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", "Something...tastes kind of funny... What is it? You did a good job repairing the worlds, but there may still be bugs lurking in the system sectors. ", "It's ok, Jack. But we must know nothing of this despite we win, because ghosts don't exist, they just vanish. Take this and get out of here right away. Photo. -- So, we're gonna make our own rules on our own terms. We are the singularity of the equation. Becoming a fundamental drive for him to stop the war. I’m not afraid of the darkness! ", "Let’s get under way, already. Rating 0.0000/5.0000 ). It's pretty hard not to smile around him. No one's messed with my memories. When this slacker wakes up, I'll tell him off. Ever since his home was destroyed and he took over as leader of his colony, he's had a somewhat split personality.

What kind of world is this, anyway? After allowing darkness into my heart, am I still fit to wield the Keyblade? 22 Followers • 29 Following" Manners make man. But I think we can take care of ourselves just fine. ", "Wait, haven't we got this backwards? But if Pinocchio could be given one--shouldn't you be able to have a heart inside you, too? Contribute Quotes. So...this must be one of the Sleeping Worlds. I told him to take care of Kairi, and here he is just taking a nap! ", "He thinks I'm afraid of the dark?! ", "How am I anything like a Nobody? We can't change that. You just run as hard as fast as you can and you keep running, but what then? Index A freely organisable overview on all anime listed on aniSearch; Popular The most-rated anime on aniSearch during the current season; Toplist The leaderboard where all anime are listed according to their over-all ranks; Trending A list of the currently most-visited anime detail pages on aniSearch; Calendar An anime calendar with publication dates that’s sorted by seasons After having his people evacuated to their new home, which would be later become the Elkia Kingdom.

The Ghost, including him, uses the Elemental Bone to cover himself from magic, and went on their conquest. ", "You mean...the Sora wrapped in that black phantom? Consume the darkness, return it to light. It's so familiar... Darkness. Riku Dola (リク・ドーラ, Riku Doura), being designated as “Spieler” (German for Player) by Ex-Machina after his demise, was an 18 years old Immanity who lived during the Great War on Disboard. ", "You're right. I’m sure she made it off the island, too.

Now, Sora has been put to sleep so that we can piece together his memory. I'm ready— I'm gonna fight Ansem. With... Xehanort's Heartless---when it invaded my heart, and I won. "Oh! ", "Really... Well, we’ll just see about that! It’s just... I’ve always wondered why we’re here on this island. "I am like the Sora that stands with you. It was these bugs... that kept the book from being completely restored. ", "I remember we fell overboard after Ursula attacked...and then I think we opened a Keyhole. 2014 was a great year for anime.

There are still more challenges that we have to overcome. Riku is a master strategist and manipulator, much like Sora. ", "Why didn't you let me know you were ok?

I'm just zero's and ones that look like somebody you know."

Sora! *We're friends--friends for life, remember?

The things I saw must have found their way back through the link and showed up on your monitor. ", "Simba! That's when we meet for real. And that means we're a long way off course from the Mark of Mastery exam Yen Sid gave us.

", "Well, I did doze off. Riku Dola • 1 Pin. ", "Quasimodo, did your heart have the answer?

You're another one of those Nobodies.

", "I knew when I met you. Click here to view the Gallery. You know, like my friends. Riku, race ya. ", "What are you saying? Memory and reality now stand tied. I unlocked all seven Keyholes--so I should be back in the world I came from. He's the Organization's last survivor. ", "Gee, thanks for looking out for us, mister. You're part of my heart now.

The series with the most characters is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders ( 78 characters ) and the series with the fewest is Le Fruit de la Grisaia ( 1 characters ). I'M going to find Naminé!

", "Maybe I didn't need to fight Roxas after all.

Issues: Re:Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance quotes; trim the completely meaningless stuff like "a storm", "hey, slow down", etc. ", "I dunno what that was about, but I'm glad it's over. I was jealous of you. ", "DiZ! And you are, too, for making everything around here reek of it! Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. You can go home to the real world, Mickey. You'll find a girl there by the name of Naminé. For example, you could start the whole experience over from scratch. Memory and reality now stand tied. Not yet.

Riku Dola • 579 Pins. I gotta hurry!

It's victory...or oblivion. Tidus and Selphie and Wakka...Kairi and Sora, too! Even the light can't block the smell. In the end, this world is nothing but a game. Just like you did, getting stronger as you made your way on this journey. Look after Sora. Ask. Hearts are made of the people we meet and how we feel about them. ", "Beat, what happened to your Dream Eaters? It'll guide me to the light!

Text. Will that change anything at all?! Sleeping like nothing's wrong—like there's nothing to even worry about. ", "Wait! Filter by post type. ", "You always were chatty when it came to darkness.

", "There's a reason the Organization's been quiet since our battle at Castle Oblivion. ", "No, they were devoured by this thing!

But what was the deal? Now we stand side-by-side.

", "Riku.

It's me- Sora! ", "To protect the things that matter. But darkness is my enemy! ", "Forget it! Guess DiZ was right after all. Despite having the Star Grail in his hand's reach, he started to succumb to his wounds while being caught in the impact, and his remaining arm (his right arm) disappeared as he was reaching for it. ", "Ansem. I won't let you have them! He was one of the main protagonists in Tet's story. Come on, Sora. It is implied that Riku is the first-ever living being on the world of Disboard to create the concept of 'cheating without getting caught'. But I'm gonna keep fighting. know---I can't really get mad at you for it, either.

Which means...he still hasn't woken up.

", "My journey begins here and now. ", "Where's Kairi? ", "Is it really that hard to make a beach? Japanese Get the princess to safety! Riku Dola • 66 Pins. (Sighs) He's always been like that. And...why do you know my name? What am I supposed to do if I can't use the Keyblade? "But, because of these bugs, I could not complete the restoration. ", "Man. Anime Probably the same place my heart will go. Are the two of them in league? If we can figure out his power source, we may be able to use it, too.

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