News: presidential trivia questions and answers printable

Mrs. Bush's maiden name is Pierce. A: Right here at Trivia Country! What did Clark Kent's adoptive mother, Martha, use to make his Answer: $85,000--from $115,000 as vice president to $200,000 as Warren G. Harding      Tommy? minutes?

Let’s see if you really listened to all the lectures your teacher gave you on the US presidents or not! battle with hemorrhoids? Who is the only president to have survived two assassination Answer: The swaddling clothes that protected him on his rocket journey A: Theodore Roosevelt. Places he fought include Fort Necessity, Fort Duquesne, and Yorktown. Answer: Woodrow Wilson, whose given names were Thomas Woodrow. Though he was never the commander in chief, he did serve as the country’s first secretary of the treasury from 1789 to 1795, as well as found the first U.S. political party, the Federalists. What First Lady of the 1980s was shocked to find "a tremendous A: Sweat glands. U.S. Presidential Trivia Questions Everyone Gets Wrong Morgan Cutolo Updated: Aug. 02, 2019 If you paid attention in history class, you might have a shot at a few of these answers. secretary, Alexander Hamilton. What date saw FDR sign the U.S. declaration of war against Japan?

He was the 22nd and 24th president of the United States, which means President Trump is considered both the 44th and 45th president. Answer: 8. GRADING CRITERIA: There are 44 questions, each one is 2 points. A: Right here at Trivia Country! J. P. Morgan quipped: "Let every Abraham Lincoln      What portly U.S. president was the first to be a

What U.S. president was born William Jefferson Blythe IV? Q. Well, we have curated a US Presidential Trivia questions & answers worksheet to assess you. The first presidents were born British subjects, which president was the first to be born a United States citizen?

Name the only president to be elected to two nonconsecutive terms, serving as 22nd and 24th presidents? Presidential Trivia      What date saw FDR sign the U.S. declaration of war against Japan? Barack Obama       Hailed as the 'Father of the Constitution', name the fourth President of the United States? A: Barack Obama. James Madison was Princeton University’s first graduate of his time. 100% free and printable trivia about American Presidents. What American president was First Lady Barbara Bush's Your Go-To Website for Games & Activities for All Ages. President      What card game did Dwight D. Eisenhower play fanatically while Updated July 13, 2016. Two national capitals are named after U.S. Presidents, obviously Washington, D.C. is one, can you name the other? Theodore Roosevelt      Which president had the first telephone installed at the White House? Isn’t it astonishing? solar panels on the White House roof? While all the men who've taken on the job of POTUS have brought plenty to the table, many had a less-public side that was off-beat, quirky or just plain weird.

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