News: side effects of quitting chewing tobacco cold turkey

But: now all symptoms gone after three months.

Depression is now completely gone, energy is back big time. I can see why people wouldn’t want to go through the withdrawal symptoms, they are not fun. Hi….I am at day 108 but still my mouth hurts where I held pouch….and I have sore throat for almost three months…. Hang in there, because quitting is worth it.

Any tips on how to deal with light headedness? I quit almost 80 days ago and started having ear aches about 30 days in. You got this, brother!

Switched to Grinds Black Coffee flavor. If u like to know more, u can dial me to 9717549595.

Anyone else having arthritis like symptoms. no more cravings .. It has worked. I also haven’t had an appetite for 2 weeks. Replace a cigarette with chewing gum or hard candy. There’s no single method to quit smoking that’s right for everyone. Anyone have these?

Looking forward to turning that corner eventually. How are you holding up? I do remember reading there is some science behind why you need LESS caffeine/coffee when you’re off dip/nicotine but I can’t find the article at the moment. Please guide me….I am really depressed….. If you are having problems that are indicative of blood sugar issues beyond day three, it wouldn’t hurt talking to your doctor and maybe getting some nutritional counseling. I believe that my coping mechanism to handle stress for years was nicotine. I also had these symptoms. Hi Monty, I just quite chew and I’m having sollowen lymph node. I feel your pain.

I can get to bed alright but I’ll wake up in the morning with my heart racing and can’t fall back asleep. It is not that there is something wrong with them now, they were abnormal before for all practical purposes. Lack of dopamine or the fact that your anxiety goes through the roof when you quit. It’s helped keep you “regular” through all of your years of dipping. I’m glad your hear today I’m Day 87 and I can tell ya what my anxiety I would say is about 90% gone. HYDRATE.

Things will continue to get better and you’ll start to have those aha moments where you think “hey I actually feel pretty good today”. Ur honest reply would console me that i would again become normal to eat food. Nick, Even today at 130 days I still have issues with my mouth and throat. Dude, I wouldn’t call my comment an attack, rather, an observation with a question. I picked up chewing to quit smoking in 2009, even though I quit smoking since 2009, and don’t have any addiction problem to smoking now, but I was hooked to chewing tobacco. I’ve noticed that the anxiety goes away faster these days than when I started doing it. It’s a grind to start feeling “normal” again but you will 100% get there if all you do is stay strong and not dip. I smoked cigarettes from 2008 till 2015. It’s only because I am trying to heal my mouth. I had some of my worst days after 100 days. I just quit 9 days ago after 5 years and I’m scared I EVER did that shit.

In other words, unlike quit smoking drugs, or patches or nicotine gum, there aren't any negative effects from the method of quitting. Me 1 week completed. I did cold Turkey. Just remember, if you’re thinking of caving, a dip definitely won’t solve any of these problems. Have your gums receeded and started pulling away from your teeth I have that issue I just didn’t know what to to about that. I hate tobacco and feel heavy guilt about being a weak man, well I can win once again. Check back in and let us know how you’re doing in a few weeks. I freak myself out thinking theres something wrong with my head so my thought process is all screwed. I was bullheaded again and waited to finally join 78 days in and its the best thing for my quit. I know some people complain of cravings for quit some time…years in some cases. Sleeping hasn’t been the hottest either but with a 17 month old at home that’s nothing new.

I quit with you all today, take care Brothers. Quit both cold turkey. I couldn’t believe I was still tired all the time after 200 days of being quit! Day 75 for me, experiencing extreme fatigue and Mouth pain / tooth sensitivity. Comes at night and a little in afternoon, has anyone experienced this this late in quit? It has not been easy since quitting. The formula for beating your addiction to chewing tobacco is Accountability + Brotherhood = Quit... Are you ready to quit? Same symptoms as most of you…weight gain, headaches, crazy dreams. When I read about nicotine withdrawal, a common symptom is increased appetite but mine is the opposite.

Your story is very similar to mine – we just welcomed our first baby as well so I understand how stressed you are. I’ve got an emergency can in my work van that still hasn’t been opened. I will NOT let this defeat me and that’s why I came here. Everything is weird when you quit the nicotine. Wondering if the depression ever fades away. Symptoms such as headache, inability to concentrate, dizziness, time perception distortions, and the ubiquitous sweet tooth encountered by many, are often associated with this blood sugar drop. My problem is that i couldnot resist hot and spicy food. Thank you , brother did u use any patch or chewing gum or any other med for anxiety? I couldn’t do it and I’m guessing you would fall into that trap too. I tracked everything I did as well – my mood, my depression, anxiety, eating habits, etc. I’m on day 124 without a chew. This way, you slowly reduce the amount of nicotine in your body. When it gets really bad, smokey mountain snuff and trident mixed together ain’t half bad. Can anyone relate to this? Thanks again. I have been injesting nicotine into my body for over 40 years in one form or another . I take a half or 1 tylenol Simply Sleep at times. My quit has been terrible, not too many cravings but I have been in a terrible dizzy fog since day one of my quit and it has taken its toll on me for sure.

I chewed RedMan for 40+ years, went cold turkey Nov. 4, I still have anxiety at times,dizziness and headaches on the right side of my head. Careful with that stuff. This stuff is hardcore and no joke.

Intense emotions commonly trigger the desire to smoke. Couldn’t drive Many times people will wake up after a dip dream and feel terrible because they really think that they caved. Quit chewing about 40 hours ago, chewed grizzly wintergreen long cut for 4 years. Is it a bad option to use nicotteetre gum or lozenges? When you quit chewing tobacco, the most common side effects include intense mood changes, nicotine cravings, weight gain and lack of focus. Stay strong, Stay safe and God bless. I have been 4 months sober i quit drinking cold turkey and it was hell i had to where a heart monitor for a month the first week was so bad i had anxiety attacks i guess. I was up to a can a day. This can be very difficult if you have close friends and family who smoke. Is It Bad For Your Teeth and Gums.

yes 100 mine lasted ALMOST an entire year then vanished, i am now 13 months in and never felt better, i dont even get cravings anymore, Ok Thanks.Quiting for good.Congratulations on your 13 months . Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Once your become a member and post your introduction watch and be amazed how big your support grows. In some people it never corrects. Week 1-4 felt great compared to my earlier “quit” this year but this last week I just feel restless, hard time sleeping. I chewed redman for over 50 years and finally quit because my dr said it is too bad for my blood sugar.

Feelings that may trigger a craving include: The key to overcoming emotional triggers is finding healthier ways to cope with your feelings.

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