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Finally, there is figurative language littered throughout the entire piece and is a main factor for the theme and neatly sets it in stone. Read others' essays as well. It is important to stay close to your family in order to truly accept your culture. He also tells Martin the unique history behind it, and the story ends with Martin standing on a prairie in the reservation, finally accepting his culture by placing an item in the medicine bag. on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement. “I felt hot and cold at the same time as I recognized the man. Teton Sioux. Don't have an account yet?

The Medicine Bag Answers question"My kid sister Cheryl" "Man, that really made an impression" answerSets up happy-go-lucky tone questionWhy did Martin and Cheryl continue their We’ve included .pdf and editable MS Word formats so that you can customize as needed or use this immediately. While Grandpa was staying with them, Martin wouldn’t let his friends come over, even though they really wanted to meet “the great Indian of Bellview Drive.” Martin was scared that the would laugh at him. Martin describes having “the same hot and cold feeling that I (Martin) had when I first saw Grandpa in the street.” This proves that he is embarrassed for having to hold on to this article despite it being a large part of his culture. Secondly, Martin’s relationship to his grandpa allows us to clearly see the theme. The, In the two short stories “The Medicine Bag”  written by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve and “Who are you Today Maria” written by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the two characters have plenty of similarities and differences. Sneve displays and suggests this lesson in a variety of ways, including using Martin’s thoughts, the actions of other characters, and figurative language. With this new information in hand, he learns to stopped being ashamed of his ancestors. Martin and his sister, Cheryl, lived in the city and had their whole lives. In these two stories about native american rite of passages, there are several similarities, journey to become a women. He travels from his reservation, alone, to give Martin the medicine bag.

The readers are left with a sense of closure and begin to realize that staying connected to your family can help you to accept your own culture without being embarrassed by it.

On the other hand Cheryl (Martin younger sister) is enthusiastic about grandpa and is loving showing him to her friends “Nothing bothered Cheryl about bring her friends…”. Given these circumstances, Martin is embarrassed for his Grandpa and himself. While he performs the sacred ritual, Grandpa tells Martin a lot about the past, and opens up his eye to his past. Another key part is repetition. Before passing away, he hands down the medicine bag. ” I said. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages to either reading the text or watching the video. When they get to Martin’s house they find that his grandpa has dressed in formal Native American clothing. hi possession. . “The Medicine Bag” by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve is a short story in modern time. He felt extremely excited. The right of passage that is most significant to me is This indeed shows us that you shouldn’t be embarrassed of you ancestry. Because Martin is embarrassed of his grandfather, he does not make an effort to connect to him. He was terrified of what his friends would think. She was all smiles and was so obviously glad to see Grandpa that I was ashamed of how I “(Martin)” felt.” Also, according to the story “Nothing bothered Cheryl about bringing her friends to see Grandpa.” This also proves how ashamed and embarrassed Martin was in comparison. If Martin would’ve stopped worrying about everyone else’s viers, he could’ve spent more time with his grandpa before he had died. Although Martin did not try to connect to his grandpa, his sister Cheryl was the complete opposite. The main character, Martin, always brags about his Sioux grandpa, but is horrified when he comes to visit. He should have been excited. While this might show that the theme is to love you family, I think the that to not be embarrassed by your family is better because he wants to cry because he is embarrassed and not because he hates his grandpa. “No .

The author leads us to believe that this is because Martin’s grandfather is not a “T.V. Martin doesn’t treat his grandpa very nicely throughout most of the story because he is too embarrassed to confront him. “All I could do was stand there with the whole neighborhood watching.” He felt like everyone was watching and judging him, even though that wasn't the case. pant leg. As a result of being too ashamed of his grandpa, he just doesn’t treat his grandpa like most people would. If you wrote a literary essay about "The Medicine Bag" by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, post it as a comment here.

Through this the author shows us the lesson, becoming disconnected from your family can make you lose some of your culture and even be embarrassed of it. Until their talk together, Martin only sees his grandfather as an old man with gray hair, who lives alone in a shack on the Rosebud Reservation. Grandpa had the medicine bag, a bag that would grant protection and guidance when you needed it most. Maybe part of it was but definitely not all of it. This story teaches us to not let what other people think affect what you really care about. Now Martin can learn from his experiences. All in all, shown byFinally, the author also shows the theme by using forms of figurative language to depict what Martin sees about Grandpa that makes him worried and how he feels about the situation. Martin takes it, but is reluctant and doesn't want to be seen with it. Another key point in the story that illustrates Martin’s embarrassment of his grandpa’s culture is when his grandpa tells him that he will receive the medicine bag, a sacred Sioux article that has been passed down through multiple generations through the recipient’s oldest son. Every summer, they went to visit their grandpa. In addition to that story read a short story called “The Medicine Bag.” In the Medicine Bag a boy named Martin goes through his on struggles and rites of passage from his Lakota family traditions and his struggle of accepting his tribe. “The Medicine Bag” is a short story by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve that takes place in a small town in Iowa. This is displayed through the thoughts and actions of Martin and others, and some figurative language as well. This shows that he cares about what his friends think more than he cares about his own grandpa. showed Martin what to put in it and what to do once it’s in The author shows that although a family member may have a different cultural background, they are still family and deserve to be loved. Students that have finished are taking some time to read a book in the reading area. The Hamar tribe has a much more scary rite of passage to become a man which a boy has to jump, What are the steps to maturity? Martin surrounds himself with fear of what others will say about his grandpa. In the end, Grandpa finishes what he came to Martin’s house for, and he passes down the medicine bag to Martin, as he is the next in line to receive it. Its on a reservation. His grandfather then passes away but he leaves his legacy with his great-grandson, Martin, who is proud to be Native American like his great-grandpa. One of the major elements that Sneve used to show that Grandpa and his culture were out of place was imagery. His grandfather came a long way to give it to Martin. His friends are mainly influenced by TV and movies making Martin think that his friends won’t see his Grandpa as much “I knew it wasn’t Grandpa that I was afraid they’d laugh at”. As a result, Cheryl helps make people more aware of the Sioux and their culture from hearing her grandpa’s stories. Martin even admits being afraid of his friends’ reactions when he introduces Grandpa to his friends and thinks “I could tell that he had known all along I was afraid he’d embarrass me in front of my friends.” This reveals the beginning of a transition between the two mindsets, using the mistake to show theme.

30 seconds . Cheryl’s actions almost act as an example to show that there is nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about. passing down tradition like the story the medicine bag. The author notes that others may be understanding of your culture, just and Martin and Cheryl’s friends were of them. Throughout this part of the story Martin is wrongly embarrassed about his grandpa and culture. Initially, there are many similarities that are valued in Martin’s and Dachina’s Native American traditions. Maybe at first Cheryl was ashamed for stretching the truth at first but she quickly got over it. When Martin's Grandpa comes to this house Martin doesn't feel how you would expect someone to feel when they get to see their relatives. For example, when their grandpa has just arrived the story includes Cheryl’s reaction “...Cheryl came bursting out of the house.

It helps that they all enjoyed his stories and personality that his grandpa brought with him in the first place though. The author voices Martin's thoughts as his grandpa is coming down the street; ”So when Grandpa came to visit us I was so ashamed and embarrassed I could’ve died.” Clearly, Martin is so embarrassed about his Grandpa's culture that he doesn't even want to be seen with him. medicine bag has an important rite of passage in the story Martin’s actions, reactions, and thoughts in the story contribute the most to the development of theme. Though all of these characteristics are true, there’s much more to him tham Martin realises.Aside from the outward appearance of Joe Iron Shell, he seems to be a very interesting man. After meeting him, his friend comments, “Don’t blame you for keeping him to yourself.” This comment again implies the lesson that there is nothing to be ashamed of about what or who you love. This could be interpreted as the theme being hope because grandpa gave the medicine bag, a bag that gives you hope that you will be saved somehow but it has to be not taking things for granted because the medicine bag is a great thing that Martin took for granted.

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