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And you couldn't even get one unless Enzo himself liked you. Now, however, they've become coveted collector's items. If you’re looking to turn heads without spending $1.5 million on an actual Shelby Cobra, a solid recreation can do the trick. Using an elaborate credit card rewards scheme as a business model, Broadley secured MasterCard as a title sponsor. While the odd little hatchback did have some racing success in the 70s Champion Sports Plug Challenge, no one really thought of it as anything other than an alternative to a Civic or Corolla. But for a road car, the result was insane. In the late 90s, Renault would revisit the idea of taking their econo hatch and putting a more powerful engine where a rear seat would go with the Clio V6 Sport.

The top of that mark was the Group C prototype class, purpose-built technological wonders that would speed down the 3.7-mile long Mulsanne straight reaching speeds close to 250mph. Vincenzo Sospiri drives the No. Factory Five’s been busy moving the street-legal high-performance kit car scene forward for decades. Fred Gibb of Gibbs Chevrolet discovered something in the COPO options, the aluminum 427 V8 engine being used in the Trans Am racing series. Gibbs was able to use COPO to sell Camaros with full-on racing engines in them. Besides those bits, though, this is the real deal.

That is until the Quattro started winning races. So Porsche went the tried and true route, make a pure race car and a handful of 'road' versions and take back the podium.

The result was some of the scariest fire breathers the logging trails had ever seen. Our first two kits are actual supercars, for instance, which cost about the same price as a refurbished Honda Civic.

The company’s founder, Eric Broadley, the prolific endurance racing chassis designer, whose Mk6 car served as bones for the original Ford GT40, wanted to race in the series for years. Unlike other homologation specials, however, this one proved so popular that it became the flagship sports car for the brand and a legend was born. In this case, Ferrari wanted to win the FIA Group 3 production class and they weren't afraid to use the term 'production' lightly to do it. Instead of two seats in tandem, the F1 placed the driver in the middle, with two outboard seats placed on either side and further back. When he arrived to pick up the car, the bodywork was still off, so he helped reattach it in the shop's immaculate garage space. While they're just now getting Mustangs, for years they've been getting hot versions of compact Fords that Americans can only dream of. Maserati built theirs on a Ferrari Enzo chassis and engine wrapped in a wind-tunnel designed body. In the 1980s Volvo eyed the Group A touring car series. Dropped floors for extra headroom 7. They were 13 seconds off the pace and failed to qualify on their first attempt.

It is a two seater and someone always wants a ride.

The EVO I featured a higher revving engine and lightened the car. Caterham offers several variants of a Lotus 7 replica complete kits, if you’re looking for a real hot rod to turn heads. Ever dreamed of making your commute in an IndyCar? Massive 80s box flares covered much larger tires that now put down power through the rear wheels instead of the front. To understand how crazy the R5 Turbo really is, you have to consider where the car came from. Check Out The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Spider, 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod Is A 800-HP Superstar, Rezvani Hercules 6x6 Pickup Aims To Conquer Hennessey Mammoth 6x6, Jaguar's Sedan Future Isn't Sounding Too Good, Lucid Air Vs. Tesla Model S Vs. Porsche Taycan: The EV Triad Is Complete, We Drove The Land Rover Defender From James Bond's 'No Time To Die', Cars That Are Even Rarer Than You Thought, Why The McLaren GT Is The Best Everyday Supercar, 13 Future Electric Cars We Can't Wait To See, Become A Better Driver With This Must-Have Gadget, 2016 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe First Look Review: You're Gonna Love It. What's even crazier is that wing was a compromise with the designer who didn't want just the two wings, but wanted three. These cars are designed for the singular purpose of racing. Like the Stratos before it, the RS200 was a mid-engine car but its transmission was placed ahead of the motor. When Toyota entered GT-1 racing they didn't even bother with the pretence that they were making a road car. It doesn’t go quite as fast as the GTM, but it handles like a true supercar and the style is undeniable. Our third kit car comes from, you guessed it, Factory Five Racing, and it was one of the most classic cars in existence long before the famed Ford Mustang and Shelby collaboration. "There was this 2001 Reynard road course car with no engine, for $15,000.

I always wondered whether you could put a Chevy V8 in an IndyCar and drive it on the street. Some cars have two seats, some have five, some have seven. Either way, the BMW-sourced, 618hp 6.1-liter V12 propelled the advanced carbon monocoque chassis to 60 in 3.2 seconds and top out at 231 mph.

Like other homologation models, it makes nods towards comforts such as leather and a big clock in the center console, but you'll have to like the sound of V12s because there isn't a place to put a stereo even if you wanted one. By far the most successful, the flame-throwing Quattro introduced the idea of all-wheel drive performance cars. Wheeler Dealers would take a grey market import RS and fashion a third wing to see what that might look like. "Those were probably five of the best days of my life, but if you'd told me I was ever buying another IndyCar, I'd have told you that you're out of your mind. In 2004 Maserati returned to racing after a 37-year absence by reintroducing the homologation special to FIA GT. With a catalytic converter installed Toyota proved that they could sell it to a customer. The 911 GT1 was a 911 on steroids.

Composite tub, adjustable aero, inboard pushrod suspension, carbon brakes, FIA-spec nosecone, plus the ducting, body panels, and cooling kit you’d expect.

Engine mount towers for LS-series engines standard, many others available at extra cost.

In the 80s as Group B ramped up privateer Michellotto ran a handful of modified 308s, but against the powerhouses from Audi, Ford and Lancia Ferrari needed something lighter and faster. Like an F1 engine, the LFA’s V-10 used port-type fuel injection, rather than direct injection like most contemporary high-performance road car engines. How we test gear.

The top line Camaro wears the ZL1 badge, but where does that come from? This is another partial turnkey, so you’ll need a donor car for this kit, as well. And there were no restrictions on turbo boost.

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