News: tennis ball spin rpm measurement

Figure 5 — Net of all forces acting on a tennis ball in flight. Figure 22 — Common types of lens distortion. Watch Serena's opponents go crosseyed staring down her barrel-rolling 126 mph first serves. His frustration became the first aluminum skis, which he patented and used to form the Head Ski Company. Significant shot-to-shot differences appear in both C. A large wake indicates a large drag force and a narrow wake a lesser force. But today, the best strings for inducing spin are polyester. In: Hubbard M, Mehta RD, Pallis JM, eds.

For example, suppose that v = 30 m/s (67 mph) and CD = 0.5. In the macro-view this is true. Several conclusions have been drawn from the wind tunnel research: The research presented in this paper tells a qualitatively similar story but there were some significant differences: It is interesting to note that the trajectory (Cross & Lindsey; Zayas [1]) and semi-trajectory (Stepanek [2] and Chadwick and Haake [3], who dropped a free ball to transverse through a wind tunnel) experiments measured almost the same CD for non-spinning balls — 0.52, 0.51, and 0.51 and 0.55 respectively.

"For a good topspin, you have to tilt the racquet at a good angle, too," says Crawford Lindsey, head tester at the Tennis Warehouse University, a tennis testing website (with some seriously awesome studies).

The speed and spin of the ball after a stroke are closely and inversely related, meaning more of one (speed) means less of the other (spin). "That stored energy gets snapped up and turned into spin," says Lindsey. Filming a second hand at 300 fps for exactly 10 seconds should be 3000 frames. TW University. Figure 8 — Measured results of CD vs Re (left) CD and CL vs the spin parameter S = Rω/v (right) for new tennis balls. In the absence of all forces, a tennis ball will fly forever in a straight line at its launch speed, spin and angle. Lower values for these coefficients implies lower drag and lift forces with an attendant less slowing, diving or floating of the ball than wind tunnel values would predict. But those are mostly metaphors. Measurements of the the drag and lift coefficients were made for the free flight of new tennis balls by filming trajectories with two cameras separated 6.4 meters apart. Really, tennis is the game of spin. As the air speed increases, the filaments begin to lie down. Figure 2 — Forces acting on a tennis ball in flight: (a)Drag, lift and gravity forces during ascent and descent for topspin and backspin shots.

For most of tennis history, these were rendered from the intestines of a cow. The Engineering of Sport 5: Proceedings of the 5th International Sports Engineering Association Conference.

As air streams over the ball, it no longer flows through the fibers and it is forced up the ramp and separates from the ball. All of our calculations are based on the center of the ball. The following are general principles for shot direction: The speed at which the ball is stroked is another important variable the tennis player controls. Like with skiing, tennis was dominated by wood. But that medium restricted the racquets' head area to about 60 square inches---the frame would break if it got any bigger. The average of the two methods was taken as the position, and the difference in the x and y coordinates divided by 2 was taken as the digitizing error. (5) S = rω / v The camera 1 line of sight was about 0.5 m in front of the ball launcher and camera 2 was 6.4 m down range from that. At very low Re, the wind speed is not sufficient to create fuzz ramps on a non-spinning ball, and the air flows through the fibers instead.

CL is normally taken to be positive for backspin and negative for topspin. This is especially necessary when the experiment yields results that differ from previous experiments. The lower CD results of this experiment compared to wind tunnel experiments indicate that the flow separation is delayed on free flight trajectories compared to wind tunnel simulations, creating a smaller wake and less drag. What makes the ball appear to suddenly change course and dive into the court or to seemingly defy gravity and float through the air? Then he went after the personal gear.

Figure 24 — Percentage of camera lens distortion at 9 locations and two directions in the camera view. As explained above in the Fuzz Effect section, the camera shutter is exposing light from top to bottom and the ball is moving rapidly left to right. If, instead, the air is stationary and ball travels to the left, then the drag force remains as indicated — to the right. Zoom in to the racquet as a ball encounters the strings, and pause. To do so, we backlit the trajectory paths, revealing a fuzz length that is quite amazing and only becomes apparent with back lighting and fast image capture.


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