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The bizarre Empty Nest audio gaffe also didn’t help things, though that’s certainly not Kevin nor SNL’s fault.

He wasn’t a Frank Zappa in that way. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Then it was ruined by the needles breaking of the fourth wall – something SNL was too guilty of in these seasons.

The band currently consists of guitarists Rogers Stevensand Christopher Thorn, drummer Glen Graham, vocalist Travis Warren and …

— Boy, Chris is doing the world’s worst John Madden impression ever heard. It was cut from the CC 60 minute version of this episode.

In the mid-90s “SNL: the First 20 Years” book, Myers disclosed that Coffee Talk was his favorite sketch to perform.

I’m assuming he has kind of a dry, serious personality, and the writers thought they could make this into a joke, but I think this falters because 1. he’s not super adept at pulling that off, 2. the writing isn’t very good, and 3. it’s not like Jason Patric has a known persona or anything–if that had been Walken or Malkovich doing the monologue, we and the audience would have understood immediately what they were going for.

It’s interesting to hear the recognition laughter when the sketch starts up…but then it gets pretty scarce and quiet as the sketch goes on. I’m never fully sure what the deal with Jason Patric was.

— Okay, I can definitely see why Mr. Intense naming off each of the Seven Dwarves in his typically intense, dramatic manner is supposed to be hilarious, but this sketch is another example tonight of something Jason Patric’s doing that would actually be funny if it were given to a more capable host.

Starts the show on the wrong foot. I was so sad and I tried to post it (reducing the size and the duration) again like four times until my account was canceled, so I created another one and I posted only the beginning (the Ripped Away version)from Letters From a Porcupine.

I’m loving his string of off-beat, disjointed, unsettling one-liners.

It's great to see you together again, now let's get a tour together!!! I started using mute thanks to that skit lmao.

Rudolph Giuliani, Various / There were certainly still some really solid highlights tonight, but they were few and far in between, and a lot of the stuff in between was pretty brutal.

— Another positive thing about this Coffee Talk sketch is that it has thankfully cut down on the use of Linda Richman’s catchphrases that never make me laugh. Blind Melon. Feeding the dog escalating to wanting to put shorts on the dog…? Blind Melon performed "No Rain" and "Paper Scratcher." — Jason: “But I’m mildly retarded.” David: “So am I! STARS: **, MR. INTENSE Not pretty, but strangely fascinating and you can’t look away. Also, I’m curious as to what exactly the visual shift between the two halves of this season is? I love it when he’s just being a rambunctious kid. my fav though is when they were on dave letterman! Live from New York, it's... Chris Farley! Anyone know who played the harmonica lead in the song "change" at woodstock '94? And it’s funnier than it should be. — A very rough episode as a whole, and probably the weakest one I’ve reviewed in quite a long time.

— This is the second consecutive episode with a long movie-like sketch involving many scene and set changes, after Sally Field’s I Want My Baby Back sketch. musical guest performs “No Rain”, WEEKEND UPDATE While most of the writing did the show no favors, a good chunk of the blame for the lousiness and lethargic atmosphere of this episode goes to Jason Patric, who had a baffling presence, wasn’t funny for the most part, and killed the energy of a lot of pieces. STARS: **, SKI LIFT The next episode (Sara Gilbert) has the infamous Bryant Gumbel “what were you thinking?” sketch – god bless him, Tim Meadows tries, but I literally felt anxiety watching it, it was that bad! Any help is appreciated. STARS: *½, THE ROAD TO SELF-IMPROVEMENT The music from them can do magic....Thank you to all the guys in the MeLon band. The Rickles makeup reminds me of the ghoulish prosthetics they have routinely put on Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon in the last few years, which makes the attempts at political impressions instead seem like some kind of offbrand horror film. Have you ever noticed how drastically different the visual appearance of the second half of this season is compared to the first half?


— I kinda smiled at him explaining to us that, unlike hosts who like to run back to the home base stage after a backstage scene, he’s just going to take his time. , Norm MacDonald was giving an interview about the worst host he dealt with. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae7200f68a536f18812ac77fddbb2618" );document.getElementById("e1bdd48f09").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Or maybe he’s just doing a variation of his behind-the-scenes Lorne Michaels impression, but then again, that’s what Dr.

STARS: **, THE NFL ON FOX — I kinda like what Adam’s going for with his Richard Lewis impression.

THanks so much for getting it back and I hope someone can find paper scratcher for us to watch as well. I don’t mind the Herlihy boy skit honestly, it’s not as bad as everyone says. FOX getting the NFL was a huge, huge story at the time. I’ve also noticed how the 1994 half of this season has a whole different feel than the 1993 half. It is a thin premise but Chris does a fantastic job and his able to get a ton of laughs from it.

NBC site has the full Weekend Update from this ep with correct audio if you wanna hear what you missed: As mentioned we have another of those on the way with Tim Meadows. In the copy I’m watching, right as Kevin begins his Subliminal Commentary, the audio suddenly cuts off and is randomly replaced by audio from a freakin’ Empty Nest episode.

That whole segment was just awful – it was essentially just “lol don’t black people talk funny,” with Farley having to stare right into the camera as they were talking so we’d get the ‘joke.’.

Evil supposedly is.

Cast Characters Commercials Crew Episodes Guests Impressions Seasons Sketches Update > < Blind Melon.

— Simmons is adding a fairly fun vibe to this. The Herlihy Boy sketch in this show is a disaster.

Even seeing Deep Thoughts pop up in 1994 and 1995 seems out of place as opposed to December 1993 and earlier. IMMEDIATE POST-SHOW THOUGHTS

I´m new here!

He was like, “I know comedy.

Picture of BLiND MeLon on MSN ...under "one hit wonders"...... hit or no hit..... the people in this band have done miracles for me and they dont even know it.

CT just did an interview and spoke about it. — The joke of Jason’s Luke Perry only speaking in moody “90210”-esque one-liners has gotten old fast.

I’d never seen the NFL on Fox sketch till just now… Mohr-as-Rickles’ lines are atrocious (agreed) to the point that when he actually uses a real Rickles line (“where would we eat on Sunday”), the audience has already tuned out. I’m also amazed that someone can screw up a Madden impression. — I’m really liking Julia’s Peg Bundy impression. musical guest performs “Paper Scratcher”, THE HERLIHY BOY DOG SITTING SERVICE a hand model (host) copes after losing a finger, — It’s taken two minutes into this sketch for me to get my first laugh, with the whole bit involving Norm giving a rundown on the casualties from the car accident. Having Simmons come on was a nice surprise (the crowd going crazy is one of the loudest I’ve ever heard on SNL,) but the whole singing bit the two do is like torture. Nicole Kidman/Stone Temple Pilots, S19:E5. The scene with Hartman and Silverman’s actually better in the dress as they melodramatically make out instead of just a short peck on the cheek, it makes it funnier. Release Dates

Deion Sanders, Various /

Luke Perry, Coffee Talk Caller — As if this sketch wasn’t already off-putting enough, what the bloody hell was with the fourth wall-breaking ending?


— Hmm, a Richard Simmons appearance. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. David Dinkins / But is it great?

Studio 8H, NBC Studios - 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.

John Madden (CHF) & Luke Perry (host) anchor at halftime, — Funny start with the “90210”-style opening credits for NFL on FOX. Heck no.

While the first half of the season we’re in wasn’t too great itself, so many things about this season has changed starting with tonight’s midpoint episode; even the look. The hand model skit’s weird as hell but Mike’s douchy European guy makes it work for me.. besides Coffee Talk it’s not that bad a show, I’ve seen worse. That’s always stood out to me, even in the days when I was originally exposed to this season in 60-minute Comedy Central reruns.

I need to see and hear my all time favourite band live before I die. It’s a downer.

— I love the dark humor of Phil’s prisoner character cheerfully revealing he’s going to be executed by “leath injecsh”.

18 Replies to “January 8, 1994 – Jason Patric / Blind Melon (S19 E10)” Michael Cheyne says: September 5, 2019 at 12:44 am I’m never fully sure what the deal with Jason Patric was.

1: Musical Guest Appearance: Musical Guest 01.08.1994.

while riding a ski lift, (host) has a strange conversation with (KEN), — Kevin: “Boy, if I had a nickel for every time somebody asked me that, you’d be a dead man, Tony.”

He said Patric. Various / — Reruns show the dress rehearsal version of the “Melrose Place” scene. SNLFan Please Login or Register. |

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