News: levi's 505 vs 501

Expect these jeans to fit true-to-size, and have a relaxed fit through the thighs. Levi's 501 and 505 jeans were the originals. When Levi Strauss invented the first blue jeans, they were double-stitched for strength but still not quite strong enough at the stress points for miners. Simply recollect that the 550 pants are a casual fit that accompanies space worked in. Best For: The casual kid and the modern worker. Overall, both pairs are referred to as a “straight fit”, but expect the 501 legs to be a bit slimmer. In this article we compare Levi’s 501 vs 505 men’s jeans. Levi … The fabric blend for the 505s is 78% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 1% Elastane. Underneath the knee the 501 pants have a straight cut, which is as yet going to be smaller than the 550 pants, however, will have a lot of room.

The 505 jeans are offered in a wide range of colors and washes. The original 501s come in the classic indigo blue color, which is available in both dark and light wash, with highlights along the front creases and thighs. The fit: Slim is the name of the game for the 513s, featuring a slim thigh and straight leg. As far as I can tell, both the 501 and 550 pants have a consistent with size fit, which means the midsection and the length was what I anticipated. Your email address will not be published.

The 502 is an in-between for people who enjoy the comfort of the 501s, but also like the fitted look of the 505s. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 InsideHook. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. They’re cut with a slim thigh and straight leg so that you still get the sleek appearance of skinny jeans in a silhouette that’s a little less constricting. The only fashion trend to adversely impact the success of Levi's was bell bottoms in the 1970s, when Levi's had a huge inventory of straight-leg jeans.

Levi Strauss & Co. manufactures some of the highest quality jeans in the world. If you’re not into the low rise craze, the 550 Relaxed Fits are meant to be loose and relaxed with a relaxed seat and thigh, but also feature a slight taper down toward the ends, which makes them ideal for use with sneakers, trainers, and even **shudders** sandals, if that’s your thing. She earned her Master of Science in Internet technology leadership at La Salle University and is earning her Doctor of Education in instructional technology and distance education at Nova Southeastern University. In the case of women’s jeans, the numbers determine how the jeans fit through the waist, hips and thighs, whereas the men’s determine how they will fit overall. Best For: Fashion-forward men unwilling to sacrifice comfort. Boot cut Levi’s are as American as apple pie, and the 517s are an excellent choice if you want classic style with modern touches (like a slightly slimmer leg). © 2020 MyCasualStyle.

The 505, on the other hand, has a zip fly.

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