting any, it’s likely that they’re going to start acting out. So if you left him in a crate while you were at work all day, he’d soon learn to mess in his crate, which is not what you want to happen. Fudge is now 3 and we manage working full time by making sure he has lots of exercise in the morning and evening (off lead play with his best buddy!

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