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Her depiction as a woman with a fierce, open mouth has been interpreted as possible allusions to cannibalism which would suggest her position also as a war goddess. The serpent god is also called the Vision Serpent. Scott Michael Rank, Ph.D., is the editor of History on the Net and host of the History Unplugged podcast. Less clearly classifiable as deities are jaguar protectors (perhaps ancestors) and jaguar transformers. He is further regarded as the spirit who is charged with overlooking the growth of foetuses, thus ensuring the growth of new life from old life. Lacandon and Tzotzil-Tzeltal oral tradition are particularly rich in jaguar lore. These assumptions are primarily made by identifying one or more of Ixchel’s traits with those of the deities mentioned. In addition, Thompson writes (in relation to the designation of the deity's name) "Acat is translated as 'inkstand' in the Pio Perez dictionary; as a doctor's instrument case or a scribe's pen case in the Motul dictionary.”

Since a snake can shed its skin, it symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Symbols carry the heart of every culture, and every culture’s symbols represent its inner reality to the people of that culture. Their depictions in the Mayan sources often show them as having some sort of jaguar-related feature to identify their position in the pantheon of gods. While Acat meant “reed” in Mayan, Ah Cat meant “He of the storage jar” and may have been a reference to the ink of the tattoo artist.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mayansandtikal_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',106,'0','0'])); Other names that appear for the same deity in the Mayan mythology include Ah-Kat, Acaat and Acat-Cib. Inana - For the cat who's both feisty and loving, name her after this goddess of warfare and sexual love. Itzamn (or Zamn ) Itzamn, the big cheese overall and lord of the heavens as well as night and day, … Hunab Ku was popularized by a modern Maya day-keeper, Hunbatz Men, who considered it powerful symbol associated with the number zero and the Milky Way. All Rights Reserved. Since the big cats can see well at night, it symbolizes perception and foresight. Apart from being called Acat, the patron deity of tattoos was also given certain other names in the Mayan mythology.

Men usually had tattoos made after their marriage, while women had tattoos made on their upper body parts such as the arms.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'mayansandtikal_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',108,'0','0'])); Acat was the deity who helped the people opting to get tattoos. The jaguar, to the Mayans, was a powerful symbol of ferocity, strength and valor. Hygea - As the goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation, this name fits the nature of most cats. Site created in November 2000. Symbols can be anything, a gesture, a song, a phrase or an image. Many gods were portrayed as jaguars, or at least had characteristics not unlike jaguars, due to their powerful nature. Meili - Long-haired cats or those with serious beauty can use this name meaning "the lovely one.". The deity's hypothetical aspect of a nocturnal sun (that is, a subterranean fire) should perhaps be connected to his proven association with terrestrial fire. Acat’s own name means “reed” in the Nahuatl languages. Artemis - The goddess of the hunt fits those cats who are always bringing home dead animals. Usually called 'Jaguar God of the Underworld', he has been assumed to be the 'Night Sun' - the shape supposedly taken by the sun (Kinich Ahau) during his nightly journey through the underworld - by reason of having the large eyes and filed incisors that also occur with the sun deity, and of sometimes evincing a k 'in infix., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Tattooing and Scarification among the Maya." Hundreds of Mayan symbols can be found carved on stone, which allow archeologists and other researchers to gain an understanding of their culture. The Mayans held the jaguar second only to Kukulkan in religious importance. And when the Aztec equivalents of the Jaguar goddess are examined, even more varied roles of this particular deity come to light. A number of deities in the Mayan pantheon were identified with the Jaguar big cat.

Ancient Mayan God Akhushtal - In Maya mythology, Akhushtal is the goddess of childbirth. Apart from being the patron deity of the tattoos and tattoo artists, Acat is also accorded another major role in the Mayan pantheon. This may have been meant to refer to the reeds used by Mayan artists in the tattooing process. The Aztec earth goddess Coatlicue was not cat-like in form (she combined aspects of serpents, dragons, crocodiles and even a giant frog), but she did revere the jaguar. Among these gods was included the jaguar … Unlike many other mythologies, women are as equally represented as men in Greek mythology as evidenced by these names. [5] The god's other sphere of influence is war, witness for example the stereotypical presence of his face on war shields. Freya - The main goddess, Freya, represents love, beauty, war, and death, inspiring a name for the well-rounded feline. Some take him to be the main ruler over the Underworld. Itzamna. These were called the jaguar gods and goddesses of the Mayan mythology. This manifestation of Acat finds an equivalent in the Aztecs who hold Acatl as their god of the east region. He was considered the patron deity of tattoo artists. While Acat meant “reed” in Mayan, Ah Cat meant “He of the storage jar” and may have been a reference to the ink of the tattoo artist. Thompson also added that Acat is a Nahuatl day name He was, for instance, considered the god of fertility and growth. The main jaguar deities are discussed below. As a god of the Mayan underworld, the jaguar ruled the celestial forces of night and day. Moreover, vases in codical style show him, captured, about to be burnt with torches. These four gods created a confluence of negative and positive energies, and out of these energies they created humans being as well as the entire physical realm. Glyphs of animals were powerful symbols to the Mayans, especially the jaguar and the eagle. The Mayans held the jaguar second only to Kukulkan in religious importance. Ix Chel Mayan Gods. All rights reserved. The Jaguar goddess has variously been identified as a goddess of medicine, a goddess of fertility, of midwifery, a powerful female deity with possible link to female warriors and as related to the role of “grandmother”. Akna - Meaning "Our Mother," this name fits the nurturing cat. In some Mayan sources, he is called Becab of the East. Baba - They say cats can help you live longer, so name your healer after this goddess of healing. One of the most popular symbols used to denote the Jaguar goddess in the Mayan art was an entwined serpent placed at the headdress of the goddess. People who had tattoos of gods made on their bodies believed that by so doing, they would be able to attain some of the characteristics of these gods. Finamore, David, and Stephen Houston (eds.). These names from the Mayan Pantheon are best suited for cats with complex histories or personalities honoring the complex mythology of the culture. Since cats were one of the most highly regarded life forms in Egyptian culture, it's only natural you should bestow your pet the same honor.

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