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This sign also is aligned with the fish symbol in the Christian religion which is associated with Christ. So I offered to sell her one of my extra books in hopes that she would realize it was time to invest in herself. Always insinuating that people should know how they feel because it’s obvious. You must face your emotions & learn to subvert these emotions to a positive angle. Why? 10 Must-See Movies That Oscar Voters Will Love, 12 VERY Bizarre Things That Turn People ON, 20 Celebrities You Didn't Know Married Each Other, 16 Things That Make No Sense on 'The Walking Dead', My Horoscope Told Me To Ignore My Love Life—And I Listened. I do like to be active. On the surface, a lot of people do see Capricorn sun's as cold and calculating, and some believe we're aloof and emotionless. As long as they achived their goals they will not hesitate to throw you under the bus and have a good time (always with a smirk) while doing it. These encounters are all about which voice is will win out over the other. There is an archaic influence and a current influence.

If one is in an authoritative position, then she/he literally call the shots. But if a capricorn was raised properly with sound morals and respects his elders or family then they only show that cold side to strangers. "She's a Pisces. Question: Is it possible for Capricorn to be a narcissist? Not with pride or guilt, just a resolute stance of acceptance. Worst mistake of my life. They are always on the go. They have delusions of grandeur about themselves and are obsessed with what phony image they have about themselves and the phony image THEY believe others have about them. They are strong adherents of the mandate that feelings and emotions are disruptive elements in the human psyche and oftentimes, are strong deterrents to success. Hold them accountable for the things they SAY. Swimming, going for long walks in the country or along hiking trails, jogging, running, and cycling are ways she keeps fit. They like to criticise and blame you for the very same things they do to YOU but it's ok for them to say it to you but if you tell them the same exact thing they immediately want to disown YOU! But then again i do also have an Aquarius stellium that might cause me to act like this too, Yeh I’m a cap female and all it’s true we are the bad bit...s. It’s in our nature, can’t control it. She craves all the alone time she can get with her partner and even that will not seem like enough. Capricorn is an earth sign which is known for its practicality.

The Pisces and Aries combination have a great deal of difficulty balancing the silence and the yelling sessions. Oblivious to their selfishness and behavior. I'd like to believe that I would have time to curl my hair in the apocalypse. One thing I will say for Capricorn’s is we are accepting of our negatives we self analyse and try to understand what drives us and continually try to be better, but we will not accept unjust judgement and this is what I’m doing here for all my fellow misunderstood Caps, This is the worst, short-sighted description about Capricorns Ive ever read.

But what I do know is that my Sagittarius and Pisces traits add a certain warmth to the coldness of Capricorn. They are very detached emotionally. She can be amiable when she wants to be, but she prefers being all alone as she finds incredible peace in deep solitude. Being respected and authoritative can be translated into feelings of acclaim to the Capricorn. I don't want power or authority or whatever, and actually hate when it's given to me (because again, I'm worried I'll make a mistake and cause others physical/emotional pain). I am not concerned about power. She has a penchant for soft, dreamy colors like pastels. The Pisces Woman is often a foodie, and sometimes she will eat for emotional comfort, which can lead to weight difficulties in childhood and adulthood. She may hide it well but her action won't be lying. Both have an intense love for all that is beautiful, and they know how to cherish the miracles of life and each other. Power represents security. Because instead of confronting the person they’ll disappear or become detached . But nothing i haven't read before. — Unknown. Also, Capricorn weakness also includes putting their emotions/feelings into words.

They DO enjoy, even revel in sex. Also, just because Capricorn is attracted to powerful individuals does not mean they trust them or even agree with them personally.

They like knowing how to do things on their own so they like to learn new things.

If a Capricorn loves you they will always love you. Being born on the Cusp of Profacy is both a blessing and a curse. This is also coupled with the fact that they aren’t empaths. The relationship can prove joyous, fun, and a lifetime full of laughter. Personally, I'd rather have real relationships and friendships in my life, than power or success.

Furthermore, if they are powerful, they will never have to be vulnerable to anyone ever.

shit in your own yard stay the fuck off my grass but if you're cool and you respect our boundaries in time we see your true colors and we may never fully trust you but as long as you don't fuck us over we will be loyal to you hurt us and you will be done 10 times dirtier we are nice people but the nicest people are the scariest when provoked and the small guy backed up in the corner will do something drastic we are honest and very caring but we also are into self preservation why would I help you if it hurts me or is destructive to my goals or purpose we talk with actions rather than words bullshit runs a marathon we would rather keep it real walk. She does not demand expensive, but she prefers unique, thoughtful, and sentimental gifts. But since my Moon is in Capricorn, I did make the decision cool and detached, as I came to see he was not suitable husband material. I am a follower not a leader I am loyal ans would nevertheless put a person over my ambitions. Jupiter is the archaic influence on Pisces whereas Neptune is the modern influence. As everyone knows, my favorite topic I write about is THE FAMILY(Cancer). She also likes to act and perform in theater. I would love to see an insight about zodaic -Cancerian. Absolutely cold hearted phony people with superiority complexes.

The main one in my case in are emotions which are unfamiliar to my Capricorn side. Loved your article on Scorpios though. I am ENFP. Also I would never throw anybody underneath the s bus o right do shady stuff to make it anywhere in life if I can help it..if anything like a move up in a job was given to me I deserved it! He/she believes in presenting a good public image. They live to cut people down and feel threatened at any moment they are exposed. The workplace can be hell; nevertheless, he is capable of enduring it with a cool detachment as long as he/she accomplishes his/her specific goals. Yes I like to be in control but I do Norbert crave power, I love deeply, I don’t be desire money over all else.

She will help in planning some exciting and fun things to do.

Capricorns are fair and concise, not frivolous.

Get them to talk . If the energy is in a negative sense, then the number seven aligns with the melancholic, aloofness, coldness, social awkwardness, sardonic thoughts, and cowardice. What You Secretly Fear Most According To Your Zodiac Sign. Socioeconomic prosperity represents status to him/her. They contend that life would be much easier if people would not let their feelings and emotions interfere with their life goals. Taurusaintwiththebullshit on May 14, 2018: Let me cut the chase .

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