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She finds him cheating on her at a school-sponsored Halloween party, and trashing her phone when it rings again as she's confronting him. Loomis then looks at his wrist and sees that the Thorn tattoo is now on his arm, symbolizing his new role as the leader of the Thorn Cult. His father, brother, other kinsman, and uncle all cruelly mocked him for this, but when the Chieftain announced that his daughter became available for marriage, Enda took this opportunity to profess his love for Deirdre (believing he had a chance with her because his intentions were pure). In the conclusion, Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes, Tommy escapes Smith's Grove after being blamed for Michael's killings, and finds Lindsey Wallace, who is now a reporter in Chicago. 5,078 people follow this.

It depicts Tommy as a comic book artist, working on a series of comics featuring Michael Myers, Jamie Lloyd, and Thorn.[12]. In the uncut version of the 2007 film, Bob is stabbed to death by Michael as he attempts to get beer from his car. Lynda falls to the floor and dies. Wynn later kills the orderly, frames Tommy for the crime and appears at the end of the comic, visiting Laurie Strode, who has gone insane, in Smith's Grove.[11]. He pulled a gun on Loomis with the intent of killing him.

The two decided to take advantage of the opportunity and went upstairs to have sex.

At the end of the movie, she, Laurie, and Allyson together both kill Michael by setting the house on fire.

She was close friends with Laurie Strode and Annie Brackett. Oscar tries to leave, but is attacked by Michael. Lynda remarked about how she always forgot her chemistry book, as well as her other school books, remarking "who needs books anyway?". Unlike in the original film, Judith was not Michael's first murder victim. Later in the film, Marion Chambers divulges to Dr. Loomis that Laurie was born two years (1961) before her brother Michael was committed to Smith's Grove sanitarium (1963).

A character from the novel Halloween (1979) by Curtis Richards, later appearing on screen in Halloween II (1981). Kluggs and Kendall mock Michael, and upon putting on Michael's masks Michael lashes out at them. Paul is one of the few characters not to be murdered by Michael Myers in the original film. Budd Scarlotti (Leo Rossi) works in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital as an ambulance driver. She is also the mother of Allyson Nelson, who is Laurie's granddaughter and Michael's great-niece or niece. Along with Ellie, Dan traces the mask back to Silver Shamrock Novelties, a company based in the town of Santa Mira. When he sees Michael Myers across the street at the Wallace house, Tommy believes it is the bogeyman, but Laurie dismisses his suspicions. His patient is Michael Myers. In the film, she appears as an apparition with a white horse, and is only seen through Laurie and Michael's visions. In the sequel, someone in a very similar but varied mask (the variation being that the hair attached to Ben's mask is blond and not brunette as Michael's mask is) as Michael Myers runs into the street without looking and gets hit by a squad car which pins him to another vehicle that bursts into flames, leading to his death. Michael watches Judith and her boyfriend trot up the stairs. Comics one-shot Halloween, in which he is the protagonist. Mr. Garrett (Cliff Emmich) is the security guard that works at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Soles, as well as Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of Halloween where she is played by Kristina Klebe. When she cannot get a dial tone, while in a state of fear, she says to herself, "He won't die, Mama; he won't go away, Mama." Lynda Van Der Klok was born to Ray and Marilyn Van der Klok on May 7, 1960 in Haddonfield, Illinois. Aaron and Dana then go to interview Laurie, only managing to get the interview by bribing Laurie. On Halloween night, she is babysitting Lindsey Wallace near Laurie, and the two friends gossip over the telephone throughout the evening. She had one younger brother. He finds out that the Silver Shamrock trademarks on every mask contain a computer chip and a small fragment of Stonehenge. It is revealed in the following film that she survives the attack.

Once he sees that it is Michael, he stares at him in apparent shock. He then carries her away. In Halloween H20, Keri Tate/Laurie Strode reveals to her boyfriend that her sister Judith was seventeen years old when she died. He, his brother Orrin, his friend Earl and other local men band together and try to locate Michael so that they can kill him. Once he does, Michael walks up the stairs and murders Judith. He was also passionately in love with Princess Deirdre (Chief Gwynwyll's daughter). He walked upstairs into the bedroom where Lynda was waiting for him. Halloween Series Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Appears in: Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II. Loomis nearly shot him and told him to turn his car around and to head to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital upon finding out that Laurie Strode was Michael's sister. Kluggs is trained under Ismael Cruz, and is clearly annoyed with Ismael's friendship with Michael, at one point threatening to mess up Michael's room while Ismael was gone. She is played by actress Ellie Cornell.

The novelization of the film implies that he may have survived, however, with the magic of Stonehenge transporting him to another location rather than killing him. Will Brennan (Adam Arkin) is Hillcrest Academy High School's guidance counselor and the boyfriend of headmistress Keri Tate - also known as Laurie Strode. He is never mentioned again. Biography. In one scene, when a hospitalized Laurie is dreaming about her childhood, she remembers asking her mother about her paternity. Michael pulls her back inside, however, she manages to slip away and get a kitchen knife, attempting to face the towering killer. When her presumed boyfriend made no reaction, Lynda grew irritated and got up. [7], The character's more recent onscreen appearances occur in Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot and its sequel, where she is played by Danielle Harris, who also previously portrayed Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. His name is never revealed and he only appears in the opening scene at Judith's house on Halloween (October 31, 1963). Lynda Van Der Klok appears in both the original Halloween and its remake. In Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 she is portrayed by Danielle Harris, and in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers by J. C. Brandy. Sheriff Ben Meeker is an integral part of Halloween 4, as he attempts to help Dr. Loomis find and destroy Michael. When he was told by Rachel that their date was off because she had to babysit Jamie Lloyd, he decided to spend the evening with Kelly Meeker. Sara Moyer is a main protagonist in Resurrection and is played by Bianca Kajlich.

Earlier on Halloween 1963, Michael is with his mother, Edith, who is visiting her mother. After failing in DNA and in-vitro fertilization experiments, tested on the female patients of Smith's Grove Sanitarium (and leading to stillborn fetuses), the experiment became a success when tested on now 15-year-old Jamie Lloyd, who gives birth to a live baby.

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