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Queensguard will have about 13 hours before recovering from the injuries. It is inferred that the deconstruction unit had been hijacked, stolen from the KihaCorp presence on Myrellion. Tiwick the purple cabbit returns to Trials in Tainted Space with this let's play series. Her hair is a shining gold, looking as if it were literally dipped in the metal instead of the average blond. Appropriate clothing is sold on Dhaal. Requirements: Choose to Accept the Fungal Queen’s plea for help. How to Analyze Competitor Keywords. Resolution: Successfully defeat the rogue robot in combat. Here, Captain Steele will need to locate the Steele Tech data probe and possibly unlock the coordinates to a new planet.

(Stand-alone flash player required!). This patch includes an early version of the party, still lacking some polish (and prizes), but I will be looking at adding a cheat code so that it can be revisited if you want to try it now without missing out on rewards. New Bad End: Milodan War Lion for short PCs, by Wsan and coded by Gena138. [Backers | TiTS] Nasti, Hypnotic Slyveren Smut, and VOTE! A bunch of typos and smaller bugs got fixed. Breed ‘n Brute can now proc off of tailsex. However, it will engage with lethal force if it is threatened or blockaded. New busts: Zaika Peers (3x + Nude variants), XOs (Dhaal cybernetic security gals), Male Zil, Velta. Only appears when choosing to aid the Fungal Queen. Would you be interested in a "hard mode" that featured XP drops (but not level) for masturbating and more stringent HP/energy recovery methods? It’s something like 3 or 4 versions behind. Over 50 pages of content where the PC gets to meet a zaibatsu CEO who most reflects his or her preferences, and potentially get a unique reward for doing so – if you can impress the CEO. Art Trials in Tainted Space. Added a few missing busts Added IMAGEPACK wrapped embeds for the full size bust images P.S. This page was last modified on 30 May 2020, at 14:51. Routes to guarantee success include Peace, Deal, Alliance, Partnership for Kind characters; and Probe, Alliance, Partnership for Mischievous ones. In either case, the ganrael incubator on the other side will become a hostile encounter and Steele will have to face her in combat.

With that, Steele may have the option to Join Orgy. Public versions of Trials in Tainted Space can be grabbed from the “Play” page. New plot even on Dhaal: High Class Party! Losing to “Friendly” Feruze now also awards the VR item for viewing the “Bad End”. Contribute to Eliria/Trials-in-Tainted-Space development by creating an account on GitHub. Good job team, and thank you backers for allowing us to keep chugging along on this amazing game! At a bare minimum, I wanted a gender-agnostic option for the seasonal Kiro content I added and for the accessory you get as a result to have some slightly more robust interactions with your stats. After defeating Taivra, Steele can Fuck Taivra, Kill Taivra, Subjugate them both if Steele has both learned about Nyrean culture from Seifyn and defeated them without freeing Dane, or simply leave.

Sorry for the bugs in the brothel. Bimbo Kiro got some new content thanks to a submission I quite enjoyed. New image pack images: Anno & Shekka cum kiss by. You can no longer run from Feruze’s second fight. Returning to this room after passing, or bypassing the hostile encounter, Steele may Search the room to find any important loot, namely the key to gain access to the queen's throne room. You must be 18 years old to visit this site. Contribute to Eliria/Trials-in-Tainted-Space development by creating an account on GitHub. Today I polished up the fungal myr queen encounter. Tweets from At first, you think she’s tiring, finally showing a weak point.

Head to Anon’s Bar (on Tavros Station) after completing the Zheng Shi probe arc.

I suspect most of you will see the “friendly” version of the event, but there’s a fairly involved combat fight that’s possible as well. Search for: Search Filled In The Fertile Futa Kingdom 3 Story Bundle A Fertile Futa Kingdom Collection This did not happen. Would you be interested in a "hard mode" that featured XP drops (but not level) for masturbating and more stringent HP/energy recovery methods? 4 Search Popularity. A robotic boss-creature used to hunt down the Fungal Queen in an attempt to save a fellow Myr in the Deep Caverns of Myrellion. No matter how you finish Feruze’s encounter, you should receive a VR code to experience the bad-end whenever you like. Once set free, he will be present during the fight with Queen Taivra. The deconstruction unit is a machine programmed to react calmly towards civilians. You can no longer go jogging or swimming at the gym on New Texas while immobilzed by your giant package. The Fungal Queen is a unique one-time encounter, found in the north-eastern portion of the deep caverns on Myrellion. A new event has been added to Poe A! Hardlight-enabled scenes are always rough to handle, especially when they try to do multiple dicks and the number of variations that are common in William’s work on my own. The towering beast slips down onto its knees, almost toppling over onto its side as it exposes its back to you.

New Busts: Dhaal Party Slyveren, Lorelei Nun, New Halloween Event: Lorelei’s Nunnery! [Backers | TiTS] Popstars and Spooky Scary Sexytimes! The twins will see you now, [pc.misterMiss] Steele. This fixes a bug where you could technically wear multiple collars at once and glitch out Sera’s. A company label you don’t recognize is openly emblazoned on its shoulder, consisting of a number of erratic lightning bolts spreading from a thumbs up. Alternatively (while Myrellion's surface is not destroyed), if Taivra was not fought and married instead, then after Steele has had sex with her on her "throne" 3 times or more, Steele may have the opportunity to question the queen about her, After successfully turning in the dataprobe, Steele will run into Shade again, unlocking the coordinates to, Alternatively, the coordinates to Uveto can be obtained via the. Joining her will lead to a bad end, and resisting her advances will lead to combat. I haven’t played it yet, but I intend to tonight or tomorrow to help keep me sane with all the piled-up 2020 stress. If Steele is victorious, the guards will accept defeat and the gate will be open for about 12 hours time before the guards return again. Now if you kick her off your crew and play her sexbot game, she won’t lose instantly from being turbopentup… as long as you were banging her. 35 Comments.

[Public | TiTS] Spookiween 2: Spoop Harder. Defeating the guards in combat will allow Steele to pass the entrance and freely walk the palace grounds. The Ganrael shopkeeper doesn’t sell a transformative item for them yet. ), Next year, I should write a scene to go with this picture instead of haring off on my own…, Don’t ask me why I sat down and fixed a bunch of bugs a day after deciding to take vacation. Dreg’s nude bust should now display during sex. The gabilani chemist can now be impregnated. After reaching the appropriate location, Steele must appease the praetorian guards to gain entrance to the palace grounds. During the fight to protect the fungus queen, the name of the robot is listed as 'Rouge Bot' instead of 'Rogue Bot' I was unable to copy/paste the text for this typo because it appears in the enemy picture box above the planet name, not in the main body of …

If Taivra becomes hostile, Dane can be set free during the battle with Queensguard or Taivra herself. Copyright © 2020 Fenoxo's Blog.

After reaching the appropriate location, Steele must appease the praetorian guards to gain entrance to the palace grounds. If any crashes are left in the brothel, I’ll be sure to tear out what remains of my hair. Savin did fantastic work on writing the event, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

After completing this task, Steele will have saved the Fungal Queen and she will thank Steele and release the Red Myr, Sabine. airstrip and get paid for the probe's bounty. Fighting her will make both her and Queensguard hostile and will result in consecutive combat, one after the other, with an option to get Dane involved. It is possible to avoid encountering the crystal goo girl entirely if Steele meets the queen and becomes a "Nyrean Royal" before ever accessing her chambers. A massive new encounter was added to the game: The Love Stars. New Halloween Event: Kiro dresses up as a firewoman!

Fixed an inverted check causing crashes and/or displaying the incorrect version of a three paragraph chunk mid-scene. If Steele loses the fight, they will prevent Steele from entering. Fixed an issue where crewmate Shekka could be glitched into always being disabled.

Written by Fr0sty and coded by Gena138, this 200+ page submission allows you to meet and greet a popstar group that SteeleTech has interest in. ). Beyond Seifyn's trading post lies the gates to the royal nyrean palace. Urethral insertion now counts for losing penile virginity. (0.8.119) Removed the “must have a penis” requirement from the option to put the hat on Kiro. It’s “nastiness”, Standardized “save” (think D&D) difficult class systems have been added to the game to help differentiate between “hard/easy/etc” when implementing somewhat vague prompts from writers. In the battle with Taivra, his combat actions include: Regardless whether or not Steele decides to break Dane free or engage in combat with Taivra, Dane will inevitably escape with Steele's cousin, greatly wounding Queensguard in the process. Inside, Steele will find a gloryhole on the wall and (with the proper anatomy) Steele can choose to Use Gloryhole or Step Back.

It is possible to avoid encountering the princess entirely (and her related sex scenes) if Steele meets the queen and becomes a "Nyrean Royal" before ever accessing the harem. “Fuck Her” when Kiro is wearing the hat no longer crashes in certain circumstances.

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