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Copyright © 2020 | Legal Notice | DMCA, Help keep the flying moose flying by supporting Fish 'em slowly. I was a disciple of Babe Winkelman’s worm tactics so I was naturally drawn to the presentation.” At the same time, other anglers scoffed at the contraptions until the big reservoir tournaments where the bouncers ran away with the prize money. Forgot your password? Bob Meter invented the basic bottom bouncer in North Dakota in 1964. document.write('');

It's really sad that some people travel a long way from home to go on their dream Walleye fishing trip only to hit the Mayfly hatch and don't know what to do. Also the Walleyes are less aggressive and tend go after slow moving or stationary baits. Rather you want to drag the jig 6 to 12 inches at a time and do it very slowly. Pontoons are not new to walleye fishing, Bob Probst always pushed for boat producers to come out with a walleye-specific model. When the Walleyes are feeding on Mayflies it is really hard to catch them with traditional fishing methods. The Next Bite TV Immediately the heavier weight (often 1.5 to 2-ounces) with the long wire allowed him to fish faster and still trigger walleyes. I like them better when using less weight (fishing shallow). The walking sinker is designed to move along the lake bottom with less resistance and to reduce getting caught up … Professional fishing tips For Walleye, Muskies, Pike, and other “Fish with Teeth”! this great site and online community alive by contributing your financial support. Tournament angler Chad Allen remembers a 1984 event at Mille Lacs, “The other anglers scorned Bob and Mike at the dock. “If I see a group of fish on the sonar, I still toss out a marker buoy,” adds Gerry, “and will toss out a second one if the school is large enough. Enter your speed and rig to calculate your trolling depth. I would survive but my personal walleye rig would seem empty without three or four tackle boxes and dozens of rods on deck. At summer camp we had caught some walleyes in a reservoir tailrace and therefore we assumed (incorrectly) that the rest of the lake was swarming with the creatures. I see too many memes that start with, “one secret trick to catching more fish,” to know that nothing is really new and that there are no secrets. Also spend some time on the Walleye section of tons of knowledge to be had there: Lundojam is correct in his description - especially regarding the ability of the line to slip back through (which is one of the main points of a "Lindy" rig). Only in the last few weeks before ice does the guide team vertically jig if the bouncers do not produce. Innovations on the Innovation Nothing is more stable than the big floats and guests can hold a rod from many of the deck chairs. Well with the price of ready-made bottom bouncing rigs at about 3 bucks a piece and don't get me wrong they are nice but when you loose a few you figure out what else works quick.The set-up I use is anywhere from 3-5 oz. Bottom bouncers are back on everyone’s boat again as tackle trends follow almost-predictable boom-and-bust cycles. In fact, if I could only use one presentation alone during the month of July, it would be hard to beat a bottom bouncer teamed up with either a spinner harness or some type of rig. If the weeds are 6 inches off the bottom then put the split-shot about 9 inches from the floating jig. Cabelas and other suppliers sell unpainted pencil bouncers in sizes up to three ounces. I will hand-hold the other rod because I like to contact the bottom and eventually feel the tug. At some point even if a presentation is not perfect, keeping it in the water at the right depth and speed pays dividends.

The first try included the weight blobbed at the end of the wire which worked OK, but once he moved the weight up the wire the system was born. They do go after minnows and leeches but their primary diet in many lakes is anything they can eat off the bottom. This is a simple online version of the Android app. If they are eating small minnows, leeches, crayfish and bugs, their meat is generally white.

His original goal was to improve on a Carolina-style rig that snagged too much. Try One Tomorrow The design had really short arms, no wire, and I pulled them for walleye throughout Kansas and later for trout in Colorado. Although baitcasting rods are tops for hand-held fishing, Chad said that Bob Probst Sr. always had a 9-foot spinning rod out as a dead rod in a rod holder. As I said before, Walleyes are bottom feeders and they are right on bottom during the Mayfly hatch picking off the newly hatch larva as they come out of the mud. But somehow the comforting idea of backtrolling in a deep-V with a small outboard surrounded by just one or two rods seems not only simpler, but still relevant.

Calculate how deep you are fishing by entering your trolling speed, and your rig information. Since a hand-held rod “gives” more than one in a rod holder, they warrant a faster action. Bob and Mike had their big bouncers and heavy line which did not work immediately, but give good anglers like that an inch and they will catch a mile.” Adjustments to the conditions are key but a weight system in front of bait is going to a sure deal for walleyes at some point. Shopping in one aisle of the big box store, no need for a fancy depth finder that switches between twenty screens, a simple boat and one hand on the motor. I never cast these reels so it is easy to replace worn monofilament, swap it out for fluorocarbon as needed, or even remove it altogether and use the braid for deep fish later in the year. I remember filling out the handwritten order form, having my dad write a check, and licking the stamp to send it in. Because there is a lot less sunlight the weeds may only be a few inches high and in the case the Walleyes are not hiding in weeds but are hugging the tops and looking for bugs and stuff on the bottom. If they have been feeding on deeper suspended oily fish like Whitefish, Cisco, Shad or Lake Herring, their meat goes semi-translucent and can taste fishy. The hardest part about running bottom bouncers these days is confidently choosing a rod that fits your style, manages the weight, and delicately hooks fish. A Saginaw bay event led to more conflicts. You want to be as close to the bottom as possible without touching the bottom. Do you add split shot or a slider? if (document.body.clientWidth <= 870) { Support - Keep the Flying Moose Flying, Thinking of making a trip to the BW 6 November, Sept/ Oct 7-day Trip - YouTube Slide Show - South Kawishiwi Entry. Some anglers lean towards small line-counters like the Okuma Cold Water 350 Low Profile, Daiwa Accudepth IVC Low Profile, or the Abu Garcia 5500LC. Find em, Catch em. We support this high volume of visitors

* For the benefit of the community, commercial posting is not allowed. The most common slip-weight rig is the Lindy rig (see A to F below). LivePrecise Taking the guess work out of life. Keep the speed at 0.8 to 1.1 mph. In today’s detailed world of walleye the simplicity has a draw. I use them a bit up there. along with the wonderful resources, interactive maps, and online community.

The duo fished their versatile bouncers all the way until their retirement from tournaments in 2006.

Learn more. In this type of scenario jigging with regular jigs is not that effective because your jig gets covered with muck and weeds really fast. Now you drop the rig down to the bottom in the 15 to 25-foot range. This site has grown since 2002 from a few visitors a day to up to 10,000 “We were fishing a 4-foot deep sand flat near Saginaw Bay and, on a whim, decided that the gentle contours would allow us to spread out our lines on boards. I like the lindy rig vs a bottom bouncer in most cases because if the fish are biting very lightly you can feed them line without them feeling the weight of the sinker. Just as applicable as ever.

I have used the lindy in line weights, they are ok. The best ideas are the simplest. Guide the bottom bouncer along the bottom with a crankbait or minnow in the winter, or a nightcrawler in the summer for 20 minutes. From here, the rod choice depends on if you regularly use rod holders versus hand-held trolling and if you prefer braid or monofilament line. The key is to do everything slow. Then, one typically runs 10-20 lb leader back from the bottom bouncer to the spinner or other baits that might be pulled by the bottom bouncer. If nothing bites, then move to the next likely spot.” This system almost guarantees fish and over time, the angler can start correlating sonar returns, boat control on structure, depths, speeds, and vegetation details with fish caught and progressively refine their own process. Your sinker should be contacting bottom, but not dragging (usually.) Jason Mitchells designed his Elite Series by Clam casting rods (10804) to be hand-held. Walleyes, Rivers, and Big Smiles! I have grown up using barrel sinkers, with a swivel, then line to bare hook like the illustration. Explaining the tactic is simple, “I use enough weight to keep the bait close to the boat and therefore right on the structure I want to fish.” Excellent boat control separates good anglers from great ones and after 40 years of guiding Gerry remains one of the best.

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