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They haven’t done a deal and they have money and that often leads to bad deals. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also you can’t just talk to the top-tier people. “We have conversations about what the trends are, what’s important to them, where we can be an asset and what we can learn from them.

But another part is the value of work – the Simon family didn’t want to rely on handouts from the community, kind as they were. Our customers needed diesel and we didn’t have it. SGH has over 120 companies and direct investments, 3,000 customers and 1,000 employees. Among others, humility is an important trait, both for him and for his team. “It’s a huge reward when you see your team successfully growing with you, and seeing your company’s opportunities growing. As with his early experiences in the US, it was a challenge to get others to believe in him and to secure financing for the fledgling fuel company. Around the same time, he started Simon Group Holdings, which has more than 120 companies and direct investments. © 2020 Smart Business Dealmakers. “It’s not about my ideas, or somebody else’s ideas, but about bringing everybody together and synergizing, and using your partners, suppliers, customers, everything.”. Simons’ renovated office includes a wood-fire pizza oven to better entertain and enjoy clients and guests.

When somebody thinks of fuel, we want them to think of Atlas. What are they offering in value compared to the competition? We look for people who want to succeed, who have drive, who others want to work with – good leaders who do more than just manage, who are team players.”. I spent the time to hire the best people and to understand how to build processes and continually improve and things grew from there. Do your due diligence on the people and the customers. If you are investing in a company, take time to assess and make sure the people are the right people. 64 Ratings. What is the value proposition? It’s connecting the dots. “I get close to 50 cases a year, mostly cabernet, and I don’t have to worry about day-to-day operations.”. While both his parents worked two jobs, Sam worked, too, mowing lawns, delivering newspapers and pumping gas.

Michael Evans is another example of Simon betting on people. I knew that somebody needed to think of service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I negotiated with the guy who had been very successful in steel fabricating. This is indicative of the way SGH’s collaboration with its partners is deeply interconnected. ..have not received them. He hired one person — “the best sales person I knew. God gave us 80 to 90 years to live in this world that’s millions of years old. "I don't even see the box," said Simon, chairman and CEO of Atlas Oil Co. "Once you see the box, you're still in the box." Before he can consider his team a success, he must ensure they all possess the same ambitions and goals, to create a successful internal culture. After some 30 years, we have 500 employees and sales of over $2 billion.”.

He, Nada, and their twin 16-year-old boys, Peter and Michael, live in a newly built home in Bloomfield Hills (complete with a beautiful wine cellar) — a short ride away from his Birmingham office. If you want the ideal example of an immigrant achieving the American Dream, look no further than Sam Simon, founder and chairman of Simon Group Holdings and Taylor-based Atlas Oil. I wanted to purchase a couple of copies of SEEN July 2017 to send up to my my Chateau Chantal Winery but could not find a store to purchase it, even Barns and Noble. Simon continues to look for good people to back. Simon founded Atlas Oil in 1985 and built it into a $1 billion company that delivers more than 1 billion gallons of fuel each year to customers in 49 states. However, as the company grows, striving for the lofty goal of a presence beyond the US, it will be a challenge to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, its cultural key since Sam founded Atlas in 1985. Once he jumped in, he was all in.”. Make sure they are passionate for that business and that they want to grow. “We look for good people,” he says. At that time, I didn’t have a strong balance sheet and didn’t have a lot of cash. 118 Atlas Oil reviews. “We’re trying to get the fuel distribution business to leverage those types of concepts. We look for people who believe it’s not about them but about the team. Simon Group Holdings (SGH) was created in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company by Sam Simon. Photography by Rudy Thomas. It’s what he looks for when he’s growing a business, making a deal or studying an investment opportunity.

Designed & Developed by Website Implementation. Jobs; Top Jobs at Atlas Oil; ... Sam Simon. “We look for people who are humble. He said, ‘I want to be an owner, an entrepreneur.’ I said, ‘What are you waiting for? It might take you longer, but it’s worth your time to do it right. Because for Sam, money isn’t everything. Our clothes didn’t match. Opportunities began to open up for his family. In 2009, Simon purchased the former St. Clair Edison building on Pierce Street in Birmingham and transformed it into a showcase office, designed for entertaining and building relationships. All Rights Reserved. The Atlas Cares team purchased two K9 dogs for the Taylor Police Department; the dogs are named “Atlas” and “Simon.” They built Atlas Park, complete with playground equipment, in Taylor across from Atlas Oil headquarters. Time is the most precious thing we have. Sam Simon thinks outside the box. That’s what keeps me going – focusing on the right opportunities. We’re utilizing digital transformation to be able to create that level of branding.”. Sam Simon is Chairman/CEO/Founder at Simon Group Holdings Limited. “Atlas is in a business model transformation — leveraging technology and new operating platforms to create value for companies in the industry and fueling innovation.”.

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