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Step 4:The headlight assembly has screws holding it in place that you have to remove. Remove two small phillips-head screws that hold the switch in place: Location of turn signal headlight switch screws.

2x H7 LED Headlights Bulbs Kit High/Low Beam 80W 1000LM 6000K-7000K Ice … })(); Remove the power connector from the back of the headlight ballast. Your personal car expenses manager, maintenance tips, reminders about upcoming appointments and service intervals, DIY repair instructions – all this on your phone. They're usually located on the top and bottom of the assembly. ... Use only HYUNDAI original parts easily. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';

Question, is the installation the same for an older 1998 Hyundai Accent Headlight/turn signal switch? The lower half snaps fit inside the top half and the seam should be tight when the halves are snapped together: You may need to line up the collar with the holes before reinstalling them: Start by installing the right tab side first: After you’ve snapped the panel in place, reinstall the four screws: Now you are done! Hyundai i40 headlight adjust. For the adjustment you'll need either a medium to large head Phillips screw driver with shank at least 140mm long for physical reach (method 1), or a short shank Phillips screw driver (method 2), or a socket set with 12mm socket or 12mm ring spanner (method 3). Pry along the far left edge and work your way around. "Owner's Manual: Accent"; Hyundai Motor Company; 2003. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; They changed the model in 1999 and I’ve never worked on a ’98 so I can’t tell you. Hyundai i40 Owner's Manual 535 pages. They may be similar and they may not but you should be able to tell as you compare them.

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You did this all by yourself and saved a lot of money over paying a dealer to do it. I signed up for AT&T U-Verse Internet a year ago and received... Genuine Hyundai 93420-25110 Lighting and Turn Signal Switch Assembly, Flat head and Phillips Head Screw Drivers, How to Renegotiate your AT&T U-Verse 1-Year Promotional Offer and Save $132.60 Over the Next Year, How to Change Hyundai Accent Engine Air Filter, high beam momentary flash (pull back turn signal). Thanks for the feedback, great to hear–good job on the repair! _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-39725157-1']); Ask questions or share your repair experience on the car forum. My local mechanic, who I trust to a reasonable extent, quoted me something like $200 for this job; using your guide I was easily able to complete it myself for a fraction of the price.

Kelly. -in the wheel arches we release the wing flaps. Press the tab on the connector to release and remove Here the connector is disconnected Step 6: Remove the two screws and remove the Turn Signal Headlight Switch. Although these adjustment screws can be turned with a screwdriver, you can also use your fingers, since the screws offer a gear-like grip. I magnetized my screwdriver and reached down there with the tip and retrieved the screw. Hi guys, Thought this might be helpful for some of you. Thanks again, I appreciate it!

If this happens, then the bulb portion of the headlight can explode, or the moisture can cause an electrical short. var _gaq = _gaq || []; (Inflation and Non-Inflation Conditions of the Air Bag), Side Impact and Curtain Air Bags (If Equipped), Adding Equipment to or Modifying Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle, Door Lock/Unlock in an Emergency Situation, Operating Door Locks From Outside the Vehicle, Operating Door Locks From Inside the Vehicle, Power Tailgate Opening Height User Setting, Driver Position Memory System (If Equipped), Storing Positions Into Memory Using the Buttons On the Door, Electric Chromic Mirror (ECM) (If Equipped), Automatic Transaxle Shift Position Indicator (If Equipped), Manual Transaxle Shift Indicator (If Equipped), For Vehicle’s Equipped with Smart Key System, Warnings and Indicators (Instrument Cluster), EPS (Electronic Power Steering) System Warning Light, AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) Malfunction Indicator(If Equipped), EPB (Electric Parking Brake) Malfunction Indicator, Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) Indicator, LKAS (Lane Keeping Assistant System) Indicator (If Equipped), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Indicator (If Equipped), Engine Oil Level Warning Light (If Equipped), Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) (Check Engine Light), Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light (If Equipped), Fuel Filter Warning Light (Diesel Engine), Non-Operational Conditions of Parking Assist System, Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS) (If Equipped), Headlight (Headlamp) Escort Function (If Equipped), Headlight (Headlamp) Welcome Function (If Equipped), Traffic Change (For Europe) (Vehicle’s Equipped with AFLS), AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) (If Equipped), Manual Climate Control System (If Equipped), Checking the Amount of Air Conditioner Refrigerant and Compressor Lubricant, Automatic Climate Control System (If Equipped), Using a Cellular Phone or a Two-Way Radio, Using RADIO, SETUP, VOLUME and AUDIO CONTROL, When the EPB (Electric Parking Brake) Is Not Released, To Temporarily Accelerate with the Cruise Control On, To Cancel Cruise Control, Do One of the Following, To Resume Cruising Speed at More Than Approximately 40 Km/H (25 Mph), To Turn Cruise Control Off, Do One of the Following, To Turn Off the Speed Limit Control, Do One of the Following, Change to "Winter Weight" Oil if Necessary, Use Approved Window Washer Anti-Freeze in System, Automobile Hyundai Grand i10 Owner's Manual, Automobile Hyundai i10 Owner's Manual & Service Booklet, Automobile Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS Owner's Manual, Automobile Hyundai Elite i20 Owner's Manual, Page 13: Indicator Symbols On The Instrument Cluster, Page 19: Front Passenger's Seat Belt Warning Light*, Page 103: Central Door Lock/Unlock Switch, Page 175: Smart Parking Assist System Button*, Page 208: Automatic Climate Control System (If Equipped), Page 220: Windshield Defrosting And Defogging, Page 221: Automatic Climate Control System, Page 309: Condition Of Isg System Operation, Page 310: Isg System Deactivation/Malfunction, Page 334: Electronic Stability Program (Esp), Page 378: In Case Of An Emergency While Driving, Page 391: Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Page 424: Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions, Page 446: Explanation Of Scheduled Maintenance Items, Page 514: Specifications & Consumer Information, Page 518: Recommended Lubricants And Capacities, Page 521: Vehicle Identification Number (Vin), Page 522: Tire Specification And Pressure Label. Once you remove those two screws you can slide the switch assembly straight out. Pull and detach the power cord and the black rubber found behind the headlights, to gain access to the light bulbs. The headlight in your Hyundai Tucson should be checked periodically to make sure that it is functioning normally. Change the Headlight Bulb on a Rover 75 Estate. Ask other car enthusiasts on the forum or subscribe to get email notifications about new tutorials in this section. The headlight can burn out suddenly for a few reasons. Also See for Hyundai i40. COUPE (japonnais) ref 1231 image by Marie-Thérèse GUIHAL from 184. The explanations and illustrations for some operations in RHD models are. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Search and Find Hyundai I40 Headlamp-Headlight Spares and Replacement Parts through our network of Car Breakers, Car Dismantlers, & Scrap Yards. The left edge has two snap-in connectors that you can pry straight out as seen below: They are phillips headed and can be seen below: You are going to remove the top half but it is helpful to be able to lower the bottom half so you can get the top half out of the opening of the dash. Make sure the light bulbs are cool before removing them from the vehicle. Open the hood and remove the two retaining screws on the top of the headlight housing assembly with a Phillips head screwdriver. - behind the wing flaps, unscrew the screws (tightened from the bottom up), which attach the corners of the bumper to the wings. If the performance of your Hyundai headlights isn't what it used to be, you may want to consider upgrading to a new headlight bulb technology. Also See for Hyundai i40. The headlight can burn out suddenly for a few reasons. Angelo Elia began writing in 2007. The most common reason is moisture build-up inside the housing assembly. It's for Non self levelling H7 bulb units on my 2015 i30. It is easiest to do this if you are pulling the bottom half down and out of the way because it is a tight space back in there. The lights bulbs are encased in the Hyundai's headlights. Here’s how you can do it too…. As a result, you may. I would look at your car and use this as a guide and see how closely the two line up. Hyundais are known for being compact, affordable and inexpensive to repair. Install a new bulb and snap the headlight bulb retaining wire into position by aligning the wire with the groove in the bulb 12. Hyundai i40 (Sonata) -Pull out the pistons around the perimeter at the bottom. Remove the bar code tag and for the ignition key in your vehicle. Enter vehicle info. This assembly controls the turn signal and headlights including low and high beams. Remove the bulb from the headlight assembly 11.

Insert the new headlight into the housing assembly and replace the bail wire clip to secure the headlight to the housing assembly. Amazon Associate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Pull the headlight out of the housing assembly. You will need to pry the two halves apart and I chose the left side near the turn signal: There is a white tab that must be depressed to release the connector: Remove two small phillips-head screws that hold the switch in place: Be careful to not drop them. Plug the electrical power connector back into the headlight ballast. One important thing to note is that the panel has a finger on the right edge that tucks into the the adjoining panel so DO NOT pry the panel straight off on the right edge. This guide is great, thank you for the thorough and easy-to-follow explanations!

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