News: reputation is an idle and most false imposition irony

Roderigo, a suitor of Desdemona, is the only character who knows the real Iago yet Iago kills him. So will I turn her virtue into pitch And out of her own goodness make the net That shall enmesh them all. “Come, lieutenant, I have a stoup of wine; and here without a brace of Cyprus gallants that would fain have a measure to the health of black Othello. Iago's evil has "set [the Moor] on the rack" (335), and Othello wishes in vain that he had remained blind to his wife's alleged infidelity. It were an honest action to say So to the Moor. Cassio agrees and goes home. Iago seizes the opportunity to make an undermining comment — "Ha, I like not that" — that rankles in Othello's mind. His "Ha! Divinity of hell when Devils will the blackest sins put on they do suggest at first with heavenly shows as I do now. There is an element of prophecy here not only in Desdemona's and Othello's farewells to one another, but also in their lines and in the remainder of the Moor's first speech after Desdemona leaves. We must go be on the lookout. I like not that!" leet and law days (140) meetings of the court. Now ’mongst this flock of drunkards Am I to put our Cassio in some action That may offend the isle. . I'd rather ask him to hate me than ask him to have a commander who is as feeble, drunk, and indiscreet as I am. I have no judgement in an honest face: "Have you pray'd tonight, Desdemona?..." Othello dismisses love and calls for vengeance. Desdemona speaks of Cassio, and Othello, to please her, agrees to see him, but he is distracted by his private thoughts. Iago then tells Roderigo to attack Cassio by saying “How now, Roderigo! O damned Iago. Potations pottle-deep, and he’s to watch. There is a deep dramatic irony at the core of this statement: while Iago declares that he is not what he appears to be, he admits to the nature of his façade. Reputation is an empty, stupid idea. Gentlemen, let's get to work. When devils do the worst sins, they first put on the pretense of goodness and innocence, as I am doing now. Iago knows well that Othello saw Cassio exit, and yet he shrouds Cassio’s presence in intrigue. This is one of the lines that show his real nature. Why, how now, ho!

In this case, Iago uses his reputation for his own advantage and for his evil plans. Unfortunately his reputation is thoroughly tarnished by Iago. Perhaps he doesn't see this, or he only sees the virtues in Cassio and is blind to his faults.

In Othello, Iago is the source of nearly all irony, a direct result of the lies and deceptions he spreads. Indeed, she's a young, delicate creature. The next one of you to raise a fist must not value his life very much, for I'll kill whoever moves. An inviting eye, and yet methinks right modest. Now that we're married, the consummation is to follow. ”. O brave Iago, honest and just,

To this, Othello stresses again that he will deny her nothing, but, in return, he asks for a bit of time so that he can be alone; he will join her shortly. Desdemona willingly agrees, knowing that Cassio is an old friend of Othello's. Good night, Michael. Indeed she’s a most fresh and delicate creature. The playhouses hosted popular theatre performances without stage-sets or props. Iago, look carefully around town, and calm down anyone who feels riled up after this awful fight. Give me answer to it. / 'Tis gone," he exclaims (445-446), and in highly rhetorical lines, he dwells upon "black vengeance" and "tyrannous hate" (446-449). Alas, gentlemen—Help, ho!— Lieutenant—sir, Montano—Help, masters!—Here’s a goodly watch indeed! Iago has no good reason to believe any of this, but he must give Roderigo hope in order to pull the man—and his money—into his schemes. Emilia knows precisely where the handkerchief is, for she delivered it to Iago. Please, sir, stop hitting him! / But he that filches from me my good name / Robs me of that which not enriches him, / And makes me poor indeed") (156-161). I must do two things. Having a good reputation gives us power to easily manipulate and persuade people but if we do that, karma may come to us like what happened to Iago, death.

Iago, who started the fight? Who’s that which rings the bell?—Diablo, ho! . Whom love hath turned almost the wrong side out. If things turn out as I want them to, I've got smooth sailing ahead. Here we see that people with great reputation from the start can possibly experience a great breakdown in their reputation. "Strumpet, I come! You inhuman dog!

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