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This drama could it be a huge success, the idea was good,but because of this stupid scenario is a huge failure. Kim Possible Aug 10 2016 12:39 pm I will be keeping it and will watch again and again. I really love Kim Woo Bin but then Suzy does not do for me.

Still going to watch it with enthusiasm until the end. Blossom Aug 25 2016 11:06 pm Jul Lee Oct 20 2018 6:21 pm Yana Aug 19 2015 11:27 pm

Uncontrollably fond is already interesting enough with the writer plus everyone in this drama is already exuding auras even with just the picture. Chen Sep 10 2016 1:43 am Now the real drama just begin. Ae Cha Jun 04 2018 12:00 pm Stay strong. Bebe May 14 2018 8:42 pm

how can she not talk to her son for 5 years just because of something so stupid. LOL. Lolita Aug 10 2016 11:18 pm Filming began November 2015 Suzy's acting so different from episode 1 and i get the meaning when suzy was talking in interview about No Eul changed her characteristic. I am super happy!

I heard a lot of bad comments about this drama before I started watching it but I decided to watch it cuz I like Suzy. Considering how many bad dramas there are in 2016 such as The Unusual Family. because woo bin will eventually die. xyz Sep 02 2016 12:38 am I find it that Uncontrollably Fond his acting is almost similar . Tin Sep 11 2016 12:46 am WELL, I really have no words to describe how much I LOVE this drama.. hahaha. 김우빈 과 수지 사랑해 후아팅 !!! kim Aug 11 2016 11:20 pm Eps 8 really heart warming. Fan Jul 07 2016 11:43 pm Rouge - apparently you are not alone in your thinking - look at the ratings . Second of all this seems like KBS's high budget drama of the year so I'm expecting that along with a star-studded cast that the script writing an overall filming and videography of the drama will be excellent. Nancy Sep 08 2016 5:21 am Dayah Jul 23 2016 12:11 am The saddest korean drama that i ever watched! After I know her better and I've seen how popular she is I was thinking that she is not a good actress! The scene with SJY and his mom was They have chemistry..Cant wait to see this! The storyline truly draws the audience in and makes you to anticipate what's next. Turns out he's Jong Young"s brother. Hannah Jan 24 2016 11:53 pm

smashrulez Aug 01 2016 2:51 pm omg! you're doing good and love you as a couple for this drama. Just finish watching ep 14. I am a guy but got teary-eyed in the first 2 episodes. Been looking forward to every episode. He is the most talented actor because his act abilities is believable. Still, it should have rated better for the brilliant parts. there will be 20 eps... they can't put all of it in just two episode... so just chill and enjoy the show. Don't like Suzy. Seems like his character same like choi young do but a little bit more lovely~ july come faster. Can't wait to see tomorrow episode!! It will be great + daebak....fighting.

If u just shut ur mouth from the very start then ur life would be much easier.. You must be someone who has nothing to do with his life unlike suzy whose busy on making her supporters happy and earning so much money unlike you who have so much time to waste in saying negative things to others.. kamana Mar 16 2016 2:18 am ^^, egzona Aug 20 2015 1:54 pm Still probably one of the best endings/final episodes of any drama this year...still have it 'protected' in my DVR. SweetClouds Oct 27 2015 12:40 am I hope the both of lead player can play together again! for sure you figured out it's past when No Eul's dad passed away due to car accident and she disappeared cos obviously that is how their stories started. I love suzy. Currently watching UF, I'm on episode 4 and I'm super satisfied w/ this drama. I still love them!! I hope Lee Kyoung-Hee will remedy the flaw of the story, specially having characters that are useless and annoying. Anyone giving less than 10⭐ must be crazy. Thankyou KBS!! omoooooo!! Wow uncontrollably fond is really great.

Anyways, kudos to the actors! He covered up Suzy's poor acting. Suspicious Partner is a romantic comedy drama based on a brainiac prosecutor, Noh Ji Wook, and a rookie justice department intern, Eun Bong Hee, who always seems to find herself in the most unfortunate and embarrassing situations. Wish Lee Min Ho and Suzy happy dating life. I also want to congratulate woo bin for his amazing and heartbreaking acting that makes me cry alot. Two episode left :'( FIGHTING UF! I love kim woobin way too much he is hot and all and the ep 1 is strange and I dont get how woobin starts worrying for Suzy in ep2 like they only met like thrice or twice... EK Jul 08 2016 7:48 am Really enjoy this drama.. best couple and drama for 2016..

t May 26 2016 10:49 pm

genome Nov 04 2016 7:48 pm how can u call it uncontrollably when He can control it for her happiness. joon young Jul 12 2016 3:27 am

it is not confusing at all.

nomnom Jul 28 2016 11:07 pm Jane Sep 15 2016 8:58 pm I hope both leading actor and actress get more Exellent roles in the future. A+ Jul 23 2016 12:00 am I'm anticipating this drama. Just cried on the last two episodes it would be better if there are more happier scenes on the run and closure in some characters but overall it's fine. Fighting, I like this story. In episode 8 i really like Eul character.

I love the genre..the story..the casts..the writer.. damn! Omo....i already miss UF T_T :-D Saranghae! The story is really good . Still crying. What's the point he makes her fall in love to him. her acting is FINE to me, she improved a lot since Dream High!!!

The trailers are really great! lorju Jul 08 2016 8:23 am Go UF!!! I don't know if it's because I'm a single mom of a little boy who I worry about constantly or if Woo Bin was simply that good. hopefully she'll get good influence from her castmates. :) She's amazing in Dorihwaga... Can't wait for this drama!

Sam Sep 05 2016 9:39 am finally, finally she accepted to comeback on the TV scene.

Anna Jul 13 2016 12:19 pm Alpz May 27 2016 12:23 pm I have ever seen.

Kaylee Jul 06 2016 12:35 pm siasai Jul 08 2016 3:08 pm So much exited with this drama. Good storyline and the actors acting are great, I hope they won't be down with the ratings because there are viewers who are really looking for a good drama and certainly this is one. I love lim ju hwan. Don't make her dissapointed :'( but i still love you woobin-a. I hope its a happy ending..but since the 10th eps is so devastating im worried that its gonna be a sad ending ones. Bravo!!! so hilarious!!! Naneun... very well said liked ur comment :) Unknown Nov 21 2015 11:42 am this show will literally have you crying for hours. After all i love it . Oh myyyy sorry just my opinion i think kim woo bin will die. The drama was very impressive. Ups and downs. UF Fightiing!! Can't wait new ep. Suzy acting wasn't very good :( Hopefully episode 2 is better. Nives Jul 31 2017 4:07 am I wish this drama didn't end woo bin dying... Juliana Lorraine Balmes Jun 01 2017 5:13 pm Oooo hooo now story has began super amazing ep 3 really enjoyed :). i'm waiting for next episodes. finally i see such a beautifull drama again.remain me with drama sorry i love you.really i love uncontrollably fond.and for kim woo bin and suzy you did it so well.look so real and natural....honestly i m not your fans but two thumbs up for your act.succes for both of you... Fetu Sep 01 2016 12:49 am

PS: (get well soon Kim Woo Bin I want to see you again filming those extraordinary drama). people in korea so freak ! Omg, i really love this drama ❤. Jajangmyeon Jul 26 2016 4:15 am I'M SOOOOOO HAPPY :-). can't wait this drama yuhu. Though sad, I still loved the drama because it is very realistic unlike the usual kdrama fantasies. I seriously don't understand why this drama has low ratings. Its synopses and the artists with so much duende playing each characters well. I didn’t really like shin joon young as a person, he was rude, manipulative and selfish, there was a few episodes where I thought he was alright though. I like those dramas that make me mad and make me scream at the TV looking like they will hear me!! Are they really going to kill cjt? Hope it is a happy ending, reysa Aug 24 2016 1:07 am @sarah I don't see it as a demerit as if she is not so great an actor but still attracts a large amount of audience and ratings are great then why not! I think Suzy has improved her acting since Dream High. thanks. Hope this is good!! There is no chemistry between the characters, and the plot is unoriginal.

I do find the drama enjoyable and I actually think both Kim woo bin and Suzy are doing a good job acting. please please please have a happy ending .. Diana Levitasari Aug 22 2016 11:12 pm I still want to wait for it just because of KIMWOOBIN ! The plot itself is beautifully tragic. Even DOTS doesnt made me do that! I know im being quiet judgemental but what can i say, looking at the trailer.. Super cheesy and easy to predictable.

I cannot stand that prosecutors wife, all I want to do is sucker punch her in the face, right along with that mans daughter that hit her father. >.<, hjlee Jul 28 2016 7:43 am You will regret it if you dont watch it. You're so beautiful! deabak! Maybe both but Kim Woo Bin totally nailed that scene. Dramaaddict Sep 11 2016 9:25 pm Kim Woo Bin, wow, just a terrific artist and beautiful as well. my heart is hurt ..i feel happy ...i laugh ....i feel mad ...all complex feelings watching this drama ...I love it ...i really don't care the rating in Korea only ....UF fans are wayyyyyyyyy bigger outside.

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