News: titanfall 2 bt quotes, This will be constantly added to, however, if you see any lines missing that you want, or would like a specific sound effect or anything else, message my reddit or email, Current Notable Items included: -Ion -Scorch and a few Prime Scorch lines -Northstar -Ronin -Tone -Legion and Prime Legion -Grunts -The pilot kill ching -Sarah Briggs -Blisk -Gates (6-4) -Marvin -Multiplayer pilot voices, Move the docs to a throwaway account if you value your privacy :p. It's nice to hear Ion, she always had the most comforting voice in the heat of battle. As such, he is equipped with many pieces of equipment reminiscent of older Titan designs such as the Atlas, with an emphasis on survivability over expendability. Over the next day, the two travelled dozens of kilometres to eventually meet up with elements of the 3rd Militia Grenadiers at the site of an IMC interstellar beacon that had been heavily damaged in the fighting. Unable to defend themselves, BT and Cooper were captured by the IMC, led by the Apex Predator commander himself, Kuben Blisk, and his last surviving lieutenant, Slone. By Titanfall sounds, do you mean the impact sounds when they hit the ground?

Would it be possible to get the kill sound?

I've been painstakingly recording every line that is potentially desirable and I have compiled them into a Google drive folder for you all to browse and enjoy.

Combat Unit

Enjoy! I am happy to let you know that the Scorch sounds have just been added, including that line. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, "Fist of the Northstar"? As such, he is equipped with many pieces of equipment reminiscent of older Titan designs such as the Atlas, with an emphasis on survivability over expendability. BT has a Wasp and tally marks representing enemy titan kills on his cockpit hatch, whether this is a decoration or call sign of his former squad is unknown.

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However, despite Cooper's protests, the Titan refused to evacuate the doomed vessel and let Cooper die, instead shielding the Pilot with his chassis to protect him from the crash. Despite his destruction, it is possible that his AI somehow still survives. After recovering Anderson's helmet and reviewing the recorded briefing on the mission, BT confirmed that responsibility for Special Operation 217 transferred to Cooper, and that the Rifleman-turned-Pilot would have to finish the mission and uncover what the IMC were working on at the site. After Pilot Jack Cooper boarded the Titan, they assaulted the Fold Weapon directly on foot, cutting their way through waves of defending IMC troops.


After Jack Cooper arrives back at Harmony, a final post-credits scene shows Jack's helmet, sitting on a crate with his Smart Pistol, flashing a binary signal that translates to "Jack?". This includes the inclusion of two dashes and a recharging Bodyshield system. Species You can switch between each ability on the fly, allowing for some quick manipulation of skillsets. I'll do 6-4 in my next batch tho. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 3 years old

XO16A2 ChaingunCan switch to various weapons ", "Protocol three: I will NOT lose another pilot. With enemy forces converging on the area and Jack already partially trained in the skills of a Pilot, Lastimosa transferred control of BT-7274 to Jack and gave him his helmet and jumpkit before succumbing to his wounds. However, with the Fold Weapon primed and ready to fire, BT and Cooper enacted a final gambit to stop the weapon, using the injector to launch themselves into the core as a sacrifice; BT believed his own reactor core, now exposed as a result of the previous confrontation, could destabilize the Ark at the weapon's center. Surprised at the Titan's pushback, and given the exceptional circumstances, Briggs grudgingly deferred to BT's judgment and let him stay with Cooper. This path took them into a water reclamation facility, run by Apex Predator Kane. Game Information


These three protocols govern his interactions with Jack Cooper and how he handles combat in the field.

I am now linked to rifleman Jack Cooper. This was utilised by Jack Cooper after the destruction of the original BT-7274 chassis, placing the AI in the chassis of FS-1041. BT and Cooper later finally arrived at Major Anderson's last coordinates: a run-down, large-scale IMC R&D complex noted as the rally point for Special Operation 217. His pilot was killed in action; after this, he immediately linked with Jack Cooper, who is his current pilot. This page was last edited on 10 July 2020, at 20:37.

Ronin is life. FatHaggard| First we flee, then we fight! "BT-7274. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Finally got around to doing the details and weathering on this, super happy with the end result. BT was instrumental in remotely guiding Jack through the beacon's substations to find an Arc Tool, eventually throwing the Pilot up into the beacon's superstructure itself to conduct repairs manually. To BT-7274, his Pilot isn't just a teammate, but also a friend. BT-7274 is a Vanguard-class Titan, the first to be designed by the Militia. However, BT strongly protested, stating that his combat efficiency rating with Pilot Cooper now rated them an extremely effective pair.

For all intents and purposes, BT-7274 is the deuteragonist of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, serving as Jack Cooper's right hand and protector. I will never forget BT-7274. Weapons Used

apsisprops . With Vanguards, The Militia no longer needed to steal IMC Titans off the production lines to supply their Pilots.

BT can gun down enemy targets using his XO-16 Chaingun or target multiple enemies with his missile pods (including Pilots).

While being Piloted, the Vanguard's personality is sublimated, and brought back once the Pilot has been disembarked.[1].

Blisk came face-to-face with Cooper and the injured BT on-foot, but out of a show of respect for the pair (or sticking to the letter of his contract), the last Apex Predator spared the two and retreated. With Viper's flight thrusters failing, they slammed onto the outer hull of the Draconis, now itself heavily damaged. Bluntly put, Titanfall 2 didn’t interest me much at first.

Four hours ago I was searching and searching for Ronin's voiceline "The sword is yours, pilot" for a ringtone.

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