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You can also use the search bar function to locate specific stories in the app. F. All episodes must be error free and follow our. We’re always amazed by the intellect behind the connections, but what makes a good question and do you always know when you’ve written a good one? 44.

Make sure you scroll through the entire name on the Art Catalog - sometimes it is on two lines. We make sure that the paper has been checked for any grammatical errors and plagiarism. if a clue says something like 2000 Olympics, Olympics: 2000, Olympics in 2000 etc. If you are not sure whether your story meets the guidelines—we are here to help. Posted by. A rigorously intellectual question from the mischievous Only Connect question writers. By that we mean trying to avoid both picture questions in a show being all pictures of people, or two number questions within a round that might look quite similar on screen. The contestant introductions are extraordinary, as is the unwritten rule that the bizarre happenings described in them are almost never mentioned again. Then the fun really begins with our day long question meetings when David and I, along with Jenny and Chris Stuart, the Executive Producer, go through every question together, making tweaks, and sometimes rejecting questions that we’re not convinced about. u/Corabal.

Does this mean there's a possibility they might be on one of the comic relief specials? The Tyger Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The Tyger By comparison, on Round 2, the averages are: Do you ever worry you’ll run out of new material? JWC: There have been 218 teams on in total. Release Dates Jack was a contestant on the first ever episode of Only Connect, and attended the Blackpool Magicians’ Convention for 10 consecutive years, despite not being a magician.

If you're looking for a certain word or phrase, you can use the search bar at the top of the page. We believe in an inclusive approach which can only be achieved through price taking instead of price making. If a choice has a high number of reports it might be turned off so it can be reviewed by our team or the choice might break one of our content guidelines.

4 years ago. This may include using any of the following without permission: For more details please see complete Content Guidelines. But it is important for each episode to have a bit of variation in question difficulty – though in many ways that sorts itself out by ensuring there is a wide range of subjects covered in each episode. There is no exact formula that will get your story featured, but we recommend the following: Actually, no! Is there much editing between writing the question and it appearing on screen? As question setters, do you have to know everything about everything? In this regard, please quote your price via live chat. Also, people are fascinated by the contestants taking part and how their minds work. For more information, please read the Episode Terms of Service. To improve your rank: The Episode team will review the top stories in the app for featuring. Please see Payments for more details and Terms of Service. Catch-up on announcements & blogs, plus TV, radio & online highlights. It starts with a clue that any human in the world of almost any age would know, then follows it with three quite specific references.

| We try to place less difficult questions within episodes early in the series, and the harder ones towards the end to create a difficulty gradient throughout the series. I can’t give anything away, though it will involve some physical activity by a contestant. We link to some other blogs and online spaces inside and outside the corporation. It's on iPlayer, Builders vs. Scientists, so as not to spoil the question it begins something like 2013 - 35th anniversary, or something along those lines. That went down very well. We operate under ‘Cash with Order’ terms of payment. Company Credits This FAQ is provided for reference purposes, but remains subject to our Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro. What do you think makes Only Connect have such a strong following? JWC: We talk quite a bit about the question answering “journey” – we want different clues to give little nudges here and there, we try very hard to avoid too many situations where it is “either you know it or you don’t”: that isn’t really what Only Connect is about. is an online company that deals with academic, technical, resume and report writing. We aren’t the only people who write quiz questions for TV quiz shows, so we focus on shows for which we can add real value. It is play-along mental exercise and it feels enormously good to get a question right.

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