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Save the cheekier jokes or more emotional sentiments for your wedding speech and keep your bio’s warm and positive, instead. She has an infectious laugh and can always crack us up with her silly jokes.”, “Saskia is my older sister, best friend and all-around amazing human. So simply take a trip down memory lane and write from the heart! Now let’s dig a little deeper and talk about what to include as you sit down to write about your wedding party.

And it is a great way to create conversation starters between your guests and familiarize them with your party. What do they mean, and are they really necessary? From managing your guest list to tracking your RSVP’s, there are many reasons why wedding websites are becoming an essential tool for modern couples. Keep an ear out for his best man speech, which will no doubt be filled with embarrassing tales from our college days!”. On many wedding sites the back stories of the couple, wedding day info, wedding party bios, wedding list and RSVP sections have rather boring imagery and aesthetics surrounding them and these wedding website examples show what a bit of design effort and expertise can produce. From the moment we met, she welcomed me into the family with open arms and made me feel right at home! This community of guests will be made up of unique personalities, stories, and experiences. Many wedding website designs include a ready-made section for bridal party bio’s anyway, so why not take advantage of it! So what does this look like? Incorporating some humour is also a great way to make these descriptions entertaining and engaging for guests! The good and bad thing is that the one he hasn't asked is his own brother. But when it comes to writing a description for each of your bridal party members… well, where should you actually begin? Here are some title ideas to get you started for your wedding bios page: Ok, so we said there aren’t many rules, but lets talk about some.. guidelines!

So why not introduce them to the rest of your guests with a special shout out on your wedding website?

Many wedding websites offer this as part of their templates or building blocks, but if you’re not interested in including this part, you can totally skip it. Think about how you met, your memories together, their best qualities, etc! We’d recommend using the same format you select here for other pages, such as your “about us” page, to keep things consistent. Those involved in the wedding party have an especially close connection to the bride and groom-to-be. You might choose to follow a format such as: You can write your bridal party bios in first or third person – choose whatever feels the most natural for you.

The main reasons to consider including bridal party bio’s on your wedding website include: Not only are wedding party bio’s a practical way to familiarise your guests with one another, but they also allow you to say thanks to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, too.

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