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The result was three months' restrictions which meant that I was unable to leave the premises during my last term at the Royal Military College and spent the time doing additional fatigues and parades. Regiment choices when at Sandhurst. All units within the service are either Regular or Army Reserve, or a combination with sub-units of each type. Forces News joined a group of POs on their visit to 2 Mercian in Cyprus at their HQ at Episkopi Garrison to see if the battalion is for them. Having met each PO for an informal chat, 2 Mercian Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Davis, welcomes the mutual desire to impress between the battalion and its visitors. Ta for the replies. Normal cadet entry to RMAS is via officer selection at Westbury.

I also found some light humour in your interview can be a God send, you get to see the board crack a smile and it shows that they too are human. The last week of Sandhurst, this is a full week of drill, so if I am going to try and drag this out into another weekly blog, it could be somewhat of an effort.

Like the nature documentaries where the hare is fleeing from the fox, and the fox has finally caught me in a magnificent show. Le Marchant and General Francis Jarry, an exiled French officer, who had organized a training school for officers at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire three years earlier.

For those who are unaware of what RSB week is, as I was before coming, it is where the Army find a home for you in the future, whether it be the infantry, mechanics, engineers, air corps, artillery or medics, everyone needs a home. It is usually followed by further tr…

Next Last. At 19, Alex Graveshas finished his A-Levels and has been observing the different regiments from life as a supermarket worker in Sussex. Try the Irish Guards, highly professional but not up their arrses, I read Arrse - that's not an alternative to palmestry. It is situated 9 miles (14 km) north of the town and military base of Aldershot. My interviews are both after lunch, which is awful on my nerves. By the time I got there, REME was off the list, RA was top, but AAC had snuck in and other choices were there. I walked into my first interview (you get two in total, unless you are going air corp, you get three), a group of rather serious colonels, regimental sergeant major, some old boys who were no doubt former brigadiers or generals sit, all staring at you, trying to make out who you are. The fees at Sandhurst were £150 a year for the son of a civilian and this included board and lodging, and all necessary expenses. T. TMo Swinger .

Forces News joined a group of Potential Officers visiting 2 Mercian in Cyprus, to see if the battalion is right for them... Each year around 600 young men and women enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst with the hope of becoming British Army officers. Recent visits have turned his head to life as an Infantryman after interviews with several regiments: "I'm trying to keep my options broad for when I get to Sandhurst as I might go to exercise and get cold and wet and decide the infantry is not for me!". After Sandhurst, I will be going to the Infantry Battle School in Brecon to conduct my platoon commanders battle course and I am overly chuffed, I have the regiment of my dreams and I cannot wait for the honour of commanding my soldiers when I finish my training. I'm somewhat tempted by infantry but unsure I can get fit in time (underweight for years, building up is a PITA). Having been drawn to the Royal Marines in the past, a stint in a desk-job reignited James' military motivation. Not to intimidate anyone, but anyone who says that they were not intimated by their boards is a liar! For hundreds of years, the Army has been selecting the right people to become its officers ; since 1949 a process  dependent upon  intensive three-day War Office Selection Boards, now known as Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB), held in Leighton House, at Westbury in Wiltshire – rather than as in earlier centuries, who your father knew or which school you went to.

Just because you graduate from university does not mean that you automatically have somewhere to do your NQT, you have to apply and be interviewed and have all of your work looked at. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, The Official Site of Sandhurst Town Council. At the end of the course (comprising six terms of 12–13 weeks each), commissions are allotted in the arms of the service according to existing vacancies.

I had to make the decision based on what I had seen and thought I knew, against what the Cap Badge sales pitch told me. First choice of regiment is usually given to those high up in the order of merit, which is determined by a formula combining educational achievement with an assessment of personal qualities. Finally, the Regimental Selection Board assigns individuals to their regiment, so they know where they are headed once they have passed through as British Army Officers. The earlier you decide on an arm or type of regiment, the most effort you can put into getting to know people and having them get to know you – and achieving a mutually satisfactory decision over choice of regiment or arm. I learned them at Sandhurst when it became necessary to consider the regiment of one's choice, and this was not until about halfway through the course at the college. At the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, you will conduct training designed to make you an effective leader of soldiers. You have to accept that at some point, reg selection has to flip from you wanting them, to them wanting you. So I spent the morning pacing up and down my room, trying to find the best shirt for the best tie for the best suit, after all, first impressions mean a lot! Charity Registered in England No. For the normal civilian, this may have been somewhat surprising.

But the interview is a two-way process, POs encouraged to use the opportunity to explore different aspects of the Army and make sure they make their life-changing decision is the correct one for them. This all stems from the charity night where members of the directing staff will auction off their services for a charitable donation; usually this donation exceeds a hundred pounds and goes to a good cause.

Required fields are marked *. The Woolwich Military Academy and the Sandhurst Military College were closed during the Second World War. Die Akademie ist auch für Ausländer zugänglich. I, of course, remembered the entire night. Today, those with degrees are encouraged to apply directly for officer training, the Army also  very much encourages other ranks with the potential, also to apply for officer selection. Even in the days when the usual route to a commission and promotions was by purchase –  for large sums of money, increasing greatly for higher ranks in prestigious regiments, individuals with valuable skills – engineers and artillerymen, and when military academies were founded, military graduates with professional training, were also made officers. Something more to think on, at least. This is very similar to Sandhurst, but I would like to think that it is slightly more intimidating in the Army!

I have spent the week trying to guess what questions I will be asked on my regimental selection board and thinking of a good response, competition is of course stiff. After Sandhurst, I will be going to the Infantry Battle School in Brecon to conduct my platoon commanders battle course and I am overly chuffed, I have the regiment of my dreams and I cannot wait for the honour of commanding my soldiers when I finish my training.

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