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All were Euro 5 rated so came with DPF. There are, however, a few higher-pressure systems.

I have just recently bought a58 plate audi a3. He hand selects blocks and heads that pass rigorous testing, including measurements and magnafluxing to make sure there are no cracks, flaws or defects, as the foundation for each competition engine build. How could my car be labelled 140 from the factory but after 9 years have gained 14.9 bhp? Plowboy also recently began selling aftermarket parts. All modern engines have weak spots, by pointing these out we hope to prepare the buyer to spot potential issues early on. 5 The forged rods swing Mahle pistons that are treated to valve reliefs as well as ceramic coating on the tops and DFL coating on the skirts.

It takes about an hour to change all 4. Please bear in mind that I am just one guy, running this site as a hobby. This does not appear to be an issue with the EA288 units.

From 2015 we see the EA288 engine released as the VW group move on from the emissions scandal the 110 and 150 bhp models have smaller turbos, and you can replace the turbo and remap quite easily.

Thnx – M. This is great info, thanks for posting this, i’m from the east coast of Canada and there is not much info on this out there locally or on the web. Remapping ECU Stay up to date by signing up for the Engine Builder newsletter. to “2.0 TDI 140-170 tuning”, Informative and well constructed article… nice. It’s at that point where the trick parts and pieces are used, along with some secret tricks of the trade privy only to top-notch engine builders. I like the way you have sectioned it by engine type so it is easy to see what sort of things to look at or consider when buying. The 140HP 2.0 8v PD TDI (BMM) for example has that oilpump and it has been flawless. Your response will be highly appreciated. The before and after showed the bhp as 154.9 to start, and 186.9 to finish – work that one out.. ? 250bhp is a sensible limit for most drivers looking for a daily driver. It is replacing the balance shaft module for a chain driven oil pump as seen in other TDI engines.

Now, diesel engines are in use just about everywhere, with about half of all consumer vehicles sold in Europe being of the diesel engine type. Just got the cambelt and service by audi.

The 110 engines are generally fitted with small turbos, lower pressure injectors and an inferior quality fuel pump but the components fitted varied considerably on model year and from manufacturer to manufacturer so check these carefully before planning your upgrade. The later EA288 engines are best with a GTD2872VRK 340-400bhp, a GTB2260VK 300bhp, the GTB1756BK 220bhp, a VNT17-22 Hybrid 210bhp or the GT1749VB 200bhp turbo upgrades. Sign up now!!! Pre 2008 engines are PD EA 188 (Pumpe Düse) based and given a BKD, BKP (Mainly in the Passat) or BMM, BMN, BMR and BRD engine code. Dear TC, excellent review of the VAG TDI engines. When failing the oil pressure drops immediately and the engine breaks beyond repair. 24 Inside the dyno cell is everything but the chassis and cab of a running truck to allow them to measure accurate results when dynoing engines. But are the injectors and turbo different to the 140bhp? I think its a great article but now needs filling in more specifically for the post 2010 engines. The bkp uses seimens injectors, the bkd uses Bosch.. You need to swap the injectors over marking up what order they were in including the injector loom (buy new injector seal kits). They're still a pretty penny on the used market. Great site.

Since I have to get a new base engine + Turbo + EGR cooler and can only reuse my recently rebuilt injectors, then I was thinking whether it would be wise to upgrade the engine to its latest possible revision. Those engines have two problems, the chain tensioner that breaks and causing the balance shaft module to stop working including the oilpump. 866-595-8724 It is your responsibility to check and verify any car tuning tip, car styling tip or other articles content with a qualified mechanic before undertaking work or following instructions. There's really two 5.9L compound turbo Cummins engines in this 1970 Dodge truck built by Plowboy Diesel. So as mentioned above do your homework, if you buy the right type, maintain it nicely and have a bit of luck you can drive into eternity with these engines. Octavia 2.0tdi BKD 2007 And when and if they do go you lose all power. "Tuning, problems weak spots and complete upgrade guide.".

“We were working on some equipment getting ready for fall harvest and we had a Dodge pickup truck out here with a diesel engine in it and we just happened to open the hood one day and I said out loud, ‘It looks like you could fit two of those things in there,’” Jody says.

We are still getting feedback on this article and update it as info comes in, sorry I don’t get time to reply directly to all the messages we get. No, you’re not drunk and seeing double.

Thanks for the write up boys…. Follow along over these pages to see what goes into one of them. You can leave a response below or join our forum to discuss this article and car modification in detail with our members. High Pressure pump réf bosch:0445010507 (réf audi 03L 130 755) Safety mods DW, Swamp’s Diesel Performance 13 To keep the fire-ringed heads firmly in place the Swamp’s build team uses A1 Technologies H11 head studs. Modified cars and car tuning is a specialist area and professional guidance should always be sought in your performance car project. Inside the engine, the Swamp’s team uses Manley billet steel connecting rods attached to a reground and polished crankshaft that swings a set of Mahle aluminum pistons sealed with Mahle rings.

BKP engines in particular have an issue with the oil pump drive gears which were subject to a recall and there are reports of turbo failures on these engines. Let me know your thoughts. I have found a bkd engine that I want to replace it with. However a faulty DMF, Injector failures or issues with the EGR flow rate can also cause a very lumpy idle or misfire. However there is little to no info on tuning the lower power 110bhp engines (in my case the cbdc engine). Once the blocks pass those tests they are filled with HardBlok and fitted with BHJ deckplates and main caps and girdles before they’re machined to true the crank shaft centerline and cylinder bores and make sure that the block does not dimensionally change while the filler cures. Please drive sensibly we do not endorse speeding or racing on the public highway or driving recklessly or in a manner than could endanger life or property. Choose depending on where you want the power and how far you want to push the engine power band. “We’ve got compound turbos on each engine – a 57mm and a 66mm turbo. It used the Swamp’s Gen3 HPOP along with Swamp’s high-flowing 400cc/400% injectors and a Forced Inductions 80/88 turbo with a 2.8 class race cover to make 872 horsepower and 1,712 lb/ft of torque. C is the one to go for and there are very few if any reports of cylinder heads cracking. I’ve been told new head and injectors as Audi never installed the injectors correcrtly under recall but it’s too late to claim them! My concern is safety as I have read on multiple forums that the injectors are a common fault on these cars.

New Motorcraft sensors, harnesses, oil pan, pickup tube and water pump round out the Competition Engine package while stainless steel tubular headers are included to get the spent gasses out of the ported heads quickly and efficiently. so I’m on the look out for another engine but would any other type suit, say a 140bhp and use my old injectors & turbo etc., thanks, I have head 03G 103 308 C on my car and it cracked high pump: Ryan also ran the engine for several dyno pulls with their old test mule 80/88 turbo from River City Turbo with a 3.2 class race cover and it made 857 horsepower with 1,574 lb/ft of torque.

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