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He did. You’re calling later than usual.”, Clark glanced at the nearest clock, which said seven, which was when he usually called. Didn’t mean Clark had to like him. Don’t have to stay for dinner.”. “Remember when I said… I said that I’d clung to the knowledge that I was a heterosexual male in love with Lana Lang?” He waited for a nod before continuing. “He doesn’t deserve pie right now,” Martha said, her tone flat. Without the distraction of school and interaction with his friends, Clark was already ahead of all his classes by a week or more.

“Hello?” she called, stepping up on the porch. Amongst others. “I suppose you have a suggestion?”. Click. Fun? His friend had stalked off to the wet bar and poured a bunch of something golden in a cup.

My parents had a heck of a time keeping me in the same field.” Clark ran back to the desk at the same speed and set the photo back in its original position. When he cracked an eye, Clark noticed Lex was tapping away at a laptop perched on the arm of the sofa. “I’d forgotten. It was a good thing my parents were out of town that week, or I’d have had a lot of explaining to do.”. Chloe ran through the halls, calling an occasional question to those she passed, looking for Dustin. He strode forward and grabbed her upper arms, shaking her slightly as he spoke. In truth, it is an honor to meet you. Clark had a feeling that watching Lex be all powerful was kind of turning him on. “What about Kryptonians?” Clark cut in before the scientists could get going.

“Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind. Los Angeles “Yeah… I’m really, really trying not to think about that right now.”. Clark planted his hands on the man’s shoulders and shoved. I was practically raised by baby sitters, both before and after the shower. “I was raised, being warned that if anyone found out what the mutated can do, we’d be dissected in a lab. “And if adjusting now makes the next however long more comfortable, why not start?”. “So, you have information?” Jonathan asked once they were settled in with sandwiches the size of the cows out in the field. “And you thought Clark needed to what? We did not research ways to more efficiently clean up oil spills. But now…. Well….”, “Twice,” Dustin said, grinning like a moron. It was more… him. Clark sighed, and the banging stopped. “I don’t know how one ended up on Earth, let alone how it was discovered by a bunch of teenagers, but I was exposed.

And Jonathan wasn’t standing on the porch looking disapproving, but that didn’t make taking all those bags of clothes that Clark didn’t want to need into the house any easier. “You dragged me all the way over here to say that?”, The lights on the ship flickered on, then off. “Thank you.”, “I’ll be back Sunday evening, and you’re welcome to stay any time I’m around. “Round two then?” Damian suggested. “Something has come up that I need to attend to in Smallville. Clawing his way up to the bar kept Lex from fixating on Clark as he eeled into the dance floor. Only then did he realize that Lex had left the manor without a coat, again. He spoke softly, so his parent’s wouldn’t hear. This was insane. “He tried to… well, he threatened to call social services when he found out Clark wasn’t here, and… well, he made a guess about it being a drug issue. Right? “When did this happen?” This was impossible.

When I woke up in Metropolis General Hospital several days later, not a hair remained.

Has the teen population of Smallville gone insane?”, Dustin shrugged. Mr. Sims looked ready to cut in, so Clark upped the ante. “I’ve lost two friends and know a dozen more kids… they were all here that day. On my terms.”, When Lex swallowed, it was audible over the roar of the engines. Amanda didn’t seem to mind if waiting included his hands under her skirt and few words. Clark closed the door to the office and scanned the space. “Dad is rather tall, Mom… average I guess. Amanda was perfect company. Tonight he felt… strong, powerful, like the eyes that followed him were complimentary instead of condemning. I thought I could deal. The light snapped off.

“I’ll protect you, from the world if need be. It was a Pavlovian reaction for Clark though, one he might never escape. Clark was finishing his homework for the week when his cell phone rang. He didn’t curse. “Yes?” Lex wasn’t sure what else to say. “I know we’ve been at odds of late—”. Clark shrugged again. “I… Let it go. The chatter continued until Chief Moonwater cut in and shouted them all down. “It’s not drag,” Clark snapped. Lex turned to face the figure standing just inside the kitchen door. You can set it down now.”, “Of course.” Clark set the desk down and Lex hopped off. “But I also don’t wish to spread the mutations, and if those bacteria are capable of doing so, they cannot be allowed into the general environment.”. Unless Lex was worried no one else they had meetings with were going to be any better. I was looking for a way to make this sequence work, and ended up introducing a bit of a West Wing crossover. “His assignments have been acceptable.

“No one I’ve interviewed has taken longer than twenty-six hours.”, “That they have admitted to,” Lex said. “These are good solid citizens, people growing the food we eat and trying to live their lives the same as anyone else in this country.”, “Uh huh, right.

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