News: national day of repentance usa

National Day of Repentance seeks to awaken the Body of Christ in all His nations through the power, including the freedom and the joy, of His gift of repentance. Zlin Vs Banik Ostrava Prediction, It crystalized on September 26, 2020, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and in gatherings and events throughout the nation and the world. And let’s don’t be afraid. It means that we ought to recognize Him as the Sovereign over the nation, i.e., “one nation under God.” For example, slaves were supposed to “fear” their masters, not by being afraid but by recognizing their authority and being obedient to their commands. Other than Israel during the Old Testament period, no other nation has come so close to being a Biblical theocracy. Simple prayer is not going to turn the judgment against America or stop the plagues that are hitting us. Note: If you'd like to continue shopping, you can always access your cart from the icon at the upper-right of every page. We use MailChimp as our email list platform. So we are being called on behalf of the nation and the church to repent for the nation. Because there was no repentance, no turning back to God, no changing of course...without repentance, there can be no revival.”, Therefore, Cahn and Jessip, said: “America fell even farther, spiritually, morally, away from God.” In a separate communication with CBN News, Cahn and Jessip added: “Our prayer is that our nation will return to the values and the principles upon which this nation was founded...We have been warned. It is true that we have indeed impacted the world. WILL CHRISTIANS BE LABELLED DURING THE COMING TRIBULATION? The urgency of the hour is that the Day of the Lord is at hand! Solemn Assemblies do not happen spontaneously. April 30 was honoured by… Heavenly Father, we come before Your presence in the name of Jesus and under His blood, thanking you and praising you for Your righteous judgments. “America is in deep, deep trouble,” Cahn told CBN News. The movement is born in revival; the revival becomes a sect; the sect becomes a church; the church becomes an institution and functions primarily to perpetuate itself. God Bless America ”, “I cannot thank you all enough for organizing the prayer event. We are only able to do what we do because of your support. When godly leaders sense the need for revival (a return to God, followed by renewal and restoration) they must first respond and submit to God’s call for repentance in their own lives, and then, gather together those they are responsible for as an assembly, urging them to return to Biblical order.

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