News: steelcase leap remove headrest

Ordered 2 Steelcase Leap v2 chairs. Assembly was very easy, just following the instructions. Headrest adjusts 2 1â 4" vertically and adds 6 3â 4" to 9" to the overall height.

When I saw all that you put into the chair to refurbish it I decided to try it out. I love the adjustability. { How's the headrest treating you? Ok, I was warned about a initial assembly problem, but not that it falls out! Would purchase from them again in the future. listeners: [],

Gas Cylinders, Arm Pads, Casters, and other parts. They can't be beat when it comes to value for the money.

Couldn't ask for more.

When I had a question, they got back to me within the same day. I purchased the optional casters upgrade, and that is very cool.

Balancing luxury and utility, the Massaud Collection by Coalesse is more than beautifully crafted seating. Headrest - Steelcase. That is it, your Steelcase Leap headrest is installed and ready for use. Make sure you measure and align properly or it won't feel right. Just couldn’t let that opportunity go to waste…, Or fire a search engine P.S.

Leap. Sale! I'm very satisfied with my purchase and the customer service. It was shipped quickly and looks brand new. ErgomatIQ Electric Height Adjustable Desk. I ordered a refurbished Steelcase Amia chair at about half the price of buying it new. Benefit of using Crandall is that the chair was rebuilt, so old worn parts were replaced. ✓ We’ll Beat Any Price

Definitely worth my money! Very happy with my remanufactured SteelCase Leap chair. You know what you are getting with them. Great chair at a discount price! I'm very happy with my new office chair purchased from Crandall. Overall the chair is of high quality and everything works well. And, it seems my back aches are improving already.

The parts we sell are not manufactured by Steelcase.

I would suggest anyone looking for an affordable refurb chair here - due to their willingness to help and speedy resolutions. ✓ Free Shipping Don’t worry. Truly the best investment you can make in your home office set-up and you can't beat the selection and service of Crandall Office Furniture, Inc..

Click here to see our selection of Steelcase office chairs.

How did it go? The shipping was 1 week faster and chair easy to assemble. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. High Quality Replacement Chair Parts for Steelcase and Haworth Office Chairs.

Good deal on the part I needed and good customer service. Please task chair balances comfort, beauty and freedom of movement.

My leap v1 remanufactured chair arrived with a large tear in the box and some components were missing so I messaged them and within 2 days I already had all the missing components mailed to my doorstep.

})(); OEM Quality Office Chair Replacement Parts that fit the Steelcase 462 V1 Leap Chair.

“dis-arming”… lol.

Just honest workmanship and great customer service. They did a great job with the re-manufacturing process and I will definitely be buying from them again if offered by Crandall. Loosen the Torx screw visible through the slot in the bottom of the plastic shroud about a dozen turns (it will not click or feel loose), use a flat screwdriver to unlock the shroud from the flat plastic plate on the seat side of the bracket, then forcibly pull the sides of the shroud outward until you can pull the arm extension mechanism up-and-out of these slots in the bracket: This view from the side of the chair shows the screw hole in the bottom, with a pair of holes for alignment pins beside it: You can remove the flat plate by pushing the latch at the top center (just below the backrest screw boss), then sliding the plate upward. However, I think my refurbished Steelcase Amia is more cushioned and solid in it's construction than the new Series 1. They promptly help with returns and issues.


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The back of the chair separates easily by unscrewing 2 screws on the back and lifting the front upper cushion upwards(model 1). 1000 Jefferson Avenue,

Thank you for visiting

Click Here For Help Identifying Your Chair. Boy was that the right decision. I'm very happy with the experience.

Weird as it is to love your furniture, I LOVE this chair. That other company showed me a DIY link on YouTube on how to replace a cylinder. Steelcase Series 1. Buy Online. Overall great first impression, and would purchase from again. Of course, my ideal chair would be a Leap without the overdesigned moving seatpan, the curved backrest or the noise problems; a Leap with cooler padding and an adjustable headrest. I got to customize it (apple green fabric, extra cushioned seat and a new gas cylinder) for very little money over the published book price and still walked away with an incredible deal. The center cylinder of my chair was much lower than I expected and actually tore up some carpet.

The upgraded wheels I selected make moving the chair around easy and smooth. Absolutely fabulous. There were instructions provided for assembly. Upholstery is available to match the seat material or black vinyl only.

That’s a bonus. In any case I went to the extensive video instruction tapes on assembly and other tasks to find out how to remove the seat.Now I am really frustrated! David and the staff go that extra mile for any customer; big or small. Amazing chair backed by amazing customer service! It takes a whole lot more force than seems necessary, but it can be done.

There are many others online. Ordered a Leap v2 with stool kit. However, when you buy the chair and the headrest separately, you will need to install the headrest yourself. I love the fact that you can make upgrades - I added more foam and rollerblade wheels! It is still too early to determine durability.

Absolutely the best customer service experience I've had in decades...Dave and the team at Crandall Office Furniture should be very proud of this business and service they provide. I found Crandall after some web searching and I couldn’t be happier.


You will also need to drill 2 holes and buy or find nuts for the 2 included bolts.

The Steelcase Leap chair has been excellent. } Steelcase lists the arm rests on their Leap chairs as “factory installed” and not removable, perhaps because the brackets supporting the arms also support the backrest. Elizabeth, New Jersey, 07201, USA, The results of their product has been nothing short of excellent. In the event you must ever remove the arms, perhaps because your wife decides she’d like to try the chair without them, it’s straightforward.

The chair arrived and it looks like new! Select options. Took a short while before shipping, but it's a pandemic, that's just life now. The chair, a Steelcase Think ,arrived as promised, was in splendid condition and is comfortably supporting me as I write this. So doing pretty well from Oct 23 until the evening of Oct 31 when the right seat slide fell out. 1.800.516.3454. Also they have a video on how to uninstall the seat, once it is installed (since that is tricky), in case you need to. EDIT: Thanks for responding regarding fabrics quality. To begin using the site, please register for an account using the Create an Account below. They had exactly what I needed, shipped it out immediately and followed up right after delivery to make sure everything was perfect. My wife is very happy with it. 12 year warranty is amazing on a refurb chair but Steelcase does make a good product.

It's clear they craft well and stand behind their products and workmanship,**.

I cancelled the order I placed with another company for a chair half this price as soon as I ordered this one. Really great service! Great shopping experience. It is pretty easy to install.

Shipping was fast and well packaged. callback: cb Thanks for a great experience. That is it, your Steelcase Leap headrest is installed and ready for use. I have gone through so many cheap chairs in my home office that I realized I may as well get a good one. A good ergonomic chair should be one of the cornerstones of your workstation.

Amazing customer service.

Research has shown that changing posture is the right thing to do for good health.

First, you will need to drill two small holes into the back of the Steelcase Leap backrest. I am really enjoying the chair.

My family was in the furniture business, so I am picky about whom I buy from and the service.

I read about this company online and people seemed to be happy with the service, so i took a chance as I didn't want to spend a lot of money to replace my old office chair that just wasn't comfortable. Packing was excellent, everything present and assembled very easily, and the chairs are great so far. I feel like I got lucky when I found Crandall.

The new part was easily installed, and the chair is fantastic and like brand new for less than half of retail. Headrest is not available on stools or Plus models. But this review isn't about Steelcase - it's about Crandall.What really impressed me about Crandall was their support. You will also need to drill 2 holes and buy or find nuts for the 2 included bolts. I have to admit, I thought my Leap V2 would be more comfortable.

Thank you so much!!

Ordered a remanufactured Leap V2 a week ago, and it arrived today. Is your second iteration (the horizontal method) working well? Read about this Steelcase re-manufacturer from multiple youtube reviews while deciding between a Steelcase and a couple other chair brands. I am 5ft 7 in and weigh 180. Ordered a Steelcase Leap v1 that was on sale and I was a bit skeptical of what would show up, but I was blown away when it arrived. We have customers … I found the hard floor rollers slightly too loose on wood floors, but they are fine using a small carpet.

I have a v2 and just received this headrest today too. Not to mention the whole saving the environment thing by recycling old chairs. My partner found Crandall Office Furniture telling me I should invest in my office furniture and that this was the place to do it.

Refurbished office chair with new upholstery, and components made the chair look and feel like new. Great shopping experience!, 1000 Jefferson Ave, Elizabeth, NJ, 07201, ✓Free Shipping      ✓Free Returns      ✓We’ll Beat Any Price       ✓Money Back Guarantee     ✓Full Warranty,

The only way I could tell it wasn't a new chair was a small scratch and half removed sticker on the bottom of the chair. I spent weeks looking for a trust worthy Steelcase chair rebuilder. While on that same phone call, the Crandall representative walked me through the process of what would take place on their end and about when I could expect the chair and all of it matched up with their well documented and transparent process on their website (all of which was completed a couple days faster than the laid out timeline).The chair is great. WELL DONE! Steelcase Series 1. Friendly and professional.

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