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The school is also influenced by the philosophy of J. Krishnamurti. The child also seeks to gain satisfaction from “doing the work” rather than only the “end result”. Poorna’s students have taken the National Open School (NOS) Secondary Level Examination and a few have also opted for IGCSE. What we like: The curriculum is one of the most remarkable aspects of Jigyasa. Founded by Rhythm Aggarwal, The Atelier follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy in an all-encompassing way. Children are encouraged to approach a text or a learning resource with a questioning mind. The school follows the Waldorf methodology and starts admissions from kindergarten all the way till Grade 3. Consciously choosing to leave a smaller carbon footprint behind, Nikunj cycles to school everyday and in his own words, is trying to do his bit for the environment. Get more information: Centre for Learning (CFL). Learning is often given the form of accumulation of knowledge that is guided and limited by methods and systems. The campus is designed with ample space and keeping the children in mind. The Buddhi Primary & Lower secondary school curriculum prepares students for the IGCSE & CBSE programs, which is an excellent framework for educational success of students and prepares students for progression to high school. The children are encouraged to look at the world with more depth than regular programs afford. The entire project is under construction. Pramiti is headed by Savitha Ravi, who is a certified trainer in Inclusive Education, Early Intervention and pre-primary Montessori education, apart from having worked at Headstart and been on the panel discussion for Inclusive Education at The Valley School. What we like: The Atelier describes itself this way – “a learning environment where children and adults partner to construct meaning and explore the possible.” Students are not just encouraged to accumulate knowledge but to exercise advocacy in their learning. In the words of the founders, "The idea of our new school was born as we grew more aware of the current trend in today's fast-paced world. What we like: The school caters to children of the rural poor, landless farmers and migrated families.

and a widely researched and successful approach devised by its founders. To know more about the schools -, Tucked inside a silent, picturesque lane in the busy area of Koramangala, La Wisdom is a one-of-a-kind school for children between 3 and 13 years of age. The required necessities like parks, petrol pumps, schools, ATMs, bank, hospitals etc in the neighbourhood. The school also has an excellent water harvesting system and the children eat the food from the farm on campus. What we like: The teachers go beyond just textbooks and really get the students to apply their learning – through manipulatives, projects, collaborations and more. For the child facing puberty the practice shifts to nurturing the life achieved by loving them. 63.4 Lac onward.

From Carnatic music and dance to sports and even carpentry, children are exposed to many wonderful skills. Ohana’s staff is comprised of a blend of certified teachers and local professionals with strong expertise in their respective fields. The school varies its teaching methods to appeal to all kinds of learners. The conception of Pramiti has been directed towards creation of a school that surpasses boundaries and enables learning that is natural and true to the potential of every individual. Founded by Chetana Keni, Aurinko Academy is one of the most popular schools in the city, a progressive learning space that integrates education, art, science, sport and spirituality into a flexible program that values and respects the child.

What we like: As part of its education project, CFL has roped in the people of the village and its ‘green’ campus also exposes children to rain water harvesting and ecological preservation. ✓ Parent experiences & bloopers They strengthen the kids physically, mentally and socially. Curriculum involves 3 – Fold teaching that evolves the human being. Storytelling, art and creativity are also given a free rein. Elective courses are not part of the NCAA college entrance requirements, Our school nurtures caring relationships, connections, and a sense of belonging to the local and global communities. Dr. Gandhi has more than 38 years of experience in education and the curriculum at Nurture motivates a child to learn, succeed and look at himself or herself as a citizen of the world. Creative is a conscious community and holistic school for children, parents, and teachers located in North Bangalore. At Bhavya, children will find themselves in a free environment that is not riddled with the structures of competitions, exams, homework or grades. At Legacy, it gives all of us great joy to see how sensitive to global issues our learners are. Where he would have left a carbon footprint of 3,016 lb of CO2-e per annum by taking a bus or driving to school with his dad, Nikunj today, leaves a carbon footprint of 0, in his daily commute to school. Though schools have started and you must be busy with... Do bats have fur or feathers? Is an Alternative School right for my child? To know more about the schools -, The idea of Ohana was born as an alternative space that created different learning opportunities for children. A Bharatnatyam dancer who moved from an alternative education to the IBDP curriculum, Nikunj has been cycling since the age of 6. They are at the forefront of creativity, always bringing in a variety of activities and sports to the school. Jigyasa the School is a popular preschool in Indiranagar and it has now opened its primary section. Located in Tathguni Village, Vikasana is a non-formal learning space started in 1977 by M.C. In order to fully grasp the wonders of the Steiner philosophy, we encourage you to attend G. Mannivanan’s ‘The Art of Parenting and Teaching’ workshop, which will tell you in simple and lucid terms what Steiner education can do for your child. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyse site traffic, personalise content and serve targeted shall neither be responsible nor liable for any inaccuracy in the information provided here and therefore the customers are requested to independently validate the information from the respective developers before making their decisions related to properties displayed here. The Earth School was founded in 2008 with a vision to create a space where each child is nurtured with equal measure of heart and head; where children as natural learners are honoured, and where community is the driving force that helps the individual reach their potential. Children are encouraged to look at knowledge organically, instead of categorizing them as ‘science’ or ‘language.’ Instead, these areas are integrated into play. “Age, truly is just a number”, says Pranav Nutalapati, Tech enthusiast and IBDP student of Legacy. Prakriya looks at education as being more than factory schooling and is also known for its excellent teaching resources. What we like: The school brings in some of the world’s best Waldorf practitioners to conduct workshops at their premises. Based on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education, Bangalore Steiner School is one of the premier Waldorf schools in the country and its founders have adapted the Steiner philosophy to suit the Indian culture. In a journey that spanned five years and three iterations; despite the competition’s minimum age being 23, Pranav was one among the 48 representatives of India. The entire project is under construction. Pramiti is a school that provides an environment for children to explore, create, realize and co-exist in harmony. What we like: The early learning curriculum, until age 9, is based on New Zealand’s ‘Te Whariki’ guidelines, where the educators, parents and children weave together a curriculum best suited to the child’s childhood experiences, knowledge and abilities.

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