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The guide also does not use DLC skills or demons for the Fiend guides. A main quest which does not necessarily have to be completed to progress through the game. If a Famed demon is created in this way, it will be the next lowest-levelled Famed to those in the stock. If you get a smirk, do everything you can to ensure it's active at the end of the turn (except get your attacks nulled and give Trumpeter a chance to smirk).

Ice skills are useful, but because you'll be using 5:1 HP-to-MP demons, who are often strength-focused, you may end up using physical or gun attacks instead. 89), Fiend Trumpeter (Lv. Try not to rush through the story, it's best to level up a bit in each dungeon so you don't get overwhelmed in later missions. So for example, if you tried to fuse Pixie (Lv. Cleared up some grammar and spelling slips.

Besides David, Plasma and Mother Harlot, you will have to make extensive preparations for each fight. But now it's impossible to pick a Famed, so having other demons in your stock makes no difference. After every summon, check the screen. However, once the player reaches Tokyo and hears the main battle theme for …

I'm in Shinjuku now and it's still hard as hell.

He has an almighty spam, but he will use Antichthon frequently regardless of your resistances. Players control a Samurai who is the reincarnation of Tokyo's savior. If he kills one of your demons, use Invitation and get it back ASAP, unless you have another demon to swap in. If you've beaten a certain Fiend on Master, and have a strategy that worked well, it would be great if you could contact me. (Crushing Wave is an almighty attack that reduces a target to 1HP). Trumpeter will go into almighty spam if your party resists light. You are chosen to become a Samurai, and learn a truth kept hidden from the general population: that beneath Mikado lies Naruku, a realm of demons which the Samurai are tasked with suppressing. [10] The main characters were designed around certain archetypes: Jonathan and Walter was designed to represent law and chaos respectively, while Isabeau represents neutrality. These are referred to as "optional" main quests. If you need to spend a lot of macca, try going to the members' only shop in Ginza to buy some of the superb equipment they have. I highly, highly recommend using Chitchat and demons with Enduring Soul to survive the initial few turns. However, you should always run if you think you can make it to the X, or to the part where you jump up.

His innate Victory Cry makes him a good choice for random battles, although he can function in boss fights as a magic caster. If it isn't, reload the previous save and summon a different demon which results in lower-level combinations. [14], The music to Shin Megami Tensei IV was composed and arranged primarily by Ryota Kozuka, with additional compositions by Kenichi Tsuchiya and Toshiki Konishi. This has also been proven through the findings of MaxStar360. Seven of those Fiends are encountered using the spawn mechanics described above.

[15] The reason for the ten-year gap between III and IV was that the company had made other successful titles, and had not had the time to develop Shin Megami Tensei IV as well. ", "The sound of the end of days has already echoed. The limit is probably more. Feel free to add me (don't forget to send me your friend code too). If you have gun users, give them Myriad Arrows or Riot Gun. For this method, what you need to do is first open up the DLC, then make a save slot whilst in the quest. 3:13. ", "I can sense it, and I both tread a bloody path. If he's not there, the info will say "No one is here...". Every story branch and ending covered: Law, Chaos and Neutral. Any Famed demon can result if their base level up to 8 levels higher, or 6 levels lower, than the original demon. A concentrated Thunder Reign will do about 800 damage without buffs, so your non-elec resistant demons should have about 1000 HP, in case they also get hit with a few regular attacks. But preparation for this is almost identical to the almighty spam strategy, and you'll need demons with Life Surge etc. Bring a party to the Experienced Demon Buster. Light Grimoire x10 (obtainable from enemies), Gold Death Mask x10 (obtainable from enemies), 10-Point Card x10 (obtainable from enemies). Let the strongest between us be the victor! As a result, the fight will end quickly.

The only way you could have difficulty during this fight is if you lack resistance to elec and/or dark. Although he's a magic-type demon with not much HP, if you give him null/repel/drain phys and gun, he will only take damage from almighty and resist everything else or better! He will probably surprise you with his appearance after you defeat the last horde in his challenge quest, Dance of the Dead. You therefore only need to recruit one Food demon, and you'll be able to fuse the rest with Element demons.

If there are other Fameds in the stock which fulfil the conditions of point (b), the game may choose a Famed significantly outside the lower limit's range. Thunder Reign deals slightly more damage than Ziodyne, but both work perfectly well. Demons unlocked from compulsory main quests (like Minotaur and Medusa) are not included since you'll unlock them anyway as you progress. Talk to DB Asada inside the entrance hall of the TMG Building, thus getting further in. Version 2.6 (07/05/2017) Ghost Kudlak (Lv. Let's say you have two demons who null light and dark, and two decoys. You would start with either Matador or Chemtrail, as their fusion ingredients don't require any other Fiends, and work your way up from Matador to Trumpeter and Mother Harlot.

If only there was a dialogue option to say "Fiend hunting, allow me to cry now". On your first turn, remove his debuffs with Dekunda/Silent Prayer and heal off any damage. After all, there isn't much point reviving someone if they can't survive two or three Antichthons.

When receiving the Gauntlet at the Gauntlet Rite…, In the Challenge Quest, “Slaying of the Dragon of the Lake”, you are asked after the battle what you think of demons…. The benefit of using Silent Prayer over Dekaja + Dekunda is that you'll have one extra press turn each turn. [7] Tamed demons teach new skills to Flynn. Walter is convinced by Yuriko that the Ashura-kai should be defeated and more demons unleashed on Tokyo, while Jonathan is convinced by Gabby that Lilith must be slain. Note that during almighty spam, Fiends can continue to use buffs and, if triggered, Dekaja/Dekunda/Silent Prayer.

Overall, the fight should go very smoothly. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. [5] Battles take place from a first-person perspective, with the enemy visible on the upper screen and party status and commands on the lower screen. Law Path. They are also some of my favourite demons, and the satisfaction you get from beating a Fiend and then fusing it is second-to-none. At least six hours. Jaki Girimekhala (Lv. This is because an enemy encounter wastes a lot of time, and greatly slows down your progress. Return to Blasted Tokyo after alignment lock. However, you shouldn't use Concentrate if you get a smirk, to make the most of the free attack boost smirk gives.

My favourite part though is the "scout" dialogue. Alternate dimension of Shinjuku (Can be accessed by going through a black dot (Vortex?) By far his deadliest move is Blight, which can deal over 100 damage and inflict poison. Your objective is to set up Doping and debuff him to -2 ASAP.

His only party-wide attack is Poison Breath, and by now you should have Salvation, so poison won't be a threat at all. All demons with ending prerequisites can only be fused after the alignment lock. If you have buffs and debuffs in place, you'll have no problem surviving them. (See below for more info). After you've healed and removed his debuffs, spend any other press turns debuffing him or using Doping.

As with most Fiends, he won't use Dekunda unless you debuff him in any stat to -3. You only need to spend one press turn healing, and then you're free to attack all you like. [3][5][26] The graphics, while praised by some reviewers, were sometimes seen as either "bland" or "of low quality". [3][4][5][7][24][25][26] The negotiation and fusions systems were also praised, with several reviewers noting it as both entertaining and an improvement on previous versions. The Cursed Gauntlet. Shin Megami Tensei IV[a] is a Japanese post-apocalyptic role-playing video game developed by Atlus for the Nintendo 3DS.

If he uses both these moves, and has press turns to spare, there's a strong chance he will kill off your demons with Deadly Wind, a regular attack, or even Megidolaon. She will be really easy - not Black Rider easy, but not far off. The Refreshing Tune has some extremely nice buffs. David actually makes a really solid teammate with his fantastic resistances, good HP, and above-average skills. This includes any demon with a base level of 53-63 inclusive.

Concentrate is optional. Black Rider for example will still spawn 1 in every 256 times regardless of whether you have 1 or 1,000,000 macca. Furthermore, although most Fiends only appear in the endgame, they are completely detached from the main storyline. Matador only uses physical and almighty attacks.

Therefore, the full step-by-step method for fusing the Famed demons is: Corpse is a simpler issue. To recruit demons, the player talks with a demon instead of fighting them, and must negotiate for their services: these negotiations can involve flattery, bribery, or threats. However he lacks ailment resistance, any stand-out skills, and has a weakness which needs to be covered. The reward for completing Dance of the Dead is a mediocre piece of body armor, and unlocking David for special fusion. However, as the Fusion Accident Mechanics section explains, this is not the case. Thunder Reign, Ziodyne and even Maziodyne all work fine (Maziodyne deals slightly less damage than Ziodyne). By far the hardest part of this fight is getting to it in the first place.

A battle starts when Flynn strikes an enemy (granting the player an advantage), an enemy runs into Flynn from the side or behind (granting the advantage to the enemy), or when they run into each other head-on. He'll never target demons who null force or better with Deadly Wind, so bring demons who resist it if possible. Doi had worked on the series before as an environment designer for Nocturne, but this was his first time as a character designer for the series. Planning to add more screenshots of the Fiends' spawns soon. Later in the fight, when you have the upper hand, you can start using Luster Candy to reduce the effects of Antichthon/War Cry. Shin Megami Tensei IV puts the player in control of the samurai Flynn.

If anybody dies, revive them with Invitation, unless you have another demon to swap in to save a half-press turn.

His worst attack is Riot Gun, which does hurt without buffs in place, but once you debuff him to -2, it shouldn't kill you. His default name is Flynn (フリン, Furin): as with previous Megami Tensei player characters, he is a silent protagonist, with his actions and attitudes determined by the player. Save in the adjacent area to where a Fiend spawns.

They could make the difference between life and death if you get hit with Blight twice. Although Red Rider and Trumpeter aren't unlocked from quests, they are included for completeness' sake. A state where a boss will repeatedly use almighty attacks to kill you because you resist its attacks.

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