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Thanks. This OctoPrint plugin helps to manage your filament spools. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. If I reload the web interface, and reconnect to the printer, it prints the file without losing connection. No need to install postgresql on the second pi, but it will need the other stuff. OctoPrint plugin to manage your filament inventory. Filament Manager update errors. So that you can share the spool data across multiple instances of Octoprint and they all access and update the remaining amount of filament, no matter which instance or machine you're printing from. ok on the server it works but the client my 2nd pi cannot connect to the database. OctoFarm is the work of James Mackay, a maker, built around his 9-5 job as an IT Manager. Now filament manager doesnt subtract the consumed Filament. This OctoPrint plugin makes it easy to manage your inventory of filament spools. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Download and install Putty terminal application to SSL into your Pi. Filament Manager for OctoPrint This OctoPrint plugin helps to manage your filament spools. For a full overview of the latest feature set and planed features, please visit the Git Hub Homepage. Steps 5 and 8 haven't been done while under the virtual environment of OctoPrint, btw. Well, @b-morgan got the right end. (But the virtual environment might also need to be updated for the sake of any plugins you write.). download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, First load file and then show confirmation dialog when using "Load on…, Added some information to the confirmation dialog if no selection is …, Improved maintainability of the javascript code, Software odometer to track amount of extruded filament, Warns you if the selected spool has not enugh filament left for the print job, Automatically pause print if filament runs out, Apply temperature offsets assigned to spools, Support for PostgreSQL (>=9.5) as common database for multiple OctoPrint instances. This also means, that if I was previously successful, I never saw the GREEN (successful) one either!

if your server has the IP use instead.

HTH. sudo nano /etc/postgresql/11/main/pg_hba.conf. See the cost for each consumption. Trust me on this one...this one kept me thinking it wasn't connecting for a LONG while, and it was my damn theme! Manage your different materials parameters. I've rebooted both and I only see the existing database prior to setting up the postgresql database on the host. report the plugin as suspicious here.

Changing 9.6 to 11 in the file index led to succes. all the commands here in the manual worked but the test button doesnt get green. Step 1 thru 14 go smoothly, step 15 not. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Filament Manager Plugin: How to setup postgresql database. I see nothing on the 2nd. It seems that "sudo apt-get install postgresql" installs version 11, in the tutorials version 9.6 is used. sudo nano /etc/postgresql/11/main/postgresql.conf, locate pg_hba.conf

because they may possible disable the TEST connection button from changing colors and you'll never get the feedback (green is good, red is bad) you need to know if you've successfully connected or not. i dont understand which ip i have to set in the pg_hba.conf You might need to edit your pg_hba.conf so try researching this. Learn more. Learn more. Go to the Octoprint settings (wrench icon) -> GCODE Scripts. I only figured this one out because I started all over on a fresh install of Octoprint and ONLY installed this mod and I noticed the RED (failed to connect) before due to my theme. His aim is to build a one stop place for all your farm 3D printer farm management needs. GitHub If you wanted the working pip and python environment to be affected, you'd first need to do this before a pip-related command (and again if there was another reboot): But then again, does postgresql itself run from that virtual environment or not? Now, with that out of the way. What configuration would be necessary? Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. It works now but i have a new Problem. I have green test on the host OctoPrint server and on my 2nd server. You can add all your spools and assign them to print jobs. i dont get the test green. sudo nano /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/pg_hba.conf, host: couldn't get address for 'octoprint': not found this is what i keep getting, createdb -O octoprint octoprint_filamentmanager. I get the error that the directory does not exist. sudo nano /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/pg_hba.conf, The Wiki says it best here, so you do this: Note, selecting 'postgresql-9.6-repmgr' for regex 'postgresql-9.6'. Ok....There is a lot of good advice on here and around the web that can help you figure this out, but it can be a daunting task too! Replacing filament volume with weight in sidebar; Software odometer to measure used filament; Warn if print exceeds remaining filament on spool; Assign temperature offset to spools; Automatically pause print if filament runs out

Then append the following line to /var/lib/postgres/data/pg_hba.conf. In case you haven't found what you are looking for, feel free to open a ticket and I'll try to help. With "sudo apt-get install postgresql" by default postgrestql 11 is installed. Sorry to reopen an older thread. Could it be something related to the IP or the localhost? If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Filament Manager Keep track of your spool inventory and assign to print jobs. So, after MUCH trial and error, research and some luck, I got it figured out and wanted to share a concise tutorial on how to do it. I'm giving up. Manage your stock of filament spools. i dont understand which ip i have to set in the pg_hba.conf. A reboot server is required. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Done This allows all clients in your network to access the database. Just an FYI, I got it working on postgresql v11. Hi, I have a raspberry to control two printers. GitHub Integration on,, Replacing filament volume with weight in sidebar, Software odometer to measure used filament, Warn if print exceeds remaining filament on spool, Automatically pause print if filament runs out, Support for PostgreSQL as database for multiple instances. or manually using this URL: Now just enter the information into the database settings in Filament manager plugin, just like you set it up, and like the Wiki explains: Picture shown at the bottom of this wiki page. What is going wrong? A few weeks ago I got it, it's something from the plugin, sometimes it doesn't start the connection with the database well, that's why it didn't connect.

weird network activity, unannounced tracking, ...) and

I think you will find the answer to that question in my response on May 29th. OctoPrint-FilamentManager This OctoPrint plugin makes it easy to manage your inventory of filament spools. The Filament Manager will automatically track the amount of extruded filament so you can always see how much is left on your spools. You signed in with another tab or window. Configuration files are now in: locate postgresql.conf what i have to do or install on the 2nd pi that he can connect and use the database? Features. Why? It even appears this plugin has been abandoned. I got this working last night and this morning it stopped. On the second pi, you should only need to do steps 1 through 9. My raspberry pi has the ip can somebody help me?

OctoPrint plugin to manage your filament inventory - malnvenshorn/OctoPrint-FilamentManager Once you click Test Connection button...if everything has gone correctly, the button will turn green, and you'll need to restart Octoprint to save the settings.

SpoolManager offers the possibility to save many properties of a Spool in a database. Sort your spools by manufacturer, material, weight, length…. So in my case, I had to edit that to which means (all addresses). 2020-10-10 06:59:36,168 - octoprint.plugins.tracking - INFO - Sent tracking event update_failed, payload: {'to_version': u'1.6.2', 'from_version': '1.6.0', 'target': u'filamentmanager'} 2020-10-10 07:00:54,045 - octoprint.server.util.sockjs - INFO - Client connection closed: ::ffff: Like: material, color, weight, length, purchase-info, last/first-usage, …. report it here. And please, keep this to a single thread. Use the same cleverness to modify all the steps that mention 9.6 and you should make progress. If anyone has other solutions to share a filament spools across 2 octoprint setups, please let me know.

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