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"I think you are just numb, the first level of acceptance is denial.". We relied totally on friends and family.” “I had one English teacher who talked to me and tried to offer words of comfort, but there was no counseling for me or the other students in the school like there is now.”. The classmate was African-American. I usually detail weather conditions that were present at the time of events that I write about but I found a more important topic.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fifty years ago Sunday, mere days before the Christmas holiday, dozens of families from Elkton and north along the northeast corridor to Staten Island, N.Y., were changed in an instant. Remember the crash victim’s son that we talked about earlier. My teenage years were horrible,when friends made reference to they’re Dads about what they did together I would walk away and cried cried cried !!! Kantlehner said she remembers waiting by some newsstands for the flight to come in when she overheard two people questioning each other if they heard the details of Flight 214. One of the arriving firefighters’ peers at the central point of impact, a crater on Delancey Road Source: Singerly Fire Company Museum The plane is expected in Philadelphia now at 9:10 p.m. 8:50 p.m.: The crew radios that they are ready to start to approach, but they are advised to continue to hold. Here in Elkton, a number of those firefighters and police officers who met with families have passed away since then, but at least there was an opportunity for the two groups to meet and share experiences, emotions, and feelings. : Reporting rain and winds, Flight 214 is advised to hold outside New Castle, Del.

Before leaving on a return flight to Philadelphia, Captain Knuth was given a weather briefing. When fatal accidents occurred there were no procedures in place for contacting next of kin. I am Edwin Montilla the son of Pan Am Flight Purser Mario Montilla who perished on Pan Am Flight 214 Dec 8, 1963. No one from the airline came to us or offered us assistance. Clipper 214 out of control. The crew was advised to hold their approach until 9:10 at an altitude of 5,000 feet.

She helped my mother.”. There were 73 passengers and 8 crewmembers on board. Sadly, following the publication of the article, the phone of the crash victim’s family kept ringing with hate calls, The son was criticized for having black friends and associating with black classmates. Minutes before 9 p.m., as the plane was circling at 5,000 feet, lightning struck. The Knuth family lost a dad, but they did not lose their love of travel or exploring the world. On a terrible night in 1963 eighty-one people aboard a doomed aircraft, Pan American Airways Flight 214, perished when the plane exploded and plunged into a cornfield at the edge of Elkton. I would share my and my family’s actual experience of where we were at the time of the crash and what we went through thereafter. Knuth said her father had flown numerous trips around the globe, including some of Pan Am's early flights to Africa. It was another world to travel in those days before things were so touristy.". One of his relatives was a reporter at a local newspaper and wanted to write a story about the sympathy note after interviewing him and the classmate. “My dad’s brother came to the house and tried to comfort all of us. I cannot describe the long suffering I had endured to this day. Sara Knuth, 61, daughter of Capt. The flight crew was physically qualified for flight according to FAA and Pan American records. News of the crash and the name of the pilot was broadcast on a local TV station. The event was a tragedy indeed but there were more tragedies exposed in the days and months following the crash. Pan Am Flight 214 departed Philadelphia on the morning of December 8, 1963.

Many of the families, who flew or drove hundreds of miles to remember loved ones lost in the explosion of flight 214, were halted in Elkton Sunday afternoon due to snowfall, sleet and icy road conditions. Seventy-two of these witnesses saw lightning and seven stated they saw the lightning strike the aircraft. Reflections on Yesterday — Cecil County History. While searching for survivors about 1:30 that morning he suddenly collapsed into the arms of Andrew Scarborough, another North East member, the News Journal reported. Here we go.”. We heard so many of these stories as family members and first responders came together, talked, and reflected on the passage of 50 years since the disaster. I don’t think that families and friends of victims of these events could completely recover from the grief, questions and even guilt that are associated with this type of event. At the end of his career, however, he was looking for flights closer to home to be with his wife and four children, Knuth said, adding, that is how her father ended up flying the New York to San Juan route. There has been significant progress regarding the mental health and mental well being for family members of mass casualty victims like this. As for social issues, there has been much progress made over the past 55 years. A year after the accident, in 1964, the pilot's widow and her four children took a four-month trip around the world, stopping in places like Portugal, India, Pakistan, San Francisco, Sweden and Germany. Regards,Edwin Montilla. The aircraft was turned into a fiery ball, instantly killing the 81 people aboard, including passengers, pilot and flight crew. MLB team owners approve John Angelos to succeed his father as official in charge of Orioles, per sources, Why Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey’s COVID-19 diagnosis could be a new challenge for NFL officials, Multiple Ravens identified as ‘close contacts’ to CB Marlon Humphrey, must self-isolate ahead of game vs. Colts, Maryland’s Klacik raised whopping $6.4 million after Trump shared viral ad; Mfume warns seat is ‘not for sale’, ‘Settling for Biden’: the moral dilemma of a Biden presidency | COMMENTARY, Ravens’ John Harbaugh says he received no word from officials on controversial final play vs. Steelers, Maryland reports 771 new coronavirus cases and eight more deaths on Election Day, Ravens WR Marquise Brown tweets frustration with limited targets after loss to Steelers, A guide to Baltimore ballot questions and other referendums for Maryland voters, ‘One for the record books’: Anne Arundel voters line up for Election Day; Maryland Gov.

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