News: third shinobi war

A dragon shaped fireball roared as it scorched through the very earth, quickly sprouting off into two different directions; one went higher toward Onoki while the second dived to strike the Iron Sand cocoon. I think it's a crime we didn't get some good Sannin filler - so I tried writing it myself. With that, Konoha's forces plunged into battle. While it is unknown the exact breakdown of their battle, Shōyō was known to have revealed Sage Mode during the fight, shocking Ōnoki. He learned to see the spirit, hope, wishes...dreams all leave someones eyes. By nightfall, both countries will have surrendered. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage and the only man known to have learned every ninjutsu within the confines of the Hidden Leaf Village. Or at least she used to be. Hiruzen did the same, his unrelenting gaze met the immovable object that was Onoki. Quickly, the Iron Sand rose up to form a wall but was quickly evaporated by the jutsu. Such a word doesn't exist to the Gallant, Yondaime Hokage, Jiraiya of the Sannin and Toad Sage. 'Because I didn't want you to worry.' In response to this, Konohagakure sends two powerful teams of shinobi into each land respectively while the remainder of the war effort cleans up the damage to the Land of Fire. Hiruzen said, his battle staff hitting the ground with an audibly thud. he screeched, lightning tearing apart the ground and decimating both golems; even the one that was attacking the Kazekage, and even causing his trademark iron sand to fall prey to the jutsu and make him lose his control. Meanwhile, blood splattered over Onoki's left side, his arm becoming a useless stump with blood pouring out of it. I choked on a vegetable and died.

As a gesture of good faith, he also sent Biwako his Hokage robes; a symbol that the Hokages wife (or husband if a kunoichi were to ever become Hokage) would personally place the hat and robes back onto the Kage. Saiken is enjoying his Jinchuriki's discomfort. They have been summoned to help the heroes of this world to end its curse.

A rare serious expression crept onto his face as he instantly, and without any words opened up the first two internal gates.

).Mama Uzu builds a family and feeds them. The last time a shinobi had such a connection to their elemental affinity, Senju Tobirama was alive. With that final proclamation, the remaining shinobi forces stood on edge as they watched the Tsuchikage bolt towards Hiruzen and Enma beside him. Preforming a shadow clone, he sent it forward; the clone, with a mere tap of his index finger to ones' temple, made them collapse in agonizing terror while suffering from painful hemorrhaging in their brain. Jiraiya sighed and Tsunade rose an eyebrow, rarely seeing her teammate in such a tired manner, nor one in which he spoke so openly. As his voice was amplified by chakra, everything, even the shinobi below became painfully aware of what was occurring hundreds of meters away, on an entirely different pasture almost two mountains away.

'You always were,' Hiruzen smiled, 'an arrogant one,' he quickly sped through a sequence of hand seals, his hands mere blurs and while doing so, Enma leapt at Onoki. Link. 'Don't fool yourself, old friend.'

The white haired kid was sobbing and now here he was, almost forty years later sacrificing himself for what his sensei and sensei's brother believed in. orochimaru suffers from depression of losing his parents and the loneliness. He was far beyond tired, using his magnet release, after its all become glass is no easy feat and the chakra exhaustion was beginning to set it. In the middle of the Land of Grass were all three armies had amassed on the outskirts of the former stronghold nation to combat each other. Jinchuriki-centric (because those babies were hard done by), strong female characters (because they were also hard done by) and people have conversations and hugs (because they are necessary for healthy growth). It's just that this war has taken alot. Elsewhere, Jiraiya of the Sannin and Hiruzen Sarutobi stood on a mountain peak, overlooking the battlefield while one, short individual stood before the two.

Sunagakure then decides to mount an assault on the returning shinobi, hoping to cut off Konoha's reinforcements and secure another shot at the Hidden Leaf Village itself. Whether they fell back or not, the remainder of Konoha would pick them apart while they retreated to their outposts in the area. The brilliant flames shone as the ground and iron sand, appeared to be melting creating a glassy mud-like effect on the ground below. After hearing Shōyō had been sent, the Third Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, personally appeared on the battlefield and directed his men towards the location of the Team. As per our agreement, Sarutobi Hiruzen, I shall take your life, and the life of another.' Tsunade scowled, only refusing to strike him due to her better judgement. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage and the only man known to have learned every ninjutsu within the confines of the Hidden Leaf Village. Believing himself to have won, the Kazekage looked over to see the Sandaime Hokage staring back at him. Maybe she should write a parenting manual at the end of all this? Hiruzen continued, healing his broken bones and the internal bleeding as best he could within the time alotted. She shows great promise. Due to the Kusa-Konoha treaty, Konoha would pursue when the Sand and Earth fell back, most likely, because of Jiraiya, they would fail to inform their rear line resulting in miscommunication and their front line forces not being able to escape. The pervert...nice ring to it, don't ya' think, Tsunade-hime' He asked smiling. The Fuuma Shuriken multiplied to a dozen causing Onoki's breath to hitch as swam in the sky, doing his best to avoid the metal objects. A bloodcurdling shriek escaped from the Shinigamis stomach, other damned souls most likely, and something of inexplicable, limitless power permeated the air until the sky was thick with foul stench and evil fouler chakra. Form the Phalanxes and begin march. He answered, his wounds, atleast the superficial ones, were all healed to a moderate degree. Their land campaign to conquer Sunagakure was perfect; strategized, organized, and their numbers surely exceeded that of Suna's. But most importantly, to finally end this pain that seems to only propagate with the efforts of the past generation; after all, the bridge to evil is built by good intentions. For his sensei. Tsunade in particular became famous as the world's greatest medical-nin while successfully countering all of Chiyo's poisons.

Please consider turning it on! Instantly, a group of ten Iwa shinobi became paralyzed. Live, fight, and with Onoki's death, this battle in particular will turn towards our favor.'

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