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One of the most Slightly larger than the Oboe and a minor third lower in sound, the Lorée Oboe D’Amore (Oboe of Love) has a less assertive and a more tranquil and serene voice. The CABART Petites Mains oboe is launched, which is designed for young beginners.

The finishing of the instrument consists of installing the cork pads, springs, and adjusting screws. the Lorée Royal 125- appeals to those looking for a richer and darker tone, adjustable features, and dual metal reinforcement for reliability.

Throughout my entire career I have been blessed by playing Lorée oboes providing all the support I needed for my musical and technical demands. Remember, always be informed - you are taking a step in the right direction after reading this article.

My Royal oboes are flexible, resonant, and colorful, with great intonation and keywork that allows me to play the most difficult technical passages with ease and fluidity. The wood is then stored and dried for 6 to 7 years minimum. The wood is then drilled and turned a first time in a cylindrical shape, in order to facilitate drying. Looking for the Lorée English Horn? Si les qualités de finition et de fiabilité mécanique sont de par le monde unanimement reconnues et partagées par mes hautbois, hautbois d'amour et cor anglais, le musicien profite au quotidien de la fluidité, justesse parfaite sur toute la tessiture, richesse harmonique et surtout de la capacité des instruments F.Lorée à s'accorder au cœur et à l'âme du musicien, à se plier à ses moindres exigences sans lui imposer un son stéréotypé ou standardisé. Let's take a look at the models of oboes that Lorée produces today. As a performer I am in need of extremes, in dynamics, in range, in expressivity, in colors, and I need an oboe which can deliver all of this and much more, instantly, without the need to bend my technique or my reeds to it.

Many professional oboists around the world choose to play on Lorée instruments.

Made with the same legendary Lorée quality as their other instruments, The Lorée Bass Oboe enables the player to reach to the low B flat (B♭ 2) – for rich and haunting melodies.

Pourquoi jouer depuis 30 ans les instruments F.Lorée ? Special features that are present on this model, but not on the F. Loree Oboe are an adjustable thumb rest, tenons with dual metal reinforcement, an adjustment screw to regulate the height of the medium C key, and a high D facilitator.

Coveys have some of the clearest, purest tone, and are EXTREMELY difficult to make reeds for in my book. links, at no cost to you. vivre le véritable hautbois français avec sa sonorité si riche, pleine et unique.

Contact Carlos Today. get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my

grenadilla wood, with silver-plated keys. You can email him to ask what he thinks about it. Finally, the instrument is put in its case and is ready to ship or to be tested at the Lorée workshop located in Paris. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I

With all the variables inherent in playing the oboe, we have to be able to trust our instrument if nothing else!

Thank you for all the wonderful instruments over the years!

Grenadilla wood – silver-plated keys The pieces are then silver-plated. All trill keys are present, including a 3rd octave key. For the F.Lorée created the ROYAL 125 Obow for the 125th Anniversary in 2006.

F.Lorée Oboe Since 1989, F.Lorée offers a masterpiece, the “ROYAL”, which combines musicality, reliability and beauty. Tone holes and holes for the mechanics’ support (posts) are drilled. It is made from

Lorée launches their piccolo oboe (in F).

It is also made from grenadilla wood, with silver-plated keys. well-known oboe brands is F. Lorée. There is only one oboe which gives me the flexibility to express music in the way I envision, to color and shape the sound, and ultimately to allow me to sound like myself: Lorée.

In fact, they're the hardest to make reeds for.

They have playing samples on their blog if you want to check it out. This instrument has a cR+3-125 full conservatory plateau system, with grenadilla wood and silver-plated keys. Some special features for the Amythyst Oboe are gold-plated keys, amethyst set in the bell, with a dark purple leather case and leather cover.

I feel there’s so many colours to be found, I can be flexible, create ‘my’ sound and take musical risks, safe in the knowledge my instruments won’t limit me or let me down. Ces atouts forment un ensemble qui détermine au plus haut point le choix de l'artiste. This instrument is also available in the AK version, which is extremely popular in the United States for its dark sound. They know what they are doing, and produce reliable, dark instruments. Crafted with the legendary quality and skill of Lorée, this full conservatory plateau instrument has been prized for generations.

Lorée creates the special F. Lorée ROYAL 125 for the 125th anniversary of the company. François Lorée founds his own company, F. Lorée. Read my article about the Top Five Oboe Brands, and what to keep in mind when choosing an instrument. Choose from the Standard or AK (American) bore. The ROYAL Oboe has a forked F resonance key, left hand F key, and a low B flat resonance key. You could say he’s a bit of a Perfectionist. I primarily play oboe and English horn, but have a background in many woodwind instruments. There are more than 200 pieces before soldering, and about 50 after. This instrument has a cE+3 full conservatory plateau system.

Lorees are harder to slur down on, (say middle E to low A) particularly at a quieter dynamic. In addition, I am pleased with the extraordinary balance between stability and flexibility found in the oboes made by the de Gourdon Family. Personally, I play on a Lorée, because I find the sound to be dark while still bringing the sweetness of the oboe timbre. I am proud to play Lorée oboes since 1972 and always appreciate the care with which they craft each individual instrument, as well as the dedication they show their customers.

Following are a few of the major events for the Paris oboe making company Lorée.

Find it. The ROYAL 125 Amythyst Oboe has all trill keys, a 3rd octave key, forked F resonance key, left hand F key, and low B flat resonance key.

There is the forked F resonance key, left hand F key, and low B flat resonance key. This instrument has a cR+3-125A full conservatory plateau system, and is made from grenadilla wood. All trill keys are present, along with the 3rd octave key. Special attention is paid to the selection of the wood, and only the pieces with the most beautiful aspects are used for its manufacturing. Forked F resonance key Then he elevates the instrument.

Home > Fingering Charts > Oboe > Basic > First Octave Basic Fingering Chart for Oboe First Octave: Bb 3 to C 5.

Whatever brand of oboe you choose to play on, Lorée has played a major role in the modern oboe which should be admired. Choosing an oboe can be both a fun and stressful process. Adjustment screw to regulate the height of the medium C key to nuance the color and intonation of the note, This model is also available in full automatic system (Ref. Slightly larger than the Oboe and a minor third lower in sound, the Lorée Oboe D’Amore (Oboe of Love) has a less assertive and a more tranquil and serene voice. Made with the same legendary Lorée quality as their other instruments, the Lorée Bass Oboe enables the player to reach to the low B flat (B♭2) – for rich and haunting melodies. They enable me to play the variety of repertoire that I enjoy and inspire me on a daily basis!

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