News: koi wa tsuzuku yo dokomade mo ending

Bless you!

Thank you again for your hard working so we can enjoy this lovely dorama….it’s a little bit sad cz this is the last episode…we hope there will be 2nd season…finally…the devil has been defeated and then love will last forever ♥️♥️♥️. Takeru is a great actor!!!! It is a very difficult time for many of us right now but watching these episodes gives me a reason to smile. See you ini another drama again, Thank you for the fast subbing job and I really enjoyed reading your Trivia section, it is always interesting to see behind the scenes! The Basho haiku. 'I want to meet my destined prince! Thank you so much blitzfansub for posting this every week! A drama which is beautiful and light and great story and acting. Thankyou for your hardwork for subbing this drama…sending my love for your tim ❤, Thank you so much for your effort. ❤❤, I guess its weird the wedding ceremony didnt attend by the family,, but ist really good drama, In manga they already registered their marriage to goverment and make a ceremony later.. Global Granary ... (Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomade mo) poster. Koi wa Tsuzukuyo Dokomademo @ Patreon.

if i knew your website earlier, i just need to come here to watch the next ep. 24 Comments Thanks for subbing this drama. I love this drama!! Thank you! Medical: SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) heart attack, unlike a heart attack, is caused by electrical issues rather than physical blockage of the heart. Keep up the good work. But this second time I enjoyed it much more for your help that allowed me to understand what they were saying. I do love how the actress portrays her character. 54 Comments Sementara itu, Kairi Tendo tertarik pada Nanase Sakura. If you still have trouble, please leave a comment. lets keep happy and health!♡°•♡, Thank you so much for subbing and sharing I actually look forward to the different ways she ekes out a confession at the most improbable and embarrassing situations. Try the mirror I just added. Really looking forward to that!!! I am so glad that I have found such a great J-drama and I do agreed with many of the viewers or fans that Takeru is indeed a very versatile actor.

She met Doctor Kairi Tendo several years ago and fell in love with him. Everybody could easily see. Thanks a lot for subbing..always leaves a smile on my face… ❤️. I really enjoyed looking forward to this show every week! Kairi Tendo, who is 31-years-old, is commonly referred to as the "Devil" at work. Schumacher proposed […], July 31, 2020 |  she is very good in koi wa tsuzuku better than in L<3DK, Thank you guys so much for providing amazing fast subs for this wonderful drama. u made my day! Tendo called her Nanase twice in the last ep that I wondered if I’d incorrectly assumed her first name (aka it’s Nanase not Sakura)? Excuse me, I wanted to make you a request. In the scene where Nishi is introducing himself to Kairi, he actually calls Kairi “younger brother.” This is because even if he is younger than Kairi, if he marries Kairi’s older sister, Nishi automatically becomes the “older brother-in-law” in turn making Kairi the “younger brother-in-law”. I do hope that their love will last forever too, just like the dorama. Thank you for subbing until the end! Thank u very much…. Yes, on my ipad it asks me to download the mega app. Yuk bantu kami, jika anda menemukan link download dan streaming yang mati/rusak/error. In the ambulance: Nanase: I wish I could spend more time with you. Thank you for your hard work.

I think he pulled it off really well.

It’s all about cat god dance , thank you so much for your hard work these past few month, otsukare!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. thanks for your hard work, and for being so fast, love ittttttttttt so much and thanks for subbing.

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