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How sweet it is! We started immediately picking up fish, not real rapidly but enough to pay attention. Lake Francis Case covers just over 100 miles and has a shoreline of 540 miles. In addition to water temperatures being significantly cooler, Oahe offers a completely different forage base. By 11 a.m. we had caught our daily limit for the day for the three of us. Once I have the blade on I also have another option to make the fish’s meal perfect for them.

Learn everything you need to know about fishing Lake Sharpe!

Platte Creek Lodge walleye fishing guides and fishermen fish out of three to four different spots on the great river system, Snake Creek, Platte Creek, Pease Creek, and Buryanek’s Landing. Fishing is not just for the men of the world, women really enjoy fishing with Platte Creek Lodge and walleye guide service.

Pam was amazed at the number of keepers we caught in such a short time. and he said wherever you are catching small walleye, you need to move on as that is all there is in that spot. The area has 5 boat ramp areas. The guides also have 20 foot boats so your ride will be as smooth and dry as can be. (I keep talking about the boat, but it was exciting. Angler's professional and amateur alike choose Francis Case for South Dakota's trophy fishing and unparalleled frontier experience. “Later in the day the shallows begin to warm up and fish move onto the flats,” he says. Nick has fished across the Midwest on top waterbodies, but calls the Missouri River reservoirs his home. Trolling the tree tops produces some bigger fish but is a bit more challenging. Silver and gold are top options for this presentation.

“Fishing around all the pilings can be excellent from ice-out through May,” the angler says. 36537 Platte Lake Rd, Platte, SD 57369. © 2019 Northland Fishing Tackle. He graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. “Walleyes move toward the rocks after dark, well within reach of bank anglers, and it’s fairly common to see someone fill a limit in 20 minutes.”. “Here, you should pitch jigs right up to the shoreline, or pull crankbaits on lead-core line along the deep breakline. Join us for a fully guided or self guided walleye fishing trip in South Dakota on beautiful Lake Francis Case. Incoming water is warmer and spills out over a huge mudflat at the mouth, he explains. This trip may have sold her on fishing with me again and we have another day to go. Ussualy best early in the morning. Think of yourself as a server, you need to find where your customers are and give them what they want! Our experienced Fishing guides will put you on spots to catch fish! Let’s take a look at the best options. While Sharpe and Francis Case are often in the peak of walleye fishing this time of year, Lake Oahe begins to emerge from her winter slumber. The lake is driven by it’s cold water species, which are lake herring and smelt. For more information, visit:, Shoreline: 540 miles 5. While you’re jigging, you can also drop a live chub lip-hooked on Roach Hook over the side. “Use sonar to find fish in the holes, then park overtop and jig a No. Once you’ve found the color the fish prefer, fine tune your action to maximize your success. Angler's professional and amateur alike choose Francis Case for South Dakota's trophy fishing and unparalleled frontier experience.

Note the rod holder. Theme: Bulk, Keeping It Simple for Missouri River Reservoir Walleye, Cool Presentations for Hot Summer Walleye, Early Season Buffet on the Missouri River. Golden. I am not used to this at all as I have always held a rod in my hand.

Presentation this time of year is not about trying to trick them or forcing them to eat. The big boat came right off and I drove the trailer up to the parking area and hustled down to the dock. Highway 44 out of Platte, SD crosses over the lake. Warming water temperatures also have their energetic demands higher, making their need for food that much greater. Fort Randall Dam is one of six Missouri River dams. From mid-summer into September many anglers focus on targeting big walleyes in the flooded timber from Whetstone Bay to Pease Creek. “Here again, pull bottom bouncers and spinner rigs,” he says.

There are various other types of spices you can put on your line as well. We were off, and oh how this boat would fly over the water with just the three of us in it and the 200 horses pushing us along!

“In fact, it can sometimes get crowded with boats this time of year.” Use the lures and techniques already outlined, but be aware that some specific holes are off limits to fishing. Cleland Guide Service is a family owned South Dakota guided walleye fishing charter and ring-neck pheasant hunting service located along the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota. “You’ll catch fish there in April and May, but it’s a mudflat, so it’ll hold walleyes all summer long.”. We would depart for the lake at 7 a.m. For meals a person could drive into town as there were restaurants open in the morning for breakfast and dinner. These fillet out really nice and fry up even better. - Fishing Website Design, additional people in room $25.00 per person. Shore fishermen have an excellent opportunity to catch walleyes here in March and April, Bashore explains. He told me we could have it all done by 1 pm or earlier.

This means the lake is often several months behind the other reservoirs and may not even be ready for boats on the lower-end until May. “Troll erratic, deep-diving cranks behind a downrigger or on lead-core line just above the treetops.

I have never seen so many people lining up to get onto the lake.

Each of us fished with two rods in rod holders on each side of the boat. The Smile Blades can easily be tweaked to change the vibration and action they produce. Lake Francis Case covers just over 100 miles and has a shoreline of 540 miles. The main forage of both Lake Sharpe and Lake Francis Case is gizzard shad. You need to know where the fish are and how they want their meal served to them. Head weight depends on current speed and wind strength. Team Northland member Brian Bashore makes up one-half of the duo who operate The Walleye Guys Guide Service. Use a sinker heavy enough to pin it to the bottom and a 3- or 4-foot leader to let it swim.”, Lake maps courtesy of Navionics. Young people have a lot of fun catching and releasing our 1-3 pound walleyes. I have a deep passion for fishing and teaching others the techniques it takes to consistently catch fish. Spencer Deutz Educates Future Anglers Just Days Before MN Fishing Opener →. My guide said the lake was about  normal and he has lived in the area all his life. Pease Creek and the lower portion of the lake are going good right now. Never fear, it only takes a small population of adults to fuel the forage base all summer long. Your email address will not be published. While a plain offering can certainly catch fish, adding some spice in the form of color, flash and vibration will help draw attention to your bait and trigger strikes. Hank, Your email address will not be published. Fish are hungry and they are looking for food, give them what they want. The walleyes native to the Missouri river system range from 15” to 28”, with a lot  in the 16”-18” range, great eating fish. The early summer period, May and June, is often some of the best fishing there is to be had on the Missouri River reservoirs, especially Lake Sharpe and Lake Francis Case. Location and presentation are the two biggest factors when it comes to catching walleye. The fish want to eat, you just need to serve them their meal. In the water we were off and flying over the water. This boat would really move when it was opened up and the seats had a suspension system that kept the ride really smooth.

Guided trips, information and tips for anglers of all skill levels! An original Fire-Ball® Jig or a Metallic Eye-Ball Jig are both good choices.

But when the ice goes out (usually in March; sometimes earlier) is when the action starts to heat up. All Rights Reserved. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER! Limits: You can expect Lake Francis Case daily limits of walleyes in the slot (15 to 20 inches) and the chance at some of the trophy walleye that cruise and inhabit the waters. Our South Dakota river system has an abundant supply of walleye and smallmouth bass, with an occasional … “Pitch jigs around the boulders as walleyes tend to hang there to rest.”, Landing Creek offers another mudflat that holds walleyes. Lake Francis Case is home to many popular fishing species including walleye, northern pike, perch and bass.

“Kiowa Flats is just below Crow Creek. It is tough to beat the bite offered on the Missouri River reservoirs throughout May and June. So plan your next fishing trip with Platte Creek Lodge, your walleye guide service. These are perfect eating size fish.

4 or 6 Roach Hook behind a bead and baited with a ’crawler along that stretch all the way to Platt Creek,” he says. “Large walleyes hang out in those trees,” says Bashore.

This is a great sign for the lake, as all those small fish grow into big fish. As June transitions into July and the rest of summer, fishing can slow down because now there is an abundance of shad in the system.

Good for the minimum. We grabbed it. 1. Filter: All posts Sort by: Newest Our guide and good friend is in the background. World Famous South Dakota Walleye Fishing on Lake Francis Case. Fish are on these flats looking for food and will often strike when they see the meal they are looking for. This means Oahe walleye enjoy a longer growing season and can often reach significantly larger sizes much quicker than the fish in the reservoirs below. “Here, too, troll spinner rigs,” he says, “and fish any bay that’s big enough to get a boat into.”, In late-fall, from October all the way to ice-up, Bashore recommends heading back to Chamberlain where walleyes once again hang out in the deep holes and around bridge pilings.

at …

Learn about the best way to keep it simple and catch more fish in Keeping It Simple for Missouri River Reservoir Walleye. The .8” Smile Blade is the perfect offering this time of year, because it adds the perfect amount of flash, vibration and color without stealing the show from the main course.

Water often remains open below the Big Bend Dam all winter and some anglers fish the tailrace straight through, he says. Just hop it across the bottom. Facebook: Lip Ripper Guide Service Time to teach an old dog new tricks.

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