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Towa is a young woman of average height with fair skin. Born as the half-demon daughter of a powerful Yōkai, Setsuna appears to be somewhat resentful of her status as a hanyō due to the fact that she is not as powerful as some full-fledged yōkai. Physical information As far as Setsuna goes, this could just be me, but she is giving off a daddy issues vibe. She criticizes her for being able to sleep after her first yōkai encounter, as well as calling her foolish for saying she doesn't want to cause any more trouble for the Higurashi family.

The InuYasha Wiki has 14 related images. This shows that despite Towa not fitting in well in the Modern Era, she considers it her home, though it may also be due to having promised Mei that she, Satsuna and Moroha would return. The realization that Setsuna lost her abilities to sleep or dream only made Towa feel worse. The newest episode of the series tasked the trio of Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna with their first powerful demon opponent now that they are all back in the feudal era.

Despite this, Towa would question whether the reason she cares for Mei is because she sees her as a replacement for Setsuna. Inuyasha is her paternal half-demon uncle. This could be allude to the fact that both sisters travel through time.

Towa Higurashi Mei Higurashi is her half-cousin-in-law, whom she saved from being killed by Mistress Three-Eyes. Silver Despite her proneness to get into fights, Towa promises her father to hold back and never use her powers in front of people. InuYasha Anime Eye color So while this is an explanation as to why his daughters grew up alone, it's only further adding mystery to Sesshomaru's role as a father. Were you surprised to see Sesshomaru leave his children to grow up alone in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon? Though initially happy to be reunited, Towa was sad to discover that Setsuna had no memories of her and at how coldly she treats her older sister. When she first meets Kaede, she let’s her long hair run down freely and wears the large white fur around her neck as a scarf.

Towa is aware of the more firmly established gender divisions in modern Japan, and the pressure to look and act more "feminine" occasionally irritates her. She was able to land a critical blow to Mistress Three-Eyes, whose strength was increased by two Rainbow Pearls; a feat neither Setsuna nor Moroha could accomplish. Hair color Setsuna (せつな) is the deuteragonist in the anime series Hanyō no Yashahime. Dark brown

Voice Actors However, she respects Kohaku and Hisui as they work alongside her as demon slayers. When they travel back to the feudal era, Setsuna continuously warns Towa to keep her guard up. Like Inuyasha, Setsuna is a hanyō (half-demon). During her time in modern Tokyo, Setsuna wears a long blue dress with black heels. Despite being an Inu-hanyō like her uncle Inuyasha, she and Towa seem to age at the same rate as humans.

After Towa was possessed by the Hitokon, Setsuna was willing to kill her despite having access to a anti-demon potion, even stating that anyone who opposes her is an enemy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter! Gender Family Before she travels back to the feudal era, Towa has one final conversation with Sōta, apologizing for having cause nothing but trouble for him after he adopted her. The two got along well, with Setsuna praising her as a good teacher and telling her that she'll continue to play the violin. Japanese Seiyū Moment (possibly) She also walks barefooted and ties her hair in a ponytail. Alive She even tries to attack Towa, telling her to use her strength to prove that they are sisters. Skin color Nihongo

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Towa is her older twin sister, whom she lived happily with in the forest until the age of 4. Mikako Komatsu Sesshōmaru is her biological father. Towa Higurashi (日暮(ひぐらし)とわ) is the main character in the anime series Hanyō no Yashahime. Occupation Japanese Seiyū Family

Setsuna is a powerful yōkai taijiya, tapping into both her training as a demon slayer and her natural abilities as a hanyō.

English VA Episode 1 (Hanyō no Yashahime) The Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon dub will be coming to Funimation! せつな She also respects Kaede for looking after her.

日暮(ひぐらし)とわ Unfortunately, the two were separated during a forest fire, which resulted in Towa traveling to modern day Tokyo.

why Sesshomaru's twin daughters grew up by themselves, After revealing that they had spent their childhood alone before being separated. Sesshomaru just kind of...dropped them in the forest somewhere. However, she still remains annoyed and unimpressed at Moroha's sillier antics. She also wears dark purple boots with light purple trimming and matching white fur near the top. During their stay in the modern era, Setsuna begins to view Moroha in a better light, finally referring her by name and seeking her for advice in combat. Setsuna, despite knowing their family relation, is still cold to Towa, mostly wanting to keep up her independent ways. At some point afterwords, Setsuna suffered from some sort of sleep-related childhood amnesia due to the dream butterfly, which causes its victim to neither have dreams nor sleep.[1][2]. She also hugs and promises Mei to return once she restores Setsuna’s memories and ability to sleep, showing that Towa truly loves her adopted sister.

During their childhood, the two were inseparable and lived happily together.

Despite this, Towa is still shown to be a powerful half-demon in her own right. Weapons Her adoptive sister Mei is not very happy about this, although it's mostly because she's worried about Towa getting into trouble.

Tōga (paternal grandfather, deceased)Unnamed paternal grandmotherSesshōmaru (biological father)Setsuna (younger twin sister)Moroha (paternal half-cousin)Inuyasha (paternal half-uncle)Kagome Higurashi (half-aunt-in-law)Sōta Higurashi (adopted father, half-uncle-in-law)Moe Higurashi (adopted mother, half-aunt-in-law)Mei Higurashi (adopted sister, half-cousin-in-law)Mama Higurashi (adopted grandmother)Grandpa Higurashi (adopted great-grandfather) Erica Mendez[3] It Is Aimed To Be Released In Fall 2020. Affiliation Hair color After revealing that they had spent their childhood alone before being separated when Towa went forward in time, it turns out this was for a deliberate reason. Having lived in the war-heavy feudal era, Setsuna considers Towa naive and emotionally weak. Skills information Fair Maybe Towa and Setsuna will think for a while that she is but it will all turn out to be a mistake just like in fairy tail most people believed Larcade to be Zeref's son. Alive Setsuna and Towa grew up together and used to always be together when they were young. She has a rowdy personality and gets in fights at school.

This was the last Kaede had seen them for a while, but Setsuna arrived in front of her one day (while wearing a fur scarf much like Sesshomaru does) and said it was a "rite of ritual and cowardice.".

Weapons Though initially frightened, Towa immediately became attached to Sōta after he realizes Towa was from the feudal era.

It's not like I have ever suffered from it. Tōga (paternal grandfather, deceased)Unnamed paternal grandmotherSesshōmaru (father)Towa (older twin sister)Inuyasha (paternal half-uncle)Kagome Higurashi (half-aunt-in-law)Moroha (paternal half-cousin) Her bangs on her left are also longer, partially covering her eyes.


I'll definitely get them back for her!

Age The difference in upbringing further disconnects their bond.

Towa is more interested in tracking down the dream butterfly to get back Setsuna's dreams. Sunset Unlike most of the others hanyō, including her paternal uncle Inuyasha, Setsuna had no visible physical indication of being a half demon, such as dog ears. She is very protective and caring toward her adoptive family, especially Mei, whom she sees as a substitute for Setsuna. When she was initially possessed by the Hitokon, she was originally planning to cut it from her eye. She refuses the Tree of Age's request to fight Kirinmaru, believing that this is Sesshomaru's responsibility and not hers. Episode 3 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has Moroha identify Sesshomaru as both Towa and Setsuna's father, but neither of them recognize the name nor truly understand that they are half-demons like she is.

The newest episode of the series continues to introduce Inuyasha fans to the new trio of heroines we will be following in the sequel series with Sesshomaru's daughters Towa and Setsuna getting more of the focus this time around. During her short time in the modern era, Moe Higurashi taught Setsuna how to play the violin, to which she quickly mastered.

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