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I mean, just look at the controversy mine has come under. And so they had to coordinate it. If you really want to go this route, rack the gun again, put a bullet in it, and do it, if it’s that bad. Just because one person relives an account differently. Do you feel like you’re in a totally different place now? BAE won’t comment on the specifics of the lawsuit’s defamation claims, other than to “disagree.” The company added, in a statement, that “Mr. BVR: I guess the trade off would be that the country as a whole feels more invested in the war. Guys you lost, brothers and sisters that fell over there next to you, and you made it home. Not giving up. At the White House ceremony, President Obama, with whom Meyer had shared a beer the previous afternoon, talked about how “down to earth” he was: When my staff first tried to arrange the phone call so I could tell him that I’d approved this medal, Dakota was at work, at his new civilian job, on a construction site. These men and women could’ve chosen to do anything that they wanted to in the world, they could have went and had any opportunity they wanted, but they chose to be greater and do bigger things, something that’s most honorable, serving their country and serving other people. We can’t baby them forever. DM: They should do that anyway, because these men and women are fighting and sacrificing for their freedom. He’s going to call you but he could be a little late.” I said, “Well, I’m busy, too. Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer speaks about the controversy over his actions in Afghanistan, his suicide attempt, political ambitions and the work he’s doing for veterans. I think where they are opening it up for trade schools, that is starting to help out more because, just like myself, I went into the Marine Corps because I didn’t want to go to college. Too many politicians and private companies have simply looked away, or looked for a profit.

At first suspiciously lost by the military bureaucracy, Swenson’s Medal of Honor paperwork was later revived, but General David Petraeus, acting surreptitiously, tried to have the award downgraded to a lesser one. With Iraq, I will say that we did kill the 21st century Hitler. BVR: Do you have a relationship these days with Army Captain Will Swenson? That’s the thing. I just try to go out and help others, to do whatever I can to make a difference. DM: It’s a huge asset. His cufflinks were made from human molars. That turns out to be a complicated story. He rode into the field on the exposed back of a gun truck, under heavy fire, and saved thirty-six soldiers, more than two dozen of them Afghans. Our country, with the help of firms like BAE, has armed Pakistan’s military, even as the Pakistanis have helped people fighting our own troops, and put our weapons to uses at which we can only guess. They said, “Well, you know, the President is busy right now. We are simply taking the best gear, the best technology on the market to date and giving to guys that are known to stab us in the back…. The only statement that wasn’t used in that was my own.

BVR: As far as your own reintegration, I know that your book goes into some of the problems you had, even to the point of a suicide attempt that you called your rock bottom.

We are grateful to Dakota Meyer for his valiant service and bravery above and beyond the call of duty.” The hollowness of that gratitude resonates, well beyond Meyer’s case. Are they helped, or are they written off?

BVR: Is it true that when the President called to tell you that you would be receiving the Medal of Honor, you asked him to call you back on your lunch break?

Dakota Meyer is a United States Marine. During his second deployment, to Kunar Province, Afghanistan, a 2009 ambush near the village of Ganjgal left three Marines and a Navy corpsman missing. He did talk about how he had read over my actions and said that he believed that I deserved the medal. If they succeed or not, then that’s their destiny. DM: I think there is more technology available. Sign up and get Amy Davidson Sorkin’s analysis of world news, American politics, and more, all delivered to your in-box. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Meyer’s heroic actions in Afghanistan serve as a reminder to all our employees of why we do what we do at BAE Systems—to help bring the men and women of our armed forces home from the battlefield safely…. Photograph by Richard Perry/The New York Times. DM: Yeah, I do.

Are you an Iraq veteran? I don’t know if a lot of them know how to use it or if they know the capabilities that they could use it on. If someday down the road, if people feel like that’s the way to go, I’ll look into it more seriously. We need you to be on a landline an hour prior, and we’ll call every fifteen minutes to make sure the line is open. BVR: As far as the controversy, do you have anything you want to say to people who have publicly doubted the Marine Corps’ official account of the Battle of Gangjal? Knowing that you’ll never be able to talk to them again. DM: No. Meyer, in his suit, says that he received no formal reprimands, and that no one at BAE reached out to him about his alleged problems. This is what happened to Meyer after he got back home from Afghanistan, according to a defamation lawsuit that he has filed in Bexar County, Texas. By this time Meyer was back home, living in Kentucky. A veteran of the War in Afghanistan, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgal on 8 September 2009, Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Where we live at, where our kids go to school, what we eat, what lifestyle we live, depends on the income we bring in, and being able to provide for your family, and that’s your employment. Meyer’s ‘pending star status.’”. Having dreams and reliving what happened, I mean, that’s normal stuff, but that doesn’t make me want to go hurt other people, the same people you just fought for. President Obama, reciting the official account of the battle at Ganjgal, said, “The story of what Dakota did next will be told for generations.” Will we have come to terms with it, even then? Knowing that in one day you lost everything you cared about. You’re trying to ask me about something four years ago and I can’t sit and… well, it’s 2009, five years ago. He got in touch with Tom Grant, his manager at Ausgar, who said he’d be glad to have him back. DM: No. BVR: Fair enough.

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