News: living in a rav4

I also have a Rav4 (2003) and am so inspired by what you did! You can also apply this to when you go down hills as well.

Your car has a “current miles per gallon” meter on your multi-information display that can now be used as your guide.

if (!window.mc4wp) { This would act as a platform for my cooler, and a single sheet of plywood could slide in and out of it to act like a table. Sounds you are having a journey of the lifetime. } We didn't have to worry about wildlife, and with a roof-top carrier, we still had ample space to bring gear.

Bookmark Jeff Teague's Toyota News and Reviews at Torque News Toyota. Since that inaugural trip last summer, we've tweaked our setup a bit, and here's how we're doing it now. Being able to sleep comfortably in a car relies on finding a location that has plenty of light to stay safe, not a lot of sound, and in a region with mild outside temperatures. So glad to hear you like the content! and I got this awesome 7 gallon water tank by the way: Amazon Link. If you’d like to learn more about these vent fans and see how they work check out my article: How to Stay Cool When Sleeping in a Car.

Originally I was going to make velcro curtains but your reflectix covers have me convinced that’s the way to go! I recently wrote a story where I showed a majority of new RAV4 Hybrid owners are getting more than the EPA-rated 40 mpg listed on window stickers. There are some good YouTube videos about removing the seats in a RAV4. Great site, especially since this is the exact vehicle i’m about to convert for travel life. Since that inaugural trip last summer, we've … The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. For one, the 2019 RAV4 Hybrid is an excellent value, as it is priced less than $1000 more than its equivalent gasoline AWD RAV4.

Like, half joking but half serious can you come do this for my car? I would recharge the battery using my cars power while I drove around and then that charge would usually last me through the night. Read More, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Are You Currently Living in a Car? Like clothing (you mentioned shoes). So a thought for those of us that don’t have the sunroof: same process for venting out the passenger windows with the awning covers, right? Also found in my very unscientific study were a few people who had not yet been successful in getting the gas mileage they were hoping for.

I have a 2012 Rav 4 so i believe the measurements should be the same.

I’ve never done something like this and any help is welcome and I would be grateful for. I feel defrauded. When there's not mechanics work, he does handy man jobs - anywhere, anything. A few years ago, I converted my SUV to a camper by building a platform bed in my 2009 Honda CR-V. It’s still a super popular post on this blog– link to the post here. I'm passionately into minimalism and intentional living and I decided to make living out of the vehicle I already own into an experiment. I wanted as much headroom as possible, and the ability to fully sit up in bed was really important to me.

While I had the Reflectix out for the window covers, I decided to add some extra insulation to my inexpensive Coleman cooler (Amazon Link). Watch your current mpg display to help you get better. ooh, by the way, welcome to the Rav4world! Actually, you can convert any car into a mini camper, just adapt the layout to the size of the car. Say yes to events that I couldn’t afford hotels for. window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ Basically, hypermiling is anything that can be done to increase mpg. The trip I took up the east coast of the United States showed me that not only was this a viable way to live, but that it was immensely enjoyable and much easier than I had imagined! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. But, that support on the tongue does take up some valuable storage space under the platform. I’m helping a 76 year old homeless man currently sleeping in his RAV4. Do you just happen to have the measurements to help get me started? For a single person, a RAV4 is the ideal vehicle for an extended road trip. But as I thought about that more and more, I considered how this would make it difficult to store the bed, and maintaining it would be annoying as all the blanket layers would probably fall apart frequently. Hi everyone, proud to finally be a part of R4W! If I used a single color I would have gone through my entire store of that plastic spool and then some. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. It was at this time I decided to start thinking about how I would design the sleeping platform and other structures. Thank you.

Like with the cooking experiment, I learned a ton and modified my set up accordingly. callback: callback } After you step on the gas to get up to speed, let up on the pedal a little, while still maintaining speed.

Based on the above comments, seems like people are getting 40MPG+ from the start. - Living in an area where it's cold a lot.

Now I cannot get out of the 35 mpg range. You might empty out boxes filled with heavy things, sandbags, luggage and anything else you can think of. I also learned of the need to prioritize parking in the shade, as the noon sun was incredibly hot. Based on this concept, I suggest if there is no car behind you that you take your foot off the gas pedal sooner than you normally would and let your car coast to a red light or stop sign. I would like to get some ideas about how to just have one side with a “bed”. All the above are valid tips. I like what you did with your dad to your Rav4.

The shrouds were so big I had to print them in 2 pieces. Which is not a good thing. Just wondering where you felt safest on your journey(s).

Thanks for reading everyone. I have an XSE we bought last May, one of the first ones out, and have been getting 32-33 mpg pretty regularly. It’s a cot sized mattress designed to be bought as a spare bed, but also happens to work perfectly for sleeping in a car. It will show you exactly what you are getting real-time.

It is Also removable? And, of course, there is that amazing fuel efficiency. I know we all want to “win that race” when the traffic light turns green. I’d recommend you make the platform as tall as possible while still being able to sit up since it’ll give you more storage. I settled on an idea of using Reflectix (Amazon Link) as a structural and thermal material, and then wrapping the Reflectix panels with some fabric to make it look nice. Read More, While I have experienced the things that I talk about on, none of these article should be taken as legal or authoritative console in making your decisions.

While I was thinking about this, I stumbled on a mattress that was literally the perfect length, width, and thickness for my sleeping platform.

What do you drive? It didn’t create much extra space to remove that piece so we reinstalled it. I’m looking for a temporary/removeable way to convert my 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman “and” maximize space and efficiency. Read More. Living on the Road in My Converted RV4. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. They were seeing under 40 mpg. Hi! Sleeping in our Rav4 was quiet and dry. But why are sales skyrocketing for this specific Hybrid? No matter how carefully we drive, we never get more than 34 mpg on our 2019 RAV 4 hybrid. I challenge you to try incorporating even one or two of my gas-saving tips for a few weeks, even though it will seem awkward and you will have the urge to “get that lead foot out” again. It's the pedal (or the handgrip) on the right!!

That may be because the flow of traffic is usually 78- 84 on our commute. The harder you push down on the gas pedal the more you will needlessly expend fuel in your tank. Every so often, folks reach out to me by email or Instagram DM with their own stories and how-to’s on how they […]

While I have experienced the things that I talk about on, none of these article should be taken as legal or authoritative console in making your decisions. The last big storage decision was: what to do with the big open space where the driver side back seat went? Although I love it BUT I can’t seem to get it over 36.6 city. Also, keep your tires filled to the recommended pressure found in your owner’s manual.

Making money - a friend of mine has been on the road now for six years.

Hey! I immediately found a ton of flaws in how I stored all of my cooking utensils. Also, it has great acceleration, providing 219 net Hybrid horsepower. I had limited funds since I had saved for the trip as a whole, and the more I spent on the conversion the less time I could spend on the road. We built the bed platform supports so they would hug the walls of that pit of storage, and in doing so very little of that space was wasted. (I actually rarely ever slept in, but more on that in a future article). (function() {

Still we don't see a lot of variation in the MPG.

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