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Svetlana Hvorostovsky Cause Of Death, Troy: Howdy Chet! Small things like how King Falls doesn't break character, so to speak, as much as Night Vale, or Night Vale seems to take place in an alternate universe from ours all together. Here. You wouldn’t talk to me after you both. Types Of Slippers With Names And Pictures, Thanks so much for listening this evening to King Falls AM.Chet: You heard our missing the Benny Cat blues story, how’s about we hear yours. watch 09:08.

Let’s take a quick break, get settled up in this biotch and come back and do whatever it is that Sammy and Ben show usually does. I wanted you to be a friend to help me deal with what I was going through so I could help you deal with what you were going through.

Chet: Ageism. Umm… okay folks the lines are lighting up and since we are.. kinda winging it this evening, let’s go ahead and grab some calls. Me either. I think I left my coffee in my office. No cough, no runny nose. How Much Fabric Do I Need For A Maxi Dress, Money?

Everybody’s house is allowed to have locked doors, I’ve got some. Day or night.Sammy: I appreciate it, Troy.Troy: I appreciate you, bud. Mufasa: Everything. It wasn’t planned and uh well… have a great night, dude! Damn son, what the hell is on the top of your noggin? had the absolute joy of finishing the wolf 359 podcast the other day…… here’s me playing w some designs of my favorite space crew, having some Thoughts about wolf 359 tonight, yes there is a raybans sunglasses sale its down here in my wine cellar come on, i cant believe its daylight savings time and i havent seen the “hello its me your cousin oskaar from iceland” video on my dash yet you are all slackers, i guess i have to do all the work around here dont i, Swords are bougie garbage, spears and axes are the weapons of the honest working man, IMAGINE GETTING KILLED BY WILD ANIMALS BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO DISTANCE YOURSELF, I have a Sword and a Spear, because my family makes pottery and aren’t low class farmers like yours, I mean, we’re potters, not glass blowers. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king. Sammy: What was that, Troy? Tell me, when you leave a Nationally number one syndicated radio show out of the blue and buy yourself out of your own contract, is that not quitting, Shotgun?Sammy: I left my show because I had to, not because it got too hard for me, not because my producers wanted something different from me. And while I do enjoy your company, I can’t say I wouldn’t toss you to the weeds to hangout with that lovely Miss Potter too.Sammy: As a friend, of course, since you’re old enough to be her father. It’s obviously a slow night if I can get through three times in three tries.Sammy: Lily…Lily: It doesn’t sound like you and the horny jazz guy have a lot of common ground. Who do you think you’re, (Hotline is ringing but doesn’t answer it). Mount Massive Teardrop For Sale, Who knew you two gents were ladies-men on the Sammy and Ben show?Sammy: Ok I-it’s far from that, Chet.Chet: Don’t sound like it.Sammy: Alright. So I’m happy to help a friend in need and pass some airtime with you, Player. You know I’m not the technical one of the duo. Lily: So why is it that that you get to label me a quitter to all your listeners, which I hate to admit, there are quite a lot of them even at this ungodly hour. Tiffany Haddish Have Kids, King Falls AM, a production of the Make Believe Picture Company, is a bimonthly podcast set in the fictional town of King Falls.

We just got paid today, Chet and I mean if-Chet: MY FINANCES AIN’T NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, SAMMY. It’s as simple as that.Sammy: Whatever you say. Blue Lacy Puppies For Sale In Louisiana, (Sammy hangs up again) Chet: Sammy…Sammy: I don’t want to hear to whatever you’re about to say, Chet. (Snickers) What the hell was I talking about? 10 Characteristics Of Adults As Learners Kuhne, © 2017 IP elekromechanik. Lily: Producers? Far fucking from it. Sammy Stevens is the host of the King Falls AM late night talk radio show the Sammy and Ben Show. Mmhm mhmm mhmm.

I-I don’t really do a lot in the evenings before work. Sammy: Oh ok I mean I-I wasn’t meaning to pry I, I just-Chet: No harm, no foul. If I’m recollecting right?Sammy: I did say that, Troy. Try and have a better night, Sammy. Had. He used to be a shock jock in an unknown big city in California, but moved to King Falls to host the show among other ulterior motives. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Chet: Hey thanks for calling in, Hersch. The dynamic between both voice actors (Candace Hammer and Kyle Brown) is absolutely impeccable and I hope we see more in the upcoming episodes! Not because of me, much different then the last show you left right, Sammy?Chet: You know what? (laugh angrily) You’re right. And probably will be for a long time. We-we shouldn’t be doing this, we shouldn’t be talking about… this. Who the fuck has money for metal weapons in this economy? Please message me if I get anything wrong, and I will correct it best of my ability!dear god it’s been two years since I logged out, I come back and there’s over 100 episodes[sick ass guitar music is replaced with church organ shit]This podcast from beginning to about eight minutes in, was done by [dank ass music plays softly and then louder and then loudly]I finally got the third episode done! You got it?!

The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. The little man is on top of it.Sammy: Right! Does Orochimaru Love Mitsuki, That’s 660 on the radio dial, and if you’re just tuning in I’m here with Mr. Chet Sebastian, host of Chet’s Jazz Corner. Ikea Vimle Sofa Bed Review, Just ask old Tammy Two-Tone.Sammy: Um I-I don’t wanna know.Chet: But hey, you’re also a grown-ass man. Yeah! Sammy: (laughs nervously) Oh alright, Chet. Golden Ferret Witching Hour, H-have you met Ben?Troy: (laughs) That’s more like it! Why would that change after you go running and hiding in your little po d-(Sammy hangs up) Sammy: (sighs) Ok then we’ll just try a line-Chet: Who the hell was that, Shotgun?Sammy: You don’t wanna know.Chet: Take a look at you two scoundrels. is the side show and from the sound of things, I think you know that. King Falls AM comes to you twice a month, free of charge, and we'd literally have it no other way. The fuck’s all this bougie shit about? Chasing Butterflies Lyrics Frankly Speaking, Funny you mention that because as I recall, Jack Wright was your goddamned producer and he had been missing for months before you “had” to leave your show. You spreading your propaganda to all the shows on the King Falls AM airways, Comrade?Chet: Aw Hersch, sadly I can’t play you no train this evening, as we have passed Chet’s Jazz corner and are digging into the Sammy and Ben show time slot, my brother. Kit | she/her | Lover of audio drama podcasts, books and musicals | Canadian | Admin on the King Falls AM Wikia | #1 fan of Lily Wright and Pippa James | Feel free to chat about anything especially podcast/history/musical related :) | The ebb and flow of my many interests | Fanart blog| icon made by sangled. Grizzly 660 Reverse Light Flashing, I’m not calling to talk to you, I’m calling to talk to him.Chet: I know she’s mad but this is kinda doing it for me.Sammy: Lily, I don’t know where you get off thinking you can call into my show and talk to me like that but you’ve got another thing coming.Lily: Oh do I? Popular belief is that when you open up and talk about things, it makes you feel better. I’ll be here.Sammy: Thanks, Troy. Join us as we discuss Sammy, Ben, the King Falls residents, and the unique and wonderful world of King Falls, Press J to jump to the feed.

Why would you? Help you sort out whatever’s got you all tangled up. Portal 2 Mods, You wanna stay in town and keep looking for….

Troy: Well, I can hear it in ya, Sammy. Sending the blog an ask would probably be a good idea, as far as I know they've still got notifications for it on. Just finger-bang your phones to the tones of 424-279-3858.Sammy: Please don’t ever that again.Chet: Or you can twitter these cats on or whatever it is you guys use.Sammy: You can tweet us your comments and questions at King Falls AM and King Falls Sammy if you’re into it.Chet: Oh I’m into it.Sammy: It really sounds like you are. still digging too.


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