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As a vampiric effect, Saveas’ level 41 skill, Sacrificial Sustenance, regenerates his health by 4% for 10 seconds at the cost of sacrificing 8% of it as he uses the skill. We use her mainly for the beginning of the battle buff, Awe.

The following is a bunch of examples of teams by winners of competitions on the biggest server in AFK Arena.

Additionally, Shemira is a strong offensive character that can sustain her own thanks to Tortured Souls and Soul Siphon. That ends our AFK Arena team guide. Brutus: The perfect tank to hide Saveas behind. Moving on with that strategy in mind, our top pick for the best tier 2 team is Brutus. Top Heroes. Ezizh’s first skill Fissure, will work great later on in the game but for starters, it won’t be that significant. In this article, we present you some of the best AFK Arena compositions.

For our number 2 frontliner, we will be shifting back to Ezizh and leaving Lucius out as his crowd control skills and support skills will be more viable for our chosen team. She’s good in PvP (until you reach late game), does well against bosses, but also in other areas of the game, such as Voyage of Wonders or the Peaks of Time. (In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play). Hail of Arrows is a great mass damage dealer for multiple enemies at this tier while Glacial Arrow, beyond the damage it deals, will also slow the enemy down for 3 seconds. Beyond actually acquiring each and every hero available in AFK Arena, the various resources you need to enhance your top heroes will need to be constantly collected. Lastly, for our top picks for the best heroes in the game, check our best heroes guide. After working in several industries, he knew that he wanted to combine his passion for gaming with his content creation skills, thus he became a writer at He’s got everything you might want from a frontliner. Despite Brutus’ raw strength, there will be several occasions at this point when that will not suffice on its own and while we do prioritize defense over offense, having three defensive heroes on this team ought to be enough to boost survivability at its optimum level. We will be sticking with our top pick for tier 2 as our number 1 pick for our tier 3 team as Brutus will be our main carrier for the team with his outstanding offensive and defensive capabilities. Most teams use two tanks or tanky heroes in the frontline, and a mixture of support, crowd control, and damage-dealers on the backline. We know and understand that every player will most likely have their own favourite characters and teams, so feel free to share your own as well as give us feedback on our choices in the comment section. Already using BlueStacks? You want to build your formations based on them If you are not in the end game yet. Keeping faction advantages in mind is also a very good idea, learn more about them in our factions advantages guide. Saveas is who we consider as the best Damage Dealer for tier 1. Firstly, the roles and positions your team needs.

Although extremely useful, this will leave your backline slightly exposed, so make sure to position her accordingly if she’s up front. Besides his efforts here, Jack contributes to other outlets - making tier lists for Tierlistmania, business-related posts for Medium, and more. Lastly, this guide was written while playing version 1.16 of AFK Arena. Since you are on your phone, we are going to send you to the Google Play page. Again, Bloodied Spear also reduces Saveas’ HP by 8% to increase his damage. Saveas works incredibly well with the 3 maulers; Brutus, Khasos & Numisu.

His tank role may not seem much but with a good back row support, he will be key to winning victories. Shemira (4.61 / 5) Talene (4.61 / 5) Lucius (4.60 / 5) Rowan (4.48 / 5) Gwyneth (4.48 / 5) New. He works well with Nemora because the self-damage from Burning Acrimony will make her give him the benefit of the first heal (usually). Aside from being one of the strongest healers, Nemora will use her Beguile to charm an enemy into attacking their allies. We present several teams that I was able to test during my game and that allowed me to progress easily. We know and understand that there are as many different rosters to have as there are heroes in AFK Arena, and again, gacha may not always be equally kind to everyone as far as securing each mentioned hero is concerned.

To harness this early game boost, you’re better off rerolling until you get the following heroes, some of which we also mentioned in our best late game heroes.

Her bas skill, Wild Wonder is great to have on any team as it heals 30% of every team member’s health.

The AFK Arena Early Game Tier List ranks Heroes based on their abilities to finishing the early games effectively and efficiently. Khasos: His lifeleech passive will help to offset the damage of the self-damage inflicted upon Saveas. We hope that you enjoyed reading our guide and if not the actual teams we picked, at least understood the gist of what we are trying to accomplish. The more you have, the higher your odds of being able to come up with a team composition that addresses the challenge ahead of you. Given that this is tier 1 and considers only up to level 60, Nemora as your main support with some assists from our first pick Lucius should be more than enough to keep the team’s survivability. The following is a series of team combinations by some of the best players in the game. Apr 06, 2017. There is also the consideration of how important equipment is and the sooner you obtain the heroes you want the sooner you can start spending on the best gears you can get for your team. These can be used as inspiration and guidance when creating your own team.

While you don’t have to follow them to the dot (it would help if you could), you can find replacements for each of these heroes so long as your subs fulfill the same roles.

Mother Nature on Nemora alone won’t seem much, but with its utilization reaching out to Lucius’ Divine Blessing, it has an added value for the whole team. This guide aims to inspire and help you in building your very own team. For our second frontline hero, we choose Ezizh as the other tank who serves as a support character as well. With thousands of hours of game time in popular titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft, Jack has experienced most video game genres. As we prefer to play more defensively as battles grow more challenging, we will naturally retain both Nemora and Tasi as our third and fourth members. Saveas is actually a little behind in terms of survivability and defense but with our top 3 picks, there’s hardly any worries as far as defense is concerned.

As the challenges ahead become more and more difficult, Lucius’ 4th skill, Blessed Shield will be a great booster for his personal defense. The level 2 of his Whirlwind makes him invulnerable to Magic Damage, while his Last Gasp makes him immune to all incoming damage a short period of time. While we do love Nemora and have faith in her healing capabilities, we choose to also secure the aid of Tasi as the fourth member of the team. For PvP, the standard late-game formation includes Estrilda in 2 (her knockback is really useful at interrupting and going through the frontline), Lucius in 1 (to gain as much energy as possible from getting hit), Belinda in 5, right behind Estrilda (so as to guarantee that the latter’s Inspire targets Belinda), Nemora in 4, and Lyca in 3. Post author: Jack Roque; Post category: AFK Arena; The main objective of AFK Arena is to collect heroes and assemble the ultimate team. Open Now . While you don’t have to follow them to the dot (it would help if you could), you can find replacements for each of these heroes so long as your subs fulfill the same roles. Here’s one of the best formations for AFK Arena’s midgame: Before we get Shemira up to 160, Saveas is a better DPS, especially if we have Brutus in the formation as well. For additional strategies when you encounter challenging battles as well some tips on resource management, we have an advanced guide to cover that.

This guide aims to inspire and help you in building your very own team. When you reach 201, she truly shines as a support and you’ll never want her out. Update 1.50 Patch Notes; AFK Arena x Overlord; Update 1.49 Patch Notes; New Eironn Skin; Zaphrael & Lucretia; Categories.

With more than 40 heroes in the game, it can be difficult to choose just 5 heroes to put on your battle. Throughout his life, he has achieved impressive results in many of these games, reaching high-diamond at his peak in LoL, attaining more than 1000 solo wins in Fortnite, and collected multiple Cutting Edge achievements in WoW. In most games, this element usually involves... © 2020 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluestack Systems, Inc.

Moving forward, we will be talking about the best teams in the game. Generally, Kane doesn’t deal too much damage towards your Heroes so using a strong tank and a healer is not needed. Beguile’s charm effect is also good to have, definitely not for the damage, but to essentially have more control on the battle as it turns one enemy on another even just for normal attack damage. It would be best if you had her alongside Lyca, since her energy recharge is quite slow.

BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. To get a better understanding of the individual potential of each hero, check out this AFK Arena tier list. At base level, Heaven’s Protection is an excellent team shielding ability that reduces 500% damage for 8 seconds. With her in the fold, your lineup will cast their ultimates much faster and spare you some enemy DPS. We will keep our first tier tank, Lucius as our next pick for our tier 2 team. While you may be inclined to level up your heroes almost equally from levels 1 through 60, you may opt for a different strategy beyond that as some heroes will be more worth the investment of hero experience and hero essences at this point. Download AFK Arena on PC . Lilith Games’ AFK Arena has been around for a while and yet it continues to reel in more fans in addition to the millions of players already hooked into it since its launch. 2 seconds may not seem much but it can really turn the tide of battle in your favor at certain points in the initial stages of the game. Thus, he writes on a wide variety of titles. In support of that concept, Lucius’ Heaven’s Blessing and Divine Protection will still come in handy. We also have a complete guide on how you can ace and advance through battle stages as efficiently and fast as possible.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Therefore, you should pick heroes of Ascended rarity, or if you really have to, Legendary+. The composition of a team in AFK Arena can be complicated because there are so many heroes with different characteristics. While reasons abound as to why AFK Arena is such a huge hit among mobile gamers, the host of unique heroes you collect and upgrade in the game which brings about tons of possibilities as to roster inclusions and team compositions make for an engaging and addictive gameplay. Feeble Mind works okay right off the bat especially if used against enemies that can cause damage to your team. As her skills grow more potent within level 61 to 160, you will now also be able to use Life Force, which is an additional heal that gradually regenerates the health of your weakest hero by 30%. This game came at a time when idle games were still gaining traction among the community, with titles... Ah, the infamous pay-to-win aspect.

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