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I felt like, OK, I can finally talk about what happened. I would not be the person I am without my struggles. Seek help from an expert, from a teammate, from a coach, from a friend. I went on my close friend Julia Hanlon's podcast called "Running On Om," and I decided to get real -- like really, really real. I would have loved to get to race this summer. The comeback, of learning to run -- or simply live -- with a new body and a new approach to eating, is the hardest part. I became Notre Dame's first individual national champion in women's track and field during my junior year, then won three more individual national championships in less than a year. RELATED: Nutrition advice for runners dealing with RED-S. Add your email to the Canadian Running newsletter mailing list: Get the digital edition of Running for your chosen platform: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The one overwhelming feeling I have going into @londonmarathon is gratitude I’m so incredibly grateful not only for the opportunity to race a marathon this fall, but also to have so many people supporting me To everyone who helped me through the crazy past 7 weeks of abbreviated buildup THANK YOU. After her race on Saturday, her sister and roommate, Izzy, 23, ran Atlanta’s “Take the Bridge” night run wearing Seidel’s bib.

@theschultzee @coach_rico2.19 @gogreenxc, A post shared by Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) on Sep 27, 2020 at 2:11pm PDT, RELATED: What every runner can learn from Molly Seidel. Anika Chebrolu just discovered a potential covid-19 treatment. Soo Youn is a Lily contributor. Today through Sunday (Oct10-13) you can register for the IDG Pop-up 5k event by contributing $25 towards GGRF's program to empower young women in Ethiopia’s Agaro region (LINK IN PROFILE) ☝ Then grab your friends and run a 5k anywhere in the world! Molly Seidel ran her first marathon in February at the U.S. Olympic trials in Atlanta -- finishing second and qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. . And with my coach, Jon Green, who is also one of my best friends, I can really talk openly with him. I was sidelined by a string of injuries caused by my disordered eating. In the past, I would have been like, "No, I'm fine. Today, I would not be the runner I am without my struggles. That's what I hate the most about it. We caught up with her while she was crossing Idaho. Aliphine Tuliamuk and I make the move and break away. Obviously, there was a sadness to the Olympics being postponed. I needed my family, so I went back home to Wisconsin for a month. It was so obvious that people would write on track and field message boards that I looked sick. I hope that the fact that I was able to get help, have the support to come back from this and now be able to make an Olympic team, but also recognize this is something that I still will struggle with for the rest of my life — I hope that helps people,” she said. In December, the training was going well, and they entered a half marathon.

The power you unleash when properly fueled as a person and athlete is truly magical.

And Jon knows that. I qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in 2 hours, 27 minutes, 31 seconds. The games have been postponed, but Seidel, 26, continues to train and will compete in her second marathon Oct. 4 with an elite group of runners at the London Marathon. Some days will be better than others, but keep challenging the negative thoughts, the fearful thoughts. It was scary. Honestly, I didn't want my second race to be the Olympics.

A Devilishly delicious Halloween practice @dunkin ・ #sugarandspice #halloween #runondunkin #coaches, A post shared by Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) on Nov 1, 2018 at 5:43am PDT. It's not something that a nice tidy bow -- like the Olympic trials or even the Olympics -- can disguise. The election could have big implications for Native Americans. I don't know what my schedule will look like after London, but I do know I have a race on the calendar on Aug. 7 at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. When you are in the midst of an eating disorder, it just takes up so much of your brain space all the time.

In order to maximize my training, I need to be open about my daily struggles.

Molly Seidel placed sixth in a personal best of 2:25:13 at the London Marathon on Sunday.

Seidel also said she’s increasingly comfortable speaking about her struggles with mental health and its affect on her diet in the hopes it can help people. Four years ago, I could have competed in the Olympics. I know I'm going to struggle. I can be open about this stuff.

Eating disorders are a shockingly common part of collegiate distance running, and it is all too familiar in this sport to watch a young woman succeed for a short time, crash from low body weight and energy availability, and never be heard from again. Molly Seidel's parents react to her Olympic Marathon Trials second place medal. I can use the extra time to my advantage and improve every aspect of my training. A post shared by Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) on Mar 3, 2020 at 5:36am PST Seidel spoke with The Lily as she drove to her parents’ home in Nashotah, Wis., from Denver — a 15-hour journey — where she had been altitude training before the trials.

Called an audible and found a random neighborhood to do a fartlek instead Sometimes it be like that in the glamorous life of a pro runner . In October, Seidel stopped training with the Saucony team in Boston, and started working out with Jon Green, her friend and fellow Saucony runner. A really smart friend sitting with me on the bus to the start said “Why do you compare your workouts to others? It was the Olympic marathon trials in Atlanta on Feb. 29, and I was competing in my first marathon -- ever. Surround yourself by people who hold you accountable and celebrate all your victories along the way. I had self-awareness and tools. You’ve got this ❤️ • : @cortneywhite_, A post shared by Elise Cranny (@elise.cranny) on Sep 27, 2020 at 2:59pm PDT. I'm in a healthier mental state. Molly Seidel ran one of the most inspiring races of 2020. Beyond my training and marathon builds, I have to make sure that I'm focusing on my mental health over the next year. CHANGING THE WORLD ONE STEP AT A TIME ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ @girlsgottarun .

I still struggle: I relapse and I actively deal with the ups and downs that come with chronic OCD, depression and anxiety. And I did it.

Molly Seidel says eating disorder remains a struggle, What every runner can learn from Molly Seidel, Bowerman runner opens up about dealing with RED-S, Nutrition advice for runners dealing with RED-S. Seek strength, motivation, and inspiration from your trusted support system. If I'm not eating well, I'm not training well. They were meant to get her back in shape for the Olympic trials in the 10k this year. After her marathon on Saturday, her family brought her a signature snack: doughnuts. For this -- my first marathon -- I had to keep my emotions in check. Marathons weren't even on my radar.

The hardest part of marathon training right now is consuming enough calories. The Notre Dame grad ran her marathon debut at the U.S. Olympic Trials and secured her spot on the 202(1) team in late February. I needed help, and thanks to friends and family, I was able to see finally how deep I'd gone.

It will be exhausting to challenge the “rules”, habits and thoughts that may be present in your mind. What does the future of road racing look like during a pandemic? Now I feel like I'm finally ready to go and do this. “At least one Seidel won something that day,” the family’s newly minted Olympian joked. Then I got to Mile 16. My mental health and disordered eating play directly into my marathon training. Seidel was a stand-out collegiate runner, taking multiple NCAA titles and specializing in the 10,000m. Speaking up about RED-S and eating disorders is undeniably uncomfortable, but it’s incredibly important. Share your photos with #IDG5k hashtag to show you took part in our global effort to support the education and empowerment of girls & women worldwide To anyone in the Boston area I’ll be running my 5k on Saturday morning, more deets in my story but come out and celebrate GGRFs mission with fun, running, and possibly donuts! Seidel … "Goddamn it people, can't we take ONE nice photo?" Since I'm new to marathons, I'm looking at this postponement year as a big opportunity. But I felt ready. Guys, come celebrate this year’s International Day of the Girl and support GGRF’s new Agaro program with OUR GLOBAL 5k POP-UP! I can't just stay consistent in my training, but I also need to stay consistent in going to therapy and all the nitty-gritty stuff that isn't quite as fun, but I have to maintain. She attended the University of Notre Dame, where she earned her NCAA success. While none of these women have the definitive answer for success, each references the importance of a true support system. I couldn't be alone. But nearly four years later, I got to have ownership over my story, not just some random person commenting on a message board. “Eating disorders are a shockingly common part of collegiate distance running, and it is all too familiar in this sport to watch a young woman succeed for a short time, crash from low body weight and energy availability, and never be heard from again. I said to myself, "I feel pretty good." Underneath the surface of her hard-won weekend victory, a more complete picture of Seidel emerges when talking to her inner circle. Molly Seidel was ready to set aside her running shoes before making history earlier this year. But when she went back to our hometown in Wisconsin in the early summer, I was alone in the apartment. #olympictrials #teamUSA #roadtotokyo2020, A post shared by Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) on Mar 3, 2020 at 5:36am PST. During relay races with the girls, Seidel “spoke candidly about her struggles with an eating disorder and how she has shifted in her approach to running,” executive director Kayla Nolan wrote in an email.

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