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Aphrodite complained. I went for the kiss, and we instantly connected. "We should, but we can play again sometime," Zeus decided. Even Iris and Fleecy received a few IM's today.". "Dude, I wouldn't miss this for anything!" Author note- IT RETURNS… Yes, my favorite story that I've written and according the reviews, people actually liked it!

So I'm going to write a short introductory to the story and you tell me if you want short weekly segments, or a long, long, long chapter, which would take a bit to make.

I don't own the gods, Camp Half-Blood, Truth or Dare, or My Little Pony! "I told you, find a new threat!" Poseidon rolled his eyes, and sighed. Artemis asked.

What, maybe a movie? DID YOU LIKE IT? You can't lose any more brain cells.

"Zeus is right." By: LadyofStarClan. You can look this story in Wattpad, but I will be editing the entire story mainly because of grammar (I was thirteen when I wrote it so). Hermes was bored. ENJOY! Hades hid his face.

"I just left Amphitrite and Triton fighting over which is which," The sea god answered. Promise, not you!" "Steal Dionysus' wine magazine," Apollo ordered. Zeus accused. "What is it this time?". The Gods Play Truth or Dare!

"Let us in Leo." By: RogueFics.

Artemis wrinkled her nose in disgust upon hearing the word 'romance'. "Wait, who took-HERMES! "What kind of story does he write?" "Whatever.".

"Truth or dare?" So review, say anything, I don't care!

By the fireplace at the throne room, Hestia was there in the form of a nine-year old girl, poking the flames with a stick.


We were bathed in light, and when I managed to open my eyes, I gasped.

His wife, Hera, had her eyes almost dropping from drifting asleep. "See? Hello, readers! The wine god was sleeping. I wondered. Hermes looked up from behind his video camera. Apollo tells her. "Eight million, six hundred and eighty-six thousand, one hundred three," Zeus stated. "I-wow…" I muttered, impressed of the building.

Zeus asked. "Seriously," Zeus spoke.


"It would have been easier if someone hadn't interrupted.

"Have you broken the oath?"

"Demeter, truth or dare," Poseidon asked.

Ares repeated his catch phrase. "How many women have you liked?" "Ah! Poseidon got up and proceeded to bang his head against the wall. "You threw me off of Olympus!"

With Percabeth, Tratie, Jiper, and much more, this is going to be story is awesome!

Zeus probably knew what he was rambling about, he did have that right. "Oh," he mumbled, still with sleepy eyes. "Thank you, Miss Dictionary," Apollo smiled.

the wine god spouted out the first goddess that came across his mind. "Yes, I do dare," Hephaestus grinned even more.

"Enough!" I was about to punch him into the ground after hiking through the woods on one of the hottest days of the year. It's hard writing this and determining which tense it's going to be, so I just play it by ear and see how it goes. ", "I've done delivering a few hours ago."

"You'll get your magazine back at the end of the game." "Do you have something stuck in your throat, Ares?" .Now I'm drooling...halp mee...".

"Turn all of Ares' weapons to liquid," Hermes said so that Ares couldn't hear.

Was it crappy? A long, groan was heard from the sound of the doors creaking open. Percy took Riptide, still in pen form and put it towards the eye slot and began to count. It doesn't sound threatening if you use that every time," Hephaestus stated. :D So I'm going to make another one!

"I dare you to walk over to Hera, hug her, and say "I love you, Mommy,"," Hephaestus dared.

"Do I choose truth or dare?

Artemis asked.

"Poseidon," Hermes stated. The sea god then sat on his throne.

"Catastrophic? Artemis smirked. Aphrodite screeched. "No God felt like sending stuff. When I turned and saw Percy already half way up the hill, I turned and ran towards him so I wouldn't be left behind. I told him. Gods damn, that was one HADES of a Truth or Dare from the other night! Apollo looked at the other gods innocently.

He beamed as he threw the sock away. Artemis asked.

"Well, look who's here." "Okay," Aphrodite proceeded with her task. "What?" It was the Winter Solstice. I don't know whether or not to make it in short segments every week or make it into one very long, good, one where I put lots of effort into it and make it great like last time.

There are not many books that I have not read," she was depressed.

"Why would we do that?"

"So you were the one who kept commenting to "Improve my work"? Hades yelled. The other gods rolled their eyes, and the Winter Solstice meeting adjourned. "I only read when I have to,", Athena dumped a huge pile of books on the ground by his feet. It was 11:40 am. asks Artemis, noticing how his brother kept a secret from her. "I think we should be done so those two can read." "Aw, did little Ares get hurt?" "Olympus is a better place for now." Artemis growled.

", "Cool, uncle P. The thing is, we actually got nothing to do.". "It was for the satyr who owed me 31 drachmas," Apollo muttered, which was enough for Artemis to hear. "WOULD YOU JUST HURRY UP AND STEAL THE STUPID MAGAZINE!". If you listened close enough you could have heard Poseidon mumble, "It's more like a one-sided conversation,". Truth or dare, Percy. Hermes walked towards his throne, leaving the twin brother cowering in fear of the sister.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

It was a pretty impressive sight.

Really Athena, you read those cliché romance stories?".

Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. "Eat a bowl of cereal," the moon goddess repeated.

He sooo loooks good in his shorts! Why would you say such a thing?" This is so going on Hephaestus TV!"

Your review has been posted. "Hades! "Why should we play a game that a boy wants to play?" Join the Olympian Gods as they play a hilarious game of Truth or Dare!

"You dare…."

I would love to read your feedback for my story.

"I dare you to dump Ares and go with Hephaestus," Artemis stated. The Maiden Godess was wearing a pink, tube dress with a tutu-like skirt. Ares complained. Ares snickered. "Force-feed Hades cereal," Poseidon snickered.

Artemis blushed.

Like, my gods… I don't even know what to think of it any more. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

"Ermm, what? After that we continued on the walk for Bunker 9.

"Why can't you be more like your brother?" Hades spouted the first question that popped into his mind. "Hey," a male voice called from the entrance of the throne room.

Hades stuttered. I commanded him to no avail. "I know, but we should play Truth or Dare," Hermes was pushing Zeus' buttons. "Zeus," Hera asked. "Castor and Pollux, duh," Dionysus stated. Talking like a crazed fangil who worships a mere mortal with rings in his nose..". Now, Hades thought he was thinking, but actually, he was saying it out loud. "~Gasp~ Athena wants to play a game!" Hermes laughed. "I never knew you had a laptop," Hermes teased. After prying Percy from staring at the Nymphs, we finally had Bunker 9 in sight. "Well I give them critiques," Athena averted her gaze from Poseidon as if he had the worst case of acne on his face. "Okay, for this rare occasion..." Poseidon spoke. "We are discussing an important topic right now," the sky god looked annoyed. "I also give them writing advice.

Although, Dionysus soon followed them.

Truth or Dare? "Truth or dare," the messenger god smirked.

"Because he's a zombie man," Zeus stated, as if that made all the sense in the world. "Okay, what did I do to you?!"

"Does he know that he's saying it out loud?" Zeus' answer came out like a question. Apollo smiled. The huge steel doors, with "Bunker 9" spray painted on was on side of the door in red. "And I read stories on wattpad as well. They happened to roam the woods a bit.

Ares gasped for his breath.

Hermes was still video-taping, but now Apollo was also snapping some pictures.

Nevertheless, the story is now yours for the reading! He said, chuckling. He asked me, looking confused. Athena shrugged.

Athena stated.

It was crazy, dramatic, and inappropriate and sex filled beyond relief. Artemis and Hephaestus were annoyed. I leaned on him, feeling his chest.

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