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Be careful about military factories: especially Fertilizer, Explosives, Ammunition, Artillery, and Small Arms - though you will almost certainly want some local capacity, their markets seem to be particularly volatile and prone to crashing. In forming Germany, you will be going to war against Austria and France.

PDM completely reworks the VIC2 economy, and adds hundreds of new events, decisions and game mechanics, all with the goal of making a more historically plausible and fun experience. ------------------------- And thanks to everyone who helped giving opinions and suggestions. To do this it must maintain its current spherelings and also get the following nations into its Sphere of Influence: Luxembourg additionally starts Cordial to both Prussia and France and can easily be sphered. One of the remaining pops is Hungarian. If one releases Schleswig, it will be in Prussia's Sphere of Influence.

It came with a serious bug in Suez-canal building that the next release is fixing.

You should always strive to have all your budget sliders at 100%, with 0% tariffs (to make it cheaper for your pops to purchase their needs).

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The North German Confederation and German Empire.

Holstein can't go to war against its sphere leader and can't defend the Danes.

Bonus thought: I'd like it if instead of industrial score, they just calculated GDP. That way one can attack Denmark for Schleswig and possibly Jutland and Danish Ghana. This update took long, it took even longer for me to write one of these. In the lesson, we were taught about "marginal propensities to consume" and how transferring money from the wealthy to the not-wealthy increases demand within the economy, because the wealthy are more likely to save the cash rather than spend it.

The 100 Pop Limit is a threshold that changes the behavior of unemployed pops. Having closed the factory, all pops that are under 100 size will migrate en masse over the next few weeks, leaving only those pops above 100. This will happen upwards of 90% of the time; get used to it. When the talk comes to Denmark, Holstein and Schleswig the player has 3 possibilities: 1) Sphering Denmark Victoria_2_Strategy_Guide Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t6j14h65k Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 Pages 101 Ppi 600 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.9.1. plus-circle Add Review. This should be possible with any luck within the first 10 years of the game.

Fixed numerous islands being connected to the mainland and shapes not matching historical ambitions. I'm getting fewer migrants than Chile. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Instructions unclear, Liberals Revolted and destroyed my country.

If an unemployed pop of one ethnicity in one province of a state has less than 100 members, the entire population will move together to a new province.

Then attacking Denmark.

If the largest pop is, in this case, South German, we leave the factory open until it reaches over 100 pop.

Fun read but I believe main reason for lack of certain in-depth features is more or less because of the AI. If an non accepted pop of craftsmen reaches over 80 members (or if a non-accepted pop of craftsmen of any size takes hold in a disproportionately populous province like Milan or Prague), close down the factory to cleanse the state of non-accepted craftsmen pops and try again.

Love the mod, keep up the good work! Until then, remember this: More information to come, but hopefully this helps some people.

These shed pops will then help you, because they will move elsewhere in the empire as “seed” pops for your target provinces.

And what made it beautiful to watch was that it played out exactly as I had been taught it should: Less money flowed into savings, prices and profits rose for all my industry, and my subsidy payments vanished completely (falling by several thousand a day). Among them are some of the best national decisions in the game. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive,, Your main enemy is Italy and Germany. In Heart of Darkness one cannot annex Denmark before one has researched Nationalism and Imperialism.

-More events and decisions - Historical events, decisions and plausible alternatives: Ezo Republic, 36" or Fight for the CSA, the Texan Claims, Ottoman flavor, Neuchatel Crisis, among many others.

'Shedding' means that when a pop has over 100 members and is unemployed, it will slowly ‘shed’ members in increments of 2-6. I formed NGF first to build armies. Repurposed useless provinces in the arctic circle to colonies and more.

Your beginning production is primarily coal, grain, and fruit. Knocking Austria from Great Power status in order to sphere them requires some maneuvering, however. Naselus and everyone who contributed to the PDM team. Not long ago I released update 0.4.4.

Alternatively one can force Russia to release Belarus, Poland or Ukraine which will weaken them significantly. Prussia has a long list of unique events and decisions, which will be a great help.

Here we can see that the next pop to reach over 100 will be Hungarian, not South German, so we close the factory.

Austria will not petition to join Germany unless Hungary exists. In the default 1836 start date, Prussia is ranked 5th among the Great Powers. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I hope that it will be corrected in the future. Now they grow a random amount per 6 years, and they can even shrink - pop demographics are not a fixed growth per year. Here are a few of the things I need to write about and that I'd like to leave it clear for players. ------------------------- Holstein shouldn't be a problem - your likeliest competitors will be spreading their influence around far more than you, if you just focus on your necessary states.

With Persia and Japan, this assumes you annex foreign territories before westernizing. A mod for Victoria 2 - Heart of Darkness 3.04.

Most countries now have slavery and slaves and the historical number of slaves, as well as their pop composition and religion, was used when available. Thats when you want to fight a war against Austria. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Really all you need to do is maintain your power.

It was the late game, I was by far the largest industry, and most of my produce was going unsold (propped up by interventionist subsidies). Farmers and Labourers will begin promoting to craftsmen while the factory is still building. Many people do not know that Germany can easily absorb Austria at any later time by sphereing it. A benefit to sphering Denmark rather than attacking them for the region: Austria sometimes declares war for Schleswig-Holstein (against Denmark), if you have not done so.

Prussia into Germany HFM I'm playing my first hfm game as Prussia because they were my first campaign and now that I'm trying a new mod I thought I'd play them again. So, as an experiment, I dropped taxes on the workers to zero and maxed out taxation on my capitalists. Saxony is most difficult - you can increase relations with them and diplomatically duel Austria for control, or you can use your Assert Hegemony casus belli on Austria to take their Sphere away from them, including Saxony.

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