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Litter Description Vizsla Puppies for Sale. We have been breeding Vizlsas for over 9  years now. We undertake extensive health testing before breeding; dogs are OFA cleared for Hips, Thyroid and Eyes which adheres to the CHIC recommended health screenings for Vizslas (link to more info: CHIC certification). At least one of the parents should be titled and preferably they both have AKC titles.

This is a great mixture of Hungarian and American lines. Whiskey Ridge Vizsla is a family owned and operated business specializing in Vizsla puppies. The answer varies, but must include a desire to improve something; i.e.

SEO Company, Due to COVID-19, we will have to cancel our 6 week old play dates. Aguanga, Ca.

We are always happy to talk about our wonderful dogs and puppies.

Enter your email above to get notifications of … For the first 8-10 weeks, our puppies are extensively socialized both inside/outside our home (new people/places/faces), cared for and raised with the highest standards possible (24 hours a day) inside the home (not in a kennel), and the foundation for crate training/housebreaking will be started. At this time it families joining the list now will likely bring home a puppy in SUMMER 2021 or Later.

Three year health warranty. hunting ability or conformation. Depending on training level and obedience, new Vizsla arrivals start at $2,500. We are videotaping the puppies at 6 weeks so that you may watch the litter of puppies play. They make wonderful, loyal companions for active families and lifestyles. Vizslas are known as "velcro dogs".

Shadalane Vizslas; Fallbrook, CA; Puppies For Sale! Champion Vizslas! Planning a litter is a huge undertaking which begins months sometimes years) ahead of time. We're proud to offer both new arrivals and fully trained Vizslas for sale across southern California. Golden Meadows Retrievers offers Vizsla puppies for sale that are in a number of training stages. We could not have successfully raised our first Vizsla puppy without your mentorship. Our Vizsla puppies live with us in our home. We prove our dogs in competition before breeding; both the Sire and Dam of our puppies will, themselves, be AKC Conformation Champions/Grand Champions (not just a “champion pedigree”) who are AKC and DNA Registered. Fiona’s previous pups have been extremely cuddly and loving. We never thought another breed would steel our hearts like the Golden Retrievers but our strong, smart, and wonderful stud opened us up to the Vizslas as a truly great family companion. Her gorgeous litter of 8 pups, 5 boys and 3 girls, was born October 4th, 2020! Verify membership with the VCA at, Vizslas should have the following health clearances: OFA Hips, Thyroid and Eyes, often breeders do OFA Elbows and Cardiac. If you are interested in a puppy, and can submit to a lengthy interview process, please use the Contact link to send an email. Vizsla puppies are a wonderful bundle of energy, and Golden Meadows Retrievers puts in the time to begin training this very intelligent breed.


If you're interested, fill out our Puppy Information Request Form for more information.

We strive to only breed dogs of sound temperament, correct breed type, natural hunting ability, and overall good health. Due to the volume of inquires received, email is the best way to reach us. Our Vizsla hunting puppies for sale enter the training process from day one, and some of our pups achieve AKC Canine Good Citizenship prior to purchase. Daddy our lap dog toe sitter, grew into that big solid chest we enjoy but with the American lines only about 50lbs. Golden Meadows Retrievers is a reputable vizsla dog breeder and wants to help you find your perfect companion. Litters are raised via Puppy Culture protocols which is the gold standard for puppy raising. We believe it is important that the pups be handled often. Our trained Vizsla dogs are crate trained and sleep through the night without any accidents.

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Looking at our Vizsla puppies now, we can see we are succeeding in helping this dog breed gain popularity, as well as helping to keep our Vizsla families informed of their strong, loyal bonds, and their great need for mental and physical stimulus. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 "puppy boom" is pushing wait time upwards of 12 months (maybe longer) for a well-bred Vizsla puppy. Instead they search far and wide for a match. Often they have PennHip, Cardiac and Elbow testing as well; there will be a multi-generational history of verifiable health clearances. We are always happy to talk about our wonderful dogs and puppies. Vizsla breeder of quality, purebred AKC Vizslas that make excellent companion and family dogs as well as superior hunters.Californian in Occidental. Vizslas are originally from Hungary. However it is difficult sometimes to remember that, when they look at you with a quizzical or a look of complete adoration. Our Vizsla pups are worthy of recognition for their loving tendencies towards children, strong social behaviors, and easy maintenance. We display personality information and photos of each dog. But once the rules, boundaries and expectation are understood by a Vizsla puppy, you will have one of the most amazing animals as a friend and companion. Raising a Vizsla puppy was harder than raising our son! Puppy Culture is the gold standard for raising litters and ensures each puppy gets the very best start in life before they join your home. Copyright © 2020 Golden Meadows Retrievers.

Russet Leather Vizslas Established 1965, The 2007 AKC Sporting Group Breeder of the Year!, Russet Leather has successfully and continually bred the TOP Vizslas in the country! Great to have you here! Train and board options are available, as well as in-home visits for basic training and/or questions.

If you're interested, fill out our Puppy Information Request Form for more information.

Our New daddy, Billy, is paired with our beloved sweet heart, Fiona and they welcomed a beautiful litter of 8 pups, 5 boys and 3 girls!

We do show our adults in AKC & IABCA conformation. Pups are ready to head home December 16th. We must admit that this breed can be difficult to handle if you've never owned a Vizsla, but that fact should not push you away from these loving companions. She has been paired to our sweet American stud Loki. It is not common for a breeder to have both the sire and dam in residence. Yes, all 60 lbs of them!

You can get on the Master Waiting list for one of our Vizslas with a $500 deposit. Our family takes the very best care of our dogs and puppies and will guide you on how to raise these pups to live a happy and healthy life with you and your family. Titles at the end of their name denote performance titles such as Hunting (JH, SH, MH), Obedience/Rally (RN, BN, CD), Agility (NA, MX), Scentwork, (SWA) etc. Subscribe by email.

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